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In this globalized world the borders has been erased long time ago, but the miracle of cooperation between artists from distant countries still is a surprise. In the particular case of Enlighted the surprise is not because of the fact itself or the names of the musicians involved, but yes because of the unusual way with which music found naturally its course.

Rodrigo Gudiña (guitars) and Guillermo DeMedio (keyboards) were some years ago, the core of Ariadna Project, a band with professional approach and high aims, not very common in the argentinean scene. Their song "Y Las Sombras Quedarán Atrás" ("The Shadows Will Remain Behind") was selected to be included in the first solo album of Adrian Barilari, the most renouned metal singer in Argentina. This song was recorded by Barilari along with Jens Johansson (Stratovarius), Emppu Vuorinen, Jukka Nevalainen and Sami Vänska (Nightwish) and it opened the doors to new opportunities.

At the beggining of 2009 they got in touch with the swedish singer Thomas Vikström, (very well known by his work with acts like Therion, Candlemass or Brazen Abbot) in one of his visits to the country and inmediatly the seed of Enlighted was sown and it germinated with the participation of Pit Barrett (bass) and Alan Fritzler (drums).

Although its planted on the most hard and melodic ground nowadays, the first blossom of this project avoids to be labeled and it is a good way to show in advance great things to come for their full album in 2010.

The EP "Time to Fly" is now available to be downloaded for free at along with its original artwork, including 3 original songs and in addition the swedish version of the title track, as befits a project which is proudly cosmopolitan.

It's time to fly, so get ready to be enlightened.

ENLIGHTED - Time to Fly

Purasangre at

Sostiene la banda que su finalidad es recuperar el viejo y buen hábito de crear canciones con letras directas y claras, bellas armonías y gancho melódico. Esto puede llegar a considerarse esencial si uno habla de un grupo de Hard Rock, pero tal vez alguno de esos conceptos se perdió por el camino y Purasangre prefiere no olvidárselo al momento de presentar su álbum debut, que a partir de ahora puede descargarse gratuitamente desde junto al arte gráfico original completo para que cada usuario arme su propio CD.

La aventura comenzó en 2003 en la ciudad de Quilmes cuando Hernán Gayoso y Diego D’Agos (bajista y guitarrista rítmico respectivamente) decidieron armar este proyecto y lo fueron enriqueciendo con miembros estables como Fran Bagu en la guitarra líder y Gaston Smith en la batería, pero ante todo con la voz de Javier Barilari -ex Rosacruz y sobrino del reconocido Adrián Barilari (Rata Blanca, Alianza)-, quien le aportaría su invaluable experiencia al lance. Reunidos los integrantes y los requisitos, llegó el momento de dejar hablar a las propias canciones, que fueron registradas en los estudios de La Nave De Oseberg y mezcladas por Martín Toledo con la calidad que requería el caso. No falta un invitado de lujo como el tecladista Hugo Bistolfi (ex-Rata Blanca y Alianza) en temas como “Excusas Para Continuar” y “Es Parte Del Rock And Roll”.

De modo que aquí está, reci��n nacido, en pie y listo para afrontar la carrera. Hay ciertas criaturas que vienen al mundo para correr. Ahora simplemente queda en vos darle pista con un click en el botón de descarga.

Free Full Download at:

Purasangre - Cruel


Norwegian Black-Folk Metallers GALAR, whose second full-length album "Til Alle Heimsens Endar" was released on Dark Essence Records in March of this year, have announced the band’s live line up. Joining founder members M. Kristiansen (screams and rhythm guitar) and A. B. Lauritzen (clean vocals and bassoon) are Specter (GRAVDAL, AETERNUS) on lead guitar and Phobos (GRAVDAL, AETERNUS, MALSAIN) on drums. An announcement regarding a bass player is expected soon.

Based in Bergen, a town noted for its prolific, and increasingly important, music scene, GALAR was, until now, a two-man studio band, which used guest musicians from various musical disciplines to perform on "Til Alle Heimsens Endar", a concept album based around the "Heimskringla", Snorri Sturluson's history of Norwegian Kings. With appearances from Phobos on drums, Ricardo Odriozola on first and second violins, Hans Gunnar Hagen on viola, Siri Hilmen on cello, Morten Nome on double bass, and Cecile Langlie on female vox, "Til Alle Heimsens Endar", which means "until the ends of all worlds", is an album that is strongly evocative of the traditions of both black metal and folk music, but with an original sound and feel that is very much GALAR.

The band has been rehearsing the new live line up for several months, and both Kristiansen and Lauritzen, are looking forward to taking their music to a live audience. More information about GALAR can be found on the band’s MySpace page at

Til Alle Heimsens Endar

[CD 2010, Dark Essence Records]

1. Forspill

2. Ván

3. Paa frossen mark

4. Grámr

5. Det graa riket

6. Ingen siger vart vunnin

7. Til alle heimsens endar

8. Etterspil

Galar - Ván


Booking & Band Contact: [email protected]

GALAR on MySpace

GALAR on Facebook

Dark Essence Records

Dark Essence on Facebook

Dark Essence on MySpace

Heavy Metal

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Agalloch - The watchers monolith (New Song 2010)

Album · 2010

Marrow Of The Spirit


1. They Escaped the Weight of the Darkness (3:41)
2. Into the Painted Grey (12:25)
3. The Watcher's Monolith (11:46)
4. Black Lake Nidstang (17:34)
5. Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires (9:40)
6. To Drown (10:27)

Total Time: 65:33


- John Haughm / Vocals, Guitar
- Don Anderson / Guitar
- Jason Walton / Bass
- Aesop Dekker / Percussion

About this release

Set to be released on November 23rd, 2010
Distributed through Profound Lore records

Agalloch - The watchers monolith (New Song 2010)

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Slash feat. Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous (New Video 2010)

Slash – Slash 2010
  • 01. Ghost (feat. Ian Astbury)
  • 02. Crucify the Dead (feat. Ozzy Osbourne)
  • 03. Beautiful Dangerous (feat. Fergie)
  • 04. Back from Cali (feat. Myles Kennedy)
  • 05. Promise (feat. Chris Cornell)
  • 06. By the Sword (feat. Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother)
  • 07. Gotten (feat. Adam Levine)
  • 08. Doctor Alibi (feat. Lemmy Kilmeister)
  • 09. Watch This (feat. Dave Grohl/Duff McKagan)
  • 10. I Hold On (feat. Kid Rock)
  • 11. Nothing to Say (feat. M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold)
  • 12. Starlight (feat. Myles Kennedy)
  • 13. Saint is a Sinner Too (feat. Rocco DeLuca)
  • 14. We?re All Gonna Die (feat. Iggy Pop)

Slash feat. Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous

(New Video 2010)

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Slash - Beautiful Dangerous Behind The Scenes Video

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MEMORAIN - Album Artwork, Tracklisting & Guest Musicians Announced

Super-group Thrashers MEMORAIN, whose current line-up of the band includes main-manIlias Papadakis, Gene Hoglan (Fear Factory, ex-Dark Angel, ex-Strapping Young Lad, etc), Steve Digiorgio (Sadus, ex-Death, ex-Testament, etc), Ralph Santolla(Obituary, ex-Deicide, ex-Iced Earth, etc) and Chris Valagao (Zimmers Hole,Mechanism, etc), has revealed the artwork and tracklisting for "Evolution", the upcoming full-length album scheduled for a 2011 release.

...::: MEMORAIN - Evolution :::...

…::: Tracklisting :::…

1) Nations On Fire
2) Where Hate Lies
3) The Break
4) Rules Of Engagement
5) Destiny Found
6) A New Era
7) Methods Of The Past
8)Death Shop
9) Circle
10) Power Out
11) Scratching The Surface
12) Misery

Also to be featured on MEMORAIN's latest album are a few more star-studded guest musicians such as David Ellefson, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Jeff Waters, Christian Wentz, Marc Pattison, Laura Christine and Carlos E. Perez.

David Ellefson recorded 2 songs "A New Era" and "Rules Of Engagement", as well as co-wrote "Rules Of Engagement" with MEMORAIN guitar-player Ilias Papadakis and Tim "Ripper" Owens. On top of that, Tim "Ripper" Owens recorded vocals on "Rules Of Engagement" and Laura Christine also contributed a solo on the song "Destiny Found".

Jeff Waters recorded the main guitar solo on "A New Era", while Carlos E. Perez laid down guitar solo for "Methods Of The Past" and with both Christian Wentz and Marc Pattisoncontributing guitar solos on "Scratching The Surface".


Ilias Papadakis - Guitars
Gene Hoglan - Drums
Chris Valagao - Vocals
Steve Digiorgio - Bass
Ralph Santolla - Guitars

Friday, October 29, 2010

Battle Hymns 2011 - Born To Live Forevermore

Finally, technology has caught up with MANOWAR's custom-built touring and recording equipment. The band decided that their fans deserved to hear the songs from their debut album Battle Hymns with the massive sound and production that has become their signature over recent years and records.

Due for release at the end of November 2010, Battle Hymns will soon be available with the unbridled power of today's technology: Battle Hymns 2011.

With the decision to reinterpret the music came the need to revisit the famed narration of the legendary Orson Welles. There was only one obvious choice and that was Sir Christopher Lee. Recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London, his own inspired interpretation of the late, great Orson Welles on "Dark Avenger" will be another jewel in the crown of the Kings Of Metal.

MANOWAR Bassist and Producer Joey DeMaio stated: "My personal admiration for Sir Christopher began many years ago while watching his films. It increased when I was honored to produce him as a singer and as a narrator and we became friends instantly. Immediately after hearing the sheer power and range of his voice I thought I should write a narration; I never imagined we would ever rerecord Battle Hymns - but here we are and it is massive."

Battle Hymns 2011 will feature two never released before live versions of "Death Tone" and "Fast Taker" recorded during the band's very first concerts in 1982. These are the rarest bonus materials ever released to date in MANOWAR's career.

"Our fans can be sure that we have squeezed every drop of power into Battle Hymns 2011 that today's technology allows", says vocalist Eric Adams.

MANOWAR is poised to prove that both the band and the immortal Battle Hymns record are indeed "Born To Live Forevermore".

Battle Hymns 2011 - a new chapter in Heavy Metal history

Track List:

Death Tone
Metal Daze
Fast Taker
Shell Shock
Dark Avenger
William's Tale
Battle Hymn

Bonus Tracks:
Death Tone - Live
Fast Taker - Live

Joey DeMaio recording "Dark Avenger"

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Deftones - You''ve Seen the Butcher (New Video 2010)

Kistvaen - Labyrinthic Metal Evening

Kistvaen - Labyrinthic Metal Evening

The 16th of October 2010 - The Silver Church Club - Bucharest

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