Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Switchblade Suzie: "Viral Infected Youth" in preview

Nikki Shooter - Lead guitarist/ vocalist of the band Switchblade Suzie tells us the story behind of the band's next album "Viral Infected Youth." A story which is not surprising, but well-designed, with  some contours well imagined, well ... Cases of real life... And not only!  And still time to enjoy the track "Chemical Madness".  Below in first person.
This is going to be the big album of the band. Whether or not we make it to the big time. The process of this album started in 2010 when I began thinking of stories to write. It was originally going to be a short story for an English assignment, then later turned into more than words. 

The beginning of the album (Curtain of Shadows) starts off with Conner (main character), hearing voices in his head. The effects were meant to add depth, just like when you think to yourself, thoughts never go quietly. The voices in his head keep repeating what seems to be satanic messages. The messages are actually terms that amplify his train of thought. 

The next chapter (Viral Infection) is a typical high school day. The lyrics talk about the things he does. Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll to sum it up. Along with his inability to want to change.

 As the story goes on, Conner gets involved with this girl at his school. Raven, the sweet nightmare. Raven introduces Conner to a whole new lifestyle. Filled with endless parties, amounts of drugs, and mindless drunk sex. 

 As Conner continues down this path, he starts to question himself as a human being. With the fear of losing his family, and the utter lack of attention and unconditional love from his parents, he begins to scare himself. 

 One night, when Conner is sleeping with Raven, she admits to him afterwards that she may be pregnant. Raven becomes terrified that her gang involved brothers may harm Conner. Completely drugged out, Raven find one of her brother's pistols and holds it to her mouth. Conner wakes up to see Raven attempting suicide, rushes up to grab the gun. As he grabs it from her hands, she pulls the trigger. Releasing a bullet into her brain.

 Conner, drugged out, begins to feel scared again and wants to leave. As he rushes for the door, he's captured bu his reflection in the mirror. He takes a deeper look and starts talking to himself, arguing. (Chemical Madness)

 He finally breaks from the mirror and runs out the door. Afraid to go home and face his parents, he sleeps in the streets. Later that night, unable to sleep he wanders home. Once he gets inside he finds a blood splatter on the wall reading "Silence In Motion", hence the name of this song. (Silence In Motion) Conner looks to the ground and sees his parents lying face down on the floor. He can only assume that Raven's brothers did this.

 Scared, hurt, high, and coming down, he hot wires a car and drives off. Screaming his lungs off to a song on the radio, his car breaks down in the middle of the Las Vegas desert.

 He ditches the car and begins to walk. As he's walking, he feels like he's dying to to the "coming down" effect of the meth. 

 Near death, and tired, he sees a ranch, and heads for cover. As he gets comfortable on the barn floor, the ranch owner "Sarah Nuci" comes in and sees him lying on the barn floor. She invites him inside.

 A bit of time goes by and just a like a typical love story, they fall for each other. Sarah tries to explain that she understands and would "Walk The Mile" for him. (Walk The Mile)

 Sarah dies in her sleep due to Cancer. Conner can't help but to feel sorrow. So in the end, he "attempts" to kill himself to be with his loved one.

 To sum up the story, it's nothing more than a tragic role. Does Conner deserve it?

 The album will feature multiple different instrumentation. A full on symphony, beautiful harmonies, "epic" lyrics, and a dark mood that only can be imagined. It's quite the horror story. It's sad, happy, melancholy, deep, and will put the listener into a head space without the use of drugs. This is my LSD. Every time I think of this story, it makes me realize how great my life is. Even with the least a materials, I am grateful for what has come my way. I hope that the listener enjoys hearing the music, as much as I do writing it.

 ""Walk The Mile" features female vocalist Sarah Barret

I hope you guys enjoy this album.

With love and high hopes,
Nikki Shooter - Lead guitarist/ vocalist of Switchblade Suzie


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