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NOCTEM Interview - Exclusive Streaming of "Unredemption"

With the hot 2011´s "Oblivion" serving as a background, Noctem is now an emerging band.  It's founders cradled by the ideals of violence exaltation, misanthropy and antithesis to the totality of the absurd religions created this most excellent machine of War, which advances by leaps and bounds among the ranks of a putrid and poor social values infested civilization.
Good and evil are mixed in this world and manifest themselves in many ways. Tragedy and comedy, happiness and misery, war and peace are always motivated by good and evil, but why are there good men and bad men? There must be some underlying cause that originates and this cause must be known.
We visited here some concrete and abstract facts and in particular surprising "history and stories", told with music well performed, in what will be one of the most successful bands in the future ... NOCTEM "The final battle of Good and Evil" begins here and now.

BELETH by Regina Kozlik

Nuno Ribeiro:  Thank`s a lot for having accepted this challenge, I want you to know that it is an honor to have "Noctem"  here in HHM  to answer relevant questions to your fans "in which I include myself."
"The final battle of Good and Evil" this is the motto for the existence of Noctem. The victory is near?
Beleth: Thank you for unleashing this challenge. It is a pleasure to answer your questions. The battle between good and evil was a big start in our album “God Among Slaves” in 2007 and this was its thematic. Those days the band took a lot of repercussions in its lyrics with mysticism, and the battle between good and evil. Today I think this battle is doomed to be won by the power of  man, by his deontological social disorder and loss of human values.

NR:  Noctem is founded in 2001, with all the difficulties that young bands have, talent and effort go hand in hand… persistence is the key word? 
In the tough music market  is no doubt that "Noctem" wins this battle. Clearly 2008 is the year of great expansion.
The huge appearance of Noctem in the market with praise for "God Among Slaves", "new label" and "Noctem European Tour 08" to what extent the reformulation of the band line up was important?
Beleth: In this life we didn't receive anything for free. We have worked to find everything and, in my opinion, the persistence, hard work and ambition are the words that move our world. Yes. In 2007 we made a lineup change. It was a very big step for Noctem. Exo and me had the full control and we started working in the way we always wanted.

NRAs gods, the band meets a new boost with 10 years of existence, again with a new label and the worldwide recognition! This is "The Arrival Of The True Gods?" Or it can be seen by the victory of "Beleth" the mighty and terrible king of Hell, which has eighty-five legions of demons under his command?
Beleth: Hahaha I see you have very good information on Lemegeton. I really think that every victory counts, but sometimes we can't enjoy it because we are thinking and planning our next step. I think 10 years is nothing for this band and I will wait to celebrate the 20th anniversary. I believe these 10 years have passed too fast. Anyway let me thank you for your support. This is something we really value.

NR:  Being aware of the message in the lyrics of the songs is a pleasant surprise ... History and stories, told in an objective, consistent and above all, very logical way for anyone who believes in science and reason.
Who writes these messages?
Beleth:  Me. Noctem lyrics are a task I do, I don’t like to leave it to anyone else. Exo works on the compositional processes and I take care of the thematic, lyrics and vocal lines. When it comes time to write we get locked in the rehearsal room and start working on the songs during several weeks, leaving everything else aside.
I'm a person who base their beliefs primarily on science. I’m a Darwinist and a big fan and observer of human behavior and psychology, anthropology and astronomy among other sciences.
In my lyrics I use these issues and the most primitive human spirituality and arcane rituals.

NR: In order to raise awareness of the message found in "Oblivion", give us here the idea present in each track.

1. Popol Vuh Is a compilation of several legends of the K'iche 'Mayan culture. This book has great historical and spiritual value. It is a narrative that attempts to explain the origin of the world, the civilizations and the various phenomenons that occurred in our nature.

2. The Arrival of the False Gods This song talks about the arrival of the spanish to Yucatan kingdom. In this song there is a strong criticism about the Spanish colonialism and the Holy Inquisition for the conquering and elimination of cultural Mayan roots for the Christianity imposition.

3. Universal Disorder  This song talks about cosmology. The reading of the heavens and astrological cycles of 26,000 years for the re-rebirth of the earth. Coincidentally, this cycle ends in 2012.

4. Abnegation and Brutality This song treats about sacrife and the poor value of human life. You can feel the death from the eyes of a killer.

5- Invictus   Based in a history of Lovecraft this song talks about one spiritual travel among all the beings of the earth in all times. Meeting through the experience and understanding the supreme knowledge. Where there is no God or divine grace.

6. Sons of Hun-Vucub  The real semi humans and rotten souls that live with us.

7. Seeking the Ruin of Souls A bitter song against our culture. The Spanish culture, invaders and conquerors. Our heritage says steal them all, and let them embrace the cross or the death.

8. Unredemption   The world is being destroyed and infected and our time is coming to the end. But when the end come to us the most important is the elevation of the person beyond the celestial laws. Never knelt down before an easy hope and false promises of an inactive god. Be master of your thoughts and slave of your words.

9. Q'uma'rka'aa'j Instrumental song.

10. A Borning Winged Snake This song talks about Quetzalcoatl the winged snake. One of the most representatives gods of the Maya culture.

11. Oblivion The begining of the end...

NROne finding is the link that keeps the band tied to Portugal for many years. Tell us the reasons for this strong connection…
On March 30 Noctem show up again in Portugal, "Moita Metal Fest" in October of last year you were also in Lisbon and Porto in the tour "Lux Mundi Europe Tour 2011" with SAMAEL,  MELECHESH and  KEEP OF KALESSIN, poor memory for me, I was late and only saw a minute of Noctem, for me, precisely the band most expected to see.
Generally artists are welcomed and cherished in Portugal. What do you think? Is it true?   There is in fact evidence to justify this claim in relation to other countries?
Beleth: We have always said that Portugal is our second home. Maybe it's the foreign country where we played more and the fans response has always been very good. Moita will be our next show in Portugal and we will be there giving our best show.

NR: Another question cannot be overlooked "The Videos" awesome, absolutely fantastic, the concept, image, wardrobe, scenarios, etc. Who is / are / the responsible for this work that is the brand image for Noctem abroad and undoubtedly the major means of communicating to the market?
Beleth: We worked with different directors for our videos and each one gives his personal touch to our videos. But generally this is usually in agreement with Exo and me. We often meet with the directors and technical team and organize every detail. We do not like anything to escapes out of our control, so we can be sure the image of the band takes the direction we are seeking.

NR:  Noctem presents itself as a well-oiled team, show us its members, its importance in the band and their strengths and still that  secret nobody knows ...
Beleth Vocals (2001-present) Old member. when Exo came to Noctem in 2004 we connected very fast and we started to change all the band stuff that didn’t like from before. In 2007 we started with the real Noctem's work.

Exo Guitars (lead) (2004-present) Exo is one amazing guitar player and composer.
I can say that Exo and me we work together from 2004 in Noctem and another projects... and looks like we will be working together a lot of years more.

UL Bass (2008-present) Ul is an authentic beast on the stage,  is a fantastic bass player. His beginnings were on the underground punk old school.

Helion Guitars (rhythm) (2009-present) member from Dic 2009, his first shows with us were in a spanish tour with Napalm Death. Helion is a really party animal and a dirty latin lover hahaha. Helion if you reads this Fuck you!!!

Vhert Drums (2011) our most recent member from Nov 2011. Former member of Forever Slave band and a great and recognized spanish musician.

NRWith Oblivion still very fresh, a new CD this year should be out of your mind "I say."
Festivals and tours will fill the Noctem schedule in a growing assertion of the band. What other kinds of experiences can we expect for 2012?
Beleth: Honestly I just talked to Exo a couple of hours ago and we decided to start the composition process for the next album. We have several offers to tour after summer and really short time for everything. We wanna enter in studio before 2013.

NR “My last will ... dethroning the corpse of Yahweh.”
One last word to Him!
Beleth: To much time we don't speak.  I don't talk with an insidious god.
One word to everybody. The change is coming. All the civilizations fall down some day and we are arriving to the end of our path.
There are no social values​​, no moral principles, the human being ceased to be brother just to be the enemy, the enemy of all, the enemy of himself. We live in a sinful and hostile world. I think these new times are the end of the human order we know… 
And I desire that.

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