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AURORA BOREALIS Interview With Pure Energy!

We spoke with Ron Vento header of the Black Metallers "AURORA BOREALIS" who and what they represent in Black Metal was the topic of conversation and we deepen the last full-length called "Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything", released in February 2011

HeavyHardMetalmania - Hi Ron! Thank you for accepting our challenge. Tell us who are the veterans 'AURORA BOREALIS' and what is the message that they present in the Black / Death Metal.

Ron Vento - Aurora Borealis has always been mainly myself and a drummer. The drummers have changed over the years from Tony Laureano, to Derek Roddy, Time Yeung and now Mark Green. The bass player is Jason Ian Vaughn Eckert who was also on the Praise The Archaic Lights Embrace cd many years ago. We Never really bring any message to the listener, we just try and make good music. I aways write about things that are meaningful to me first and hopefully the listener can get something from it.

HHMLet the beauty we love become what we do. “Paulo Coelho” writer. We can see the spirit of "AURORA BOREALIS" this way?

RV - Maybe so, I write about what I enjoy. It has changed over the years but I have always tried to get away from what most bands in our genre write about. I have no interest in things such as satanism and gore and blood. I always try to make the lyrics meaningful so if someone reads them they may learn something or at the very least think about what is being written about. I get so many emails and letters where people tell me how much they appreciate our lyrics and I am so glad that there are people out there that still think lyrics are as important as the music. Musically this is where anyone can let out all of our feelings.

HHM - Black metal is a part of rock that evolved in the early '80s alongside the death metal, a metal shed another extreme. It is a dark style, raw and aggressive in their lyrics and incorporates themes such as Satanism, paganism (especially Norse mythology) misanthropic and anti-Christian, in some cases (fortunately rare) Neo-Nazism.
How does the idea of Black Metal surge with an issue such as creationism? We can categorize "AURORA BOREALIS" like Black Metal?

RV - I don't really like to be categorized into the black metal category. I have no interest in what Black metal stands for or what those bands tend to write about. I am the exact opposite of that. I know people have the need for a label on the band so I can see why people put us in that genre. Aurora Borealis blend every style into our own style. We have hints of thrash, Black and death metal. We even have melodic parts here and there. I dont know how the two issues merge but in my songs I mention I believe in creation fused with evolution. There can be a creator and evolution. I believe in both. I may end up doing a cd in the future with all my beliefs regarding that as well as religion etc.

HHM You are also the owner of the label "Nightsky" associated with the releases of the band, it´s 1500 square foot located in Waldorf Maryland. Tell us what kind of work do you do with your label in addition to recordings?

The promotions “AURORA BOREALIS are made ​by whom?

RV - Nightsky as a label really is just myself and my band. I do not have any other artists or bands. It is just a tag I add to our albums. Sort of a (we don't need a label) tag. After being on multiple labels with a couple different bands I have no interest in being on any labels again. Nightsky Studios is my Commercial recording facility. We have been in business for over 10 years now. Before that we were working out of a house just as many small studios start out. I have been recording since I was about 15 years old in one form or another. Over the years I have kept growing the business and continue to grow it every year. We have grown now so that the studio has a gear selection of well over a hundred thousand dollars. We are a top notch facility. We do all musical styles but of course our favorite is metal. When you are open to the public you have to accommodate all styles and genres. I have two employees that also work for me. I live and breathe music every day of my life.

HHMPresent us your band mates, who they are and how have they influenced the band. 
Mark Green Drums
Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert Bass
The legend Tony Laureano also passed through here!

RV - Well, the new drummer is Mark Green. He had not really done much before this cd. He played on some demos I think, but nothing major. He was literally the last guy that auditioned out of around 30 or more people. He was also refereed by Derek Roddy who played drums on 2 of the past aurora borealis cds. He has good work ethic and gets the job done. I was really very pleased with all that we did on the cd drum wise. I am sure you will be hearing more from him in the future. The bass player was Jason Eckert. He played on the second cd we did Praise The Archaic Lights Embrace. I recently had recorded him on another black metal project where I hired him to be the bass player and I was impressed with his performance. I thought he improved greatly over the last few years so I asked him to play on the new Aurora cd.
As for Tony Yes he played on our very first cd and also the one right before the new cd called relinquish. He is a beast of a player. I hadn't really talked to him much in the past few years and I am not even sure what he is doing now, but whatever it is I am sure its great.
All the drummers I have worked with, Laureano, Yeung, and Roddy have really helped me become better over the years. They always made me elevate my playing to a higher level. I don't consider myself a great guitar player but I like the music that I write and those guys always made me better and tighter. All of them are very genuine people as well. I was never once asked by any of them for any sort of pay, they all did the cd's for the love of the music. I enjoyed playing with every one of them.

HHM - Let's now talk of "Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything."This is a work that fuses creationism with evolution, religion with science. 

You can track one without jeopardizing the other? Or can we see from the standpoint that the evolution has the hand of a Higher Power? 

RV - Yes you nailed it, it fuses all of that. Everyone always argues that it is one way or the other but in my mind they all just affirm one another. I study a lot on space and science as well as religion. I like to think everything in my religion or bible is confirmed by science. I know this is a touchy subject for people because so many people in the genre just go for all of the satanic garbage. They say people who do follow religion or call themselves religious just follow blindly. I mean if you think about it most of the kids who say they are athiest or satanist just say that because the bands they follow say it, so who is really blindly following. I do very deep studies on what I believe and I would never just follow something to follow it because someone told me to. To me this universe and life and all its wonders can be no accident. The entire universe has laws, and math behind it. Everything is woven together in one way or another. Without a creator or afterlife my life is just meaningless, the entire existence of everything is meaningless. There are subtle hints to this in my lyrics, as well as blatant statements. Even though this is a cd about the beginning and end of everything it is much deeper. Maybe on a future cd I will get into it more on the spiritual side of things. This cd may not be for everyone.

HHM - We will now exorcise track by track "Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything"
  1. Our Legacy

RV - This is Just an intro, a prelude for the entire cd. It is meant to set up a track further in the cd. If you were thinking in terms of a movie this point is near the end of the story, and then the first song rewinds back to the start.

  1. Crucible of Creation

    The crucible of a Higher Power in the birth of the universe 

RV - This speaks to How everything seemed to spark from nothing and became all we see and don't see today. But as the song hints, nothing can come from nothing. The chorus's main line is “There was nothing and then there was” Later in the track it talks about how precise the makers plan was. (the laws of the universe). It speaks to the singularity that it spawned from. Later in the cd we learn what the singularities can be.

  1. Formation
The creator then spoke the words let there be light”

This is the timeline of creation what's begun cannot be undone
This is the timeline of everything and it will not cease

RV - This is actually about the birth of the first stars in our universe, hence the term let there be light. This universe in essence cannot be undone and even though it will eventually come to an end it will never cease because it is a never ending cycle. This song also speaks to how the universe started to form and its violent beginnings. The struggle between matter and antimatter.

  1. Stygian Depths
A place where time stops, another dimension
Some call this Heaven; others have no faith

RVThey say at the center of a black hole time literally stops. The math of the universe shows this to be true. Some people say heaven is a place where you can exist forever, a place where time stops. It is also a place that no one can physically get to without being torn to shreds. Almost like another dimension but not really. So what is at the center of a black hole? What is on the other side of a black hole? Perhaps another universe, perhaps the center is what some religions call heaven. Everything spawned from a singularity (a collapsed black hole). Who knows but maybe one day I will find out. There are many references to higher planes on the cd, it doesn't necessarily have to be at the center of this black hole. It could be at one of the other 8 dimensions. This part of the cd is just speculation. The formulas and math behind it all point to a place where time stands still literally.

  1. A Creature Called Human (Among Other Things)
All across the macrocosm this is taking place
Multiplying frequently, this is the human race

We are not alone, discoveries will be made
Though unique, we are in a universal array

RV - This song is basically about the beginning of mankind, The (Among other things) in the title refers to all other life forms that are also being created and dying throughout the universe. To think we are the only ones is just stupidity. There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on our planet. To say that one of those stars did not make the right conditions on a nearby planet is plain silly. The last line says that eventually humans will discover other lifeforms and even though we are unique there are other beings out there through the vastness of the universe. When this happens it will shake some people faith in religion but once again it will just be a affirmation to me if I am still alive, which I probably will not be. My father once explained it to me like this, The universe is so big that life forms can be though of as fireflies in the night. When the light from one firefly lights up and then goes away that is like a life form springing up somewhere in the universe. By the time you move towards the firefly the light is gone. So basically a life form exists and then is gone. Even traveling at the speed of light (186,282 miles per second) It still takes Billions of years to reach other places where life may have been. If humans are lucky enough and smart enough do endure we will eventually find other life.

  1. The Evolution After Evolution
Great minds entwine together
Principa Mathematica

These are the ones

Copernicus, Aristotle, Galileo, Einstein and Ptolemy

RV - The song itself just talks about how humans begin to evolve after the first stage of evolution. This is the time we are in now. We are moving out into space, even if it is just very nearby. If we stay on the same course one day we will branch out and just keep going. Generation after generation we will move further and further. The names are just important people who helped us become more knowledgeable along the way. There will be many many more but who knows who they will be. It could be someone reading this right now.

  1. The Only Space Race That Matters
Will there be another Chicxulub, the end comes quick and swift
One million near Earth objects orbiting adrift
Will disease be carried back from the deepest realms of space
Or a gamma ray burst sent to erase your human race

RV - This entire song just talks about the many many ways we can be literally wiped out just like the dinosaurs. There were dominating the planet at one time and then just like that they were all gone. Was it an asteroid? Who knows for sure but it very well could have been that. There are over 1 million objects orbiting around us. If one goes off course that is big enough it can wipe us out. Or maybe disease from space mankind brings back on one of its journeys. There must be at least 10 or more reasons I give in this song that could bring mankind to its end. The only Space race that matters is leaving this deathtrap we call home (Earth). The earth and its life will be destroyed one day. We must be on other planets or space stations etc to be able to exist as a species. It is like everyone being in one house that is about to be carried away by a tornado. The way to survive is branch out.

  1. Beyond the Oort Cloud
Can you feel the extinction? As space continues its expansion
All the while inevitable, witness the end of all things
Suns continue to burn out, everything is losing heat
Energy is being consumed as the universe continues to freeze
Feel the cold freeze
Feel the cold freeze”

8.1-"In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost ... all is transformed”

RV - This song has two different subjects, one is talking about man living throughout the universe after leaving earth and the other is the realization that the universe itself will one day end. With an expanding universe things will eventually move slower which means everything will get colder until eventually it just stops.
To answer your second part of the question I assume you are referring to the idea that matter can neither be created or destroyed? Just rearranged and transformed. This is somewhat true I think. On the eventual collapse back onto itself it will recreate or transform itself into the next universe.

  1. Tearing Holes in the Fabric of Time
Space and time are curved in the presence of matter
String theory was proven true
There are eleven dimensions
Worlds within many worlds
A never ending multiverse
Do you exist there now? the chance cannot be taken

RV - This song may or may not be true, but I like to think it can be done. By using plank energy we may be able to literally rip the fabric of time open and gain access to other dimensions. We then can send DNA or building blocks of our lives as well as other microscopic data through the fabric into other dimensions and maybe assure our species in another parallel universe. It speaks to the idea of the multiverse where everything that can happen has or will. It is a great theory but who knows.

  1. Interlude to Cessation

RV - This is just the same message from the beginning of the cd read in many different languages, so people know it is a entire race problem.

  1. The Rebirth
Did you live for a reason? Or was it all for nothing?
As you ponder this question, don't forget to look up

RV - Just as mentioned before this is about the rebirth of our universe. I like to think life has meaning even though sometimes it seems like it does not. When I look up at the sky and the magnificence of everything It reminds me that it cannot be for nothing. There has to be more than what we are living now.

HHMA white rabbit is taken from inside a hat. And because it is a very large rabbit, this trick takes billions of years to happen. All children have been born on the tip of the fine hairs of the rabbit. So they can enjoy themselves with the impossibility of the magic number they watch. But as they age, they will increasingly creeping into the fur of the rabbitAnd stay there. Downstairs is so comfortable that they dare not climb to the tips of fine hair, up there. Only philosophers have courage to embark on this journey to the limits of language and existence. Some of them do not get to finish it, but others cling tightly to the hair of the rabbit and yell for people who are down there in the comfort of the coat, filling the belly of food and drink:

- Ladies and gentlemen - they shout - we're floating in space!

But none of the people down there is interested in the shouting of the philosophers.

- Good heavensthey are loud people! - They say.

And they continue to talk, is that you could pass me the butterWhat is the share price today? What is the price of tomatoes? You heard that Lady Di is pregnant again?

- This is the conclusion to be drawn after we leave in pieces "Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything"

RV - Ahh Sophies world. I am not sure what the conclusion will be by any who read the lyrics on our new cd in their entirety. I have had a few people get in touch who seem like they grasped what was going on but I am sure most will just skip over it or take no time to dig any deeper.

HHM - I have the idea that more than one musical work "Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything" appears more like a profound work of author who dares to tread awesome terrain.
The die is cast! Expectations about the reaction of the public are to be overcome?

RV - Thank you very much, I am glad you noticed how much effort and though went into this cd. As far as expectations, I really don't have any. We are not a very large band so who knows how many people this will reach. Since it is up for free I hope it will reach many more than usual. To be very honest I don't think a lot of the people will actually get it or understand it. I think it will be brushed over most of the time, but the people who do I would love to hear from.

HHM What is the importance of Ron Miller in the AURORA BOREALIS Artwork?

RV - Ron Miller has been great. I approached him to get art for the new cd because his art is amazing. I told him my concept and how I would be giving it away for free. He graciously agreed to let me use the art for free. I was really stunned. I thought an artists of his calibur would charge thousands to use for a cd. His art really made the cd a complete package.

HHM - "The Voyage of the Beagle" maybe a little lift the veil: "If the misery of our poor is not due to natural laws but to our institutions, howgreat is our sin!"

RVDarwin, jorunal and remarks?? I really wish I could make comment on this but I have to be honest and say I only have read snipets. I do not need evolution to be proven to me, when I look around I see it everyday.

HHM Well, this was for me a personal exercise (like someone whobelieves in science and reason) ... was not easy, but it gave me much pleasure. Will leave us updated ... I appreciate your willingness and desire success for your work.

RV - Let me thank you for actually reading lyrics and being gracious enough to give me an interview. As I mentioned we are not a super huge band so we appreciate these interviews and a chance to reach many more listeners through avenues like yours. I would encourage all of your readers to visit  auroraborealis.org and download our cd for free. It comes with full artwork and lyrics. Please also read the lyrics, they are to me just as important as the music itself. Thanx again.


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