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ZIFIR Interview With "Protests Against Humanity"

HeavyHardMetalmania spoke with Onur OnOK and Nursuz from Turkish Black Metal Band ZIFIR. We talk about the present, past and future ... and clearly "Protests Against Humanity".

  ZIFIR by zifir

HeavyHardMetalmania - Present to the readers of "HeavyHardMetalmania" the Turkish Black Metal Band ZIFIR.
Zifir - Zifir was founded in 2006 by Onur Önok and Onur Sülen Our aim was to serve black metal doctrine and ideology and to make such a powerful structural form.

HHM - This is an unavoidable issue, especially for those living in the west, Turkey is a secular state with no official religion, the constitution provides for freedom of religion and conscience. Islam is the dominant religion in the country in number of followers - 97% or 98%, according to some statistics. Do Zifir feel difficulties in the presentation of black metal in your country because of a possible unfavorable answer from the religious groups?
Zifir - Our country conditions do not effect us physically for now but considering that the %98 percentage of the population belongs to Islam, of course we are not so confident to say what we believe easily. on the other hand, Protest Against Humanity is not an album that we can release via a Turkish label because of the lyrics.If we have problems with the lyrics in the future i think no one can imagine our certain end.

HHM - Clearly there’s a difference in the sound of "You Must Come With Us" 2007 and "Protest Against Humanity" in 2011, we know that the entry in 2008 of Nursuz (Episode 13, Black Omen) on drums, made ​​the sound better, although this has been a focal point, the difference is not alone here ... Too much work? Natural evolution?
Zifir - To be honest, of course having live drums on the album effected our sound very much and addition of a musician who is talented on his instrument also effected and improved our song writing and we had better quality. Besides, there is also a natural evolution in the band and that is very natural.

HHM - Protest Against Humanity Originally scheduled for October 2009 release, but it was not released Until February 2011. Why so long time?
Zifir - We have released first album in 2007 and then started working on the second. Second one was ready when it was end of 2008. Then we had started to look for a label that can lead us to the future. You know the world was all effected by global crisis and many labels were closed or stopped having new deals with the bands. We had some contacts and deals with a few labels but things were not ongoing with the foreseen schedule. That became a big time loss for us. When we came to 2010 we found our new label and it all went pretty well. 

HHM - Tell us the message in this new album and the reason of the name "Protest Against Humanity?!
Zifir - Shortly the main point in the album is based on our criticism to the lifestyle and the belief system of mankind. Without any question, acceptance of dogmatic beliefs and to obey everything they are taught. To pro-test their arrogance has given this album's name and it came out as "Protest Against Humanity"

HHM - Demonstrated by the quality in their music Zifir is one of those bands that easily guess a bright futureI have already read a comment from a musician who needs no introduction "Daniel Vrangsinn"  “Misantrof ANTIRecordsCarpathian Forest which ran as follows "This band is AWESOME!" is this the best incentive that a band can have and obviously the public?!
Zifir - Personally i do not have any plans for the future. All i want is to share my art with the right people and to be in touch with the right people. Of course we are proud to see important black metal people supporting us and that makes our potential higher and higher. We are not interested in any commercial and fat supports and advertisements but we need underground and endless support from the followers of black metal.

HHM - ‘You Must Come with Us”, a concept album consisting of 10 tracks that received critical acclaim outside the band’s native Turkey. With "Protest Against Humanity" The world is your shelter! With growth come the tours. With the kind of Black Metal that you do, it's easy to guess great live performances; there are predictions of tours through Europe?
Zifir - All i want is a never ending tour, maybe without earning any money and without finding any food but having hellish gigs. To achieve this firstly we have to handle line up problems.For this we aim to work with musicians from all countries and to share our music with people with the same interest. I hope we will handle this line up problem very soon and people will contact us for tours and so we will burn the stage into hellfire with their witness. 

HHM - The official promo video for ZIFIR's "Protest Against Humanity" is absolutely fantastic, who is behind this work?  In the level of market sales and promotion what are your objectives and expectations?
Zifir - It was me and Nursuz who planned this trailer. In deed the plan was to make a video clip but this came out as a demo for the possible future work. After planning we have started working with a friend of mine who is also very good at video technics and then finished the trailer very soon.when comes to promotion we want to work with any people that will lead us to the right addresses. ı want to mention it once more, no fat advertisements or meaningless words from unworthy people, just the true support of people like Patricia Thomas and a few more..We are glad to welcome any joint venture to serve black metal ideology.

HHM - Post your comment here track by track for "Protests AgainstHumanity"
1.         Uncertain        03:01   
Z - Hopeless vicious circle
2.         Shame            04:36 
Z - It's a medal hang on all those that are weak to be created as unknown yet to take shelter in the power of the unknown
3.         Promises        04:19  
Z - Hope is your bitter enemy
4.         A Death          04:34  
Z - People are gnawing at me My salvation A death
5.         The Poison From My Veins   02:52  
Z - Religion is a deception and the god founded on it is none
6.         Worm Shaped            03:43  
Z - For the human that is absolutely nothing...
7.         You Merely Breathe   03:58  
Z - It is crystal clear:) Fuck your god
8.         Most Bitter Enemy     04:34  
Z - The Killer
9.         Goat's Throne 08:08 
Z - Respect and Ave Satan

HHM - Projects for new album, Is there something in the sleeve?
Zifir - We will continue promoting new album for this year but we have already started working on 3th album. That means we have to focus on new shit but also having updates about the previous album. Surely our priority is to be spread outside our country. This is the master plan.

HHM - This is my call onto you
Do Hear ME
Taking advantage of the track "Circus" album "You Must Come With Us" I leave you here the opportunity to spread your faith and let us know what are your thoughts, well.... Protests against humanity if you like!
Zifir - Spread the malady.

HHM - Thank`s for your time, and sincerely wish you the best for the future.

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