Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Robert Plant - Angel Dance (New Video 2010)

Robert Plant - Angel Dance (New Video 2010)

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Angel Dance Lyrics

Good night, sleep tight
The big bright sun has gone away
Done gone away
Goodbye, don't cry
Tomorrow will bring us a brand new day
We can run and play

And they'll laugh up and down the hall
Don't you go shout when you hear them fall
Let them fly across the wall
Let them cry - 'til the morning calls
Little two step angel dance

Big night, bright lights
Time now to lay them all to rest
Put 'em all to rest
Bad guys, mean eyes
All gone away to where they belong
Let's just sing our song

Good days, new ways
Let go of all things when you sleep
When you're all asleep
Good night, sleep right
Tomorrow is gonna bring us another day
So we can run and play

YAOTL MICTLAN Release Party To Feature Aztec Dancers, Chicano Artist Showcase

Extreme metal band YAOTL MICTLAN will perform on Saturday, September 4 at Bar Deluxe (666 S. State Street, Salt Lake City ) to celebrate the recent release of their latest album, Dentro Del Manto Gris de Chaac. The event will include a special showcase from Chicano artist Veronica Perez and feature traditional Aztec dancers.

YAOTL MICTLAN was recently honored by the Boston Phoenix as one of the Best New Bands From America. The highly regarded weekly newspaper said, “with an aesthetic that merges brutal death metal, Mayan imagery, and an over-the-top stage show, they have concocted an angry brew of metallic cultural warfare. In a conservative place like Salt Lake City it makes the band's heads-on-sticks live savagery all the more righteous and dangerous.” Metal Maniacs adds, “Yaotl Mictlan are ferocious… a seriously fresh and sophisticated take on a solid sound.”

Founded by brothers in 1998, Salt Lake City-based YAOTL MICTLAN (meaning “warriors from the land of the dead”) unite metal and their native Mayan heritage. The band made its critical first impression on the ears of Brujeria vocalist Juan Brujo. So impressed Brujo later produced the band’s first demo, A Batalla Vamos. The new full-length Dentro del Mantro Gris de Chaac is the band’s first with new label Candlelight Records. It follows their 2006 debut, Guerreros de la Tierra de los Muertos(American Line Productions).

The Showdown - The Man Named Hell (New Video 2010)

Artist: The Showdown
Album: Blood In The Gears
Released: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Metalcore / Hardcore
Duration: 52:16

01. The Man Named Hell
02. Heavy Lies The Crown
03. Bring It Down
04. Take Me Home
05. Blood In The Gears
06. Dogma Enthroned
07. No Escape
08. The Crooked Path
09. Graveyard of Empires
10. Diggin’ My Own Grave
11. The Wolven Throne (Hidden Track)
12. Evil Eye (Bonus Track)
13. Apocalypse Horde (Bonus Track)

The Showdown - The Man Named Hell

(New Video 2010)

500.000 rock & metal videos on ROCKTUBE and METALHEAD

The Showdown – The Man Named Hell Lyrics

Through the mouth of Hell we rise
Leather up and grab your axe
There’s no better time to die
Scale the walls, destroy the doors
No respect for the demon’s cry
No fury like mine

Hell, Hell hath dominion of air and sky
I, reject and deny it’s right
Pride, selling our souls to the source of a debt,
Owed to a man named Hell

Follow us down to the man named Hell
Take back the crown from the man named Hell

The night we own, we’ll claim his throne
Execute the winged spawn, their domain overrun
Burn the gates, no escape
Metal-clad we ride to die, or be free of your curse

Hell, Hell hath dominion of air and sky
I, reject and deny it’s right
Pride, selling our souls to the source of a debt,
Owed to a man named Hell

Heavy Metal

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As I Lay Dying - Anodyne Sea (New Video 2010)

As I Lay Dying - Anodyne Sea (New Video 2010)

500.000 rock & metal videos on ROCKTUBE and METALHEAD

Anodyne Sea Lyrics

None of this matters, none of these words. Common and silent we will die in this world.
We’ve only spoken to those who agree, and without them we’ve fallen on deaf ears.

Stand on conviction and you will walk alone.

For once I have stood (I have stood), no one will know,
but alone I was born and alone we must go.

In my convictions I’ve found my own grave, but amongst the dead we all fade away.

Yet solitude is better than a life not worthy of reaction.
There is nothing to lose (nothing). So we stand alone or join those who follow in misery.

In my convictions I’ve found my own grave, but amongst the dead we all fade away.
In my convictions I’ve found my own grave, but amongst the dead we all fade away.
Fade away...

Stand on conviction and you’ll walk alone.
A voice is only a noise without someone to hear,
and without a crowd to feed that noise grows silent.

For once I have stood, no one will know, but alone I was born and alone we must go.
Fading back into an anodyne sea, to drown with all who’ve gone before me.

Yeah... We must go.

In my convictions I’ve found my own grave (my own grave),
but amongst the dead we all fade away. Yeah...
In my convictions (convictions), I’ve found my own grave,
but amongst the dead we all fade away.

Stand on conviction and you’ll walk alone. Yeah...
Fading back into an anodyne sea, to drown with all who’ve gone before me.
Fading back... fading. Fading back into an anodyne sea.
Fading back... fading. Fading back... fading away.

Heavy Metal

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Monday, August 30, 2010

DEL REY Album To See North American Release Via At A Loss This September

At A Loss Recordings welcomes Chicago's sorcerers of atmospheric post-rock DEL REY to their ever-morphing roster, bringing the band's upcoming fourth full-length Immemorial to North American masses this September 28th (with a European release on Golden Antenna Records).

Born in 1997 in the attic of a flat in Chicago's Ukrainian Village, DEL REY's music expands upon the post-rock and electronic roots of their native city, but their sonic palette also contains hints of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Afro-Cuban textures. Fueled by the band's already furious double-drummer attack and stinging guitar work, these elements are deftly woven into songs that take on a life of their own.

Immemorial builds on the cosmic soundscapes and of DEL REY's previous work, but here they've channeled their energies into an even more evocative, melodic sound -- even incorporating the Chinese guzheng and Japansese taiko drumming into their Immemorial attack -- heightening the tension and release elements of each song. It's surely heavy, but in a clean, angular, and cinematic style that has been honed to perfection, making this the band's most ambitious offering to date.

Track Listing:
1 Return of the Son of Fog Rider
2 E Pluribus Unicorn
3 Innumeracy
4 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
5 Ouisch
6 These Children That Come at You With Knives
7 Ancestral

Check out the album art, live videos and more HERE.

Del Rey - Live in Empty Bottle, Chicago

Immemorial will be released in North America as agatefold 12" LP with an included CD, with no standard jewel case pressing. In celebration of the album, DEL REY have booked a hometown record release show at Chicago's Lincoln Hall on October 8th.

DEL REY Record Release Show:
10/8/2010 Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL

VIKING SKULL’s Heavy Metal Thunder To Be Released October 26

Restricted Release today confirms October 26 as the North American release date for Heavy Metal Thunder, a special reissue package from England’s VIKING SKULL. Remastered and featuring all new artwork,Heavy Metal Thunder combines the band’s popular debut album, Born In Hell, and the Chapter One EP, both previously unavailable through proper American and Canadian retail outlets. The album also includes five bonus songs and will precede a new, still untitled EP planned for release in early 2011.

VIKING SKULL, featuring vocalist/guitarist Roddy Stone, guitarists Dom Wallace and Frank Regan, bassist Kevin Waldie, with sole-American drummer Jess Margera (CKY, The Company Band), found initial American interest when the song “Skull Heaven” appeared on volume one of Bam Margera’s Viva La Bands compilation series in 2005. A second song, “Blackened Sunrise” would follow on volume two in 2007. Early fans would have to wait until the winter of 2008, however, to witness their first Skull show; the band finally landing on US shores to share the stage on a short east coast tour with Clutch.

Stone recalls,“our tour with Clutch was the first time for us playing the states. It quickly became quite clear to us that America loves big riffs through big amps and that’s what we're about. No fancy hair cuts, eye liner, or spooky clothes, just balls out, meat and potatoes heavy rock. That tour was one of the best we've done in terms of crowd reaction, and on top of that we got to see Clutch every night."

Heavy Metal Thunder comes nearly two years to the day after the release of Doom, Gloom, Heartache & Whiskey (Powerage); an album that was embraced by international media on its release in 2008. “Genuinely fantastic rock ‘n roll,” asserts Kerrang! “Whiskey-swigging, bar-room-brawling, southern-baked hard rock and metal,” said Blabbermouth. It was MetalSucks that most aptly described the band’s sound noting, “if you take a foundation built on Black Sabbath, add the support structure of Thin Lizzy, wall it up with a thick layer of Motorhead, and retrofit the whole package with the likes of Orange Goblin, this is the house VIKING SKULL has built.”

“We tend to think, if it ain't broke don't try and fix it,” notes Stone about the band’s straight-forward heavy metal anthems. “We like to think back to the day when men were men, and amps where amps. The time when having a good riff/song was important and had nothing to do with posing, we're a proper band with proper tunes.."

It was 2002 when assorted members of England’s Raging Speedhorn and crew faced the very sobering notion that their daily offering of free booze would dry up whilst not on tour. So for founding members Stone, Waldie, and Regan, the lure of a free pint was enough to encourage them to form a band. In quick time,VIKING SKULL was recording and enjoying non-stop touring (European runs with HIM, Dio, CKY and others) when one memorable evening things came to an abrupt halt. In what can only be recalled as a drop-down, all out battle (fueled by lots, and lots of absinthe unfortunately supplied by then simply friend Jess Margera) the ‘Skull’s outer edges fried and the Northamptonshire-based band broke up. Later finding out what had happened Margera offered up his services and within short time wounds healed and VIKING SKULL was back.

Heavy Metal Thunder Tracklisting:

1. Beers, Drugs And Bitches

2. Wizard’s Sleeve

3. Frostbite

4. Rape Pillage And Burn

5. Crazy Trucker

6. Skull Heaven

7. Born In Hell

8. Crank The Volume

9. Red Hot Woman

10. Seedealer

11. Heavy Metal Thunder

12. Saddle Up

13. Double Or Quits (Demo Version)

14. Rock And Roll Suicide

15. Conquer The World

16. Baby Let Me Know

17. Skulls & Whiskey

18. Dirty Dirty Hole,

19. Inject My Woman (With Love)

20. You Can’t Kill Rock & Roll

VIKING SKULL are set to announce new tour dates for the UK late autumn/early winter and are in discussions for their return to US shores.



Viking Skull - Beers Drugs & Bitches

Heavy Metal

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DARK FUNERAL Play Final Show With E.M. Caligula; B-Force Announces Departure

In an official message from DARK FUNERAL guitarist Lord Ahriman: "Ave! The dawn of a new dark era has risen, and a new hellish chapter has begun. Despite the circumstances, I must say that the band and I are extremely motivated and excited to start a new chapter in the saga that is DARK FUNERAL. We already have some killer plans for the future. And all I can say at this point is that we'll be moving forward with full force and without mercy.

Those of you who've followed DARK FUNERAL since the beginning in 1993, surely know that this is not the first time we've undergone a major lineup change. And whatever some people may have thought or whined about, no one can deny the fact that I/we've always succeeded in recruiting new and amazing musicians to move forward and reach new heights with the band. There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that this will again be the case.

On August 21st we performed our last show with Emperor Magus Caligula at the Summer Breeze Festival in Germany. Since this was a very special performance in many ways, we not only put on our biggest pyro show ever, we also captured this gig with 10 cameras (including one crane). So you can be sure to expect a DVD release from this killer show in the near future. More info regarding the DVD will come in due time…

Since parting ways with E.M. Caligula, it come as no surprise to the rest of us, that B-Force would follow the same path and throw in his towel too. So I wish to thank him for the six fantastic years he'd been with us on bass. It’s been a pleasure indeed working together.

Said B-Force of his decision to leave the band: 'After six awesome and crazy years with DARK FUNERAL, I have decided to leave the band. It's my own decision to leave one of the best bands/friends in the world, but I feel that I need to move forward in life and do something else music-wise. There are absolutely NO hard feelings between DARK FUNERAL and myself. We are and will continue to be good friends! I want to thank the band and all the fans all over the world. You kick ass everywhere I've been playing with the band. I thank you all. May the dark forces be with you.'

We have already found a new and totally amazing bassist; a bassist who lives and breathes DARKFUNERAL in its purest form. And we couldn't be more honored to have him onboard. We will however wait until everything is settled before we present him to all of you, so please be patient.
Since announcing the departure of Caligula, we've been overwhelmed with vocal applicants. Among them are a couple of very strong candidates. However, since we feel no hurry to fill the position, we'll continue the search to make sure that when we eventually hire someone, it be someone who totally blows away everything in his path.

If you do believe that you have what it takes for the job, we are still accepting vocal applications. Send us a brief introduction and some AUDIO/VIDEO files/links of your vocal performance to:[email protected].

From now until we have found and installed a new vocalist, we will keep ourselves busy rehearsing and working on material for a new full-length. Rest assured that as soon as the new lineup is complete, we'll continue to tour the world in usual DARK FUNERAL manner. More news to come… -- Lord Ahriman and DARK FUNERAL"

Check out fan-filmed footage of the band at Summer Breeze with Emperor Magus Caligula here:http://tinyurl.com/3745eba

Dark Funeral - The End Of Human Race

LIVE Summer Breeze 2010

Dark Funeral - My Funeral @ Summer Breeze 2010