Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Eleine's self-titled album "Eleine" review

What we have on the plate today is the debut album “Eleine” from Swedish female fronted symphonic metal band Eleine.

Yes, you heard right, female fronted symphonic metal. Is this something that generally tickle my funny bone? To be honest, hell no. I generally stay away from this kind of music since it is always over polished and generally boring as heck. Not for me.

The reason I decided to take a listen is because these guys and gal comes from the same part of Sweden I used to live in. This got them through the door. But the reason they got invited to be dinner? Eleine actually has an interesting sound. This is some sinister sounding shit, down right spooky at times. What made me interested is the overall sound of the album. As I stated before generally this kind of music tends to be sterile and so over produced it removes any sense of emotion and danger from the music. But not on this one, the production is actually a bit raw. And as always when I say this, I mean that as a great compliment. Don't get me wrong this is no “Under the funeral moon” but  the production has bit and meat and bite to it . Mmmmm meat, I do love me some meat. The guitars are heavy and crunchy, I really dig the guitar sound. For a band like this the guitars are exceptionally heavy and in the front. The drums have a nice sound to them, maybe a bit to low in the mix. Would have been nice with a bit more snare to make it even heavier. The bass is not that heavy in the mix but it gets some time to shine just check out the song Destiny.       

When the first song of the album “Land Beyond Sanity” kicked in I though: this sounds more like a symphonic black metal band. I guess this is what makes Eleine different from the millions of similar acts. They take their inspiration from the more sinister. They sound like a metal band should. Filled with emotion and peril. Not playing it safe like in my humble opinion bands of this genre always do.   

This brings us to the start of the show, vocalist Eleine. I do not want to take anything away from any of the musicians in the band since they all do a great job. But to be fair the band is called Eleine.
Eleine has a gorgeous voice, sad and melancholic. I like that the voice it is not totally in front of the rest of the music. It makes the voice a part of the sum. Not the total sum of the album. I think Eleine's vocals fits the songs perfectly everything is filled with emotion and feeling.
I think this is the albums strong suite and the bands strong suite. Everything just feels like it fits together, even the keyboard (yeah I know, I can't believe I just wrote that).

Eleine has a very dark and somber sound that keeps on building and building. I am highly impressed with this album as I have never really been interested in this kind of music at all before.  
But with this one the guys and gal in Eleine has cooked up something really note worthy.

So yeah, do you like female fronted symphonic metal make sure to check out Eleine. And if you are not a fan of this kind of music. I think you will be surprised, Eleine's debut album is something even non-fans of the genera will surly enjoy.

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"Seductive, Style and Monumental". These are the words used by the band to describe their  self-titled album. The album will be released on the 18th April 2015 via Cardiac Records, from Ystad, in collaboration with Universal.