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NADER SADEK Interview - Exclusive Premiere: MECHANIC IDOLATRY

Nuno Ribeiro - Preceding the Metalhead.... he was the Designer, creator of ideas, shapes; art ... Presents us Egyptian-born, New York-based conceptual artist Nader Sadek.
Nader SadekIts actually the other way around, i was always  a metalhead. Later on in life  learned to think conceptually in terms of creating artworks.And this put me think of an overall  construction of an artwork and how to put the elements together. To design  the skeleton, then put everything together. ALthough i do pracitce  drawing occasioanlly , i would never call myself a crafts man, in any given field, i try to avoid  the discipline and the practice as it will  in a way become a limitation, so my inspiration and motivation must come from a different place and the desire to make it  prefect, is created from a passion and drive  that i feel may be lost  if i tired to master   a certain instrument. , the phrase "ignorance" is bliss is seed to an effect here when it comes to  me being trained in any instrument or art medium.

NR'The Faceless'  leads us to the prejudice that exists in forms of living and thinking, as the extreme "Islam in the Middle East" and "Death Metal" of Western culture merge itself. Your art can simplify the perfection of two realities, yet here and there can be seen shy mixtures of such different cultures. As New York-based Egyptian and American citizen how do you see this reality? 
NS - In "the faceless:  i was interested in the reality of how different cultures are perceived, especially those in the peripheral of a certain society. in this case its A  metalhead in  cairo, and a niqab-clad woman( the fully viel that only shows the eyes)  here in NYC. The reaction was pretty intense and simile, the average local is stunned and shocked by the appearance and immediately has feelings of hostility and intimidation. 

NR - Rapture: Grant us the idea of ​​sexual communication as an essential characteristic to the human being, fundamental to the existence, physically and emotionally. 
Do You question the emotional balance of those how abdicate "sexual communication" in favor of communication with the divine? (as the Buddhists, for example). 
The "fetishism by petroleum" and apparent "selfish pantomime” of the human being tends to worsen based in its isolation?
NS - Interesting interpretation! i see sexual communication as an integral part of our  existence, if not the most integral. Its wat allows us to exist in the first place.
With "rapture" im expressing an idea of how, we are attempting  to  integrate ourselves together, for cultures, ideas to meld and become one, only it is restrained by the fact that our own insecurities do not allow that to happen, int he form of conflict over petroleum. We are too afraid of the "other" , so in a way its a continuation of the "faceless" , this time, ive used petroleum based rubber costume to entrap my subjects, making the act of fornication impossible, they are attempting the act, the motion is there but the result is fake, only the surface of pleasure and "becoming one". The desire to attract each other exists, but because of petroleum and the conflicts that arise as result of it  we are incapable, and simply going through the motions, tricking ourselves.  Further more, the rubber costumes function as this symbol for our insecurities and self-doubt. Petroleum is a for power, if you own the worlds petroleum. substitute

NR - For a young designer, dream maker, you implement a better live performance, the perfect symbiosis between the environment and the music for cult bands like Mayhem and Sunn O)))!
Beginning with success means taking steps in other directions and forming your own project into the metal world?
NSThose works mean alot to me of course, and i was more than honored to do it , but im also an indvidual, who needs to express himself wholly, working for others is fun, and id say it was definitly much more of a collaboration, to make masks and stage stuff for Mayhem,  as i "imposed" my ideas of petroeleum dependency onto them. But for me to express my self i need to be in full control. Its not a matter of success as it is a matter of findin the right outlet for expression. For example Mayhem do not talk about petroleum, but they loved the idea when i brought it to the table..and felt it was appropriate to that for the US tour. But this is also the reason, we didnt do it again, because its my idea are not in tune witht their  philosophy as a whole.

NR "In the Flesh", Nader Sadek's debut, centers on the notion of humanity’s relationship with petroleum and how this exhumation of ancient life forms serves as a self-destructive fuel to society’s greed. Explain to us this connection.
NS - I am simply in awe of the fact that petroleum is a chemical composed of   living creatures, plants, and lofe forms that have eased to live, and have been collectivly cooking inside the earth for thousands of years. the chemical produced b y this process is now converted to become the leading energy supply for the entire world. the fact that  Human life runs on the death of our "ancestral"  formerly living counterparts, just amazes me. Societies have gotten into using this chemical to a degree now where we are addicted. There is simply no way to live now without depending on petroleum based products. Everything from gasoline to plastic, there is no escape form it, and i think that it in a way haunting us. The dead are tranformed to energy, and the energy becomes rational for  world wide conflict.


NR  Anticipate to us the latent idea in each track of "In the Flesh"
NSI have a few ideas looming into every track, they mean several different thigns simultaneously.

NR - Awakening
NS - I imagine an observer,  awakened by the  disturbances created by this petroleum use,the observer arises to investigate, without involvement of these tragic events. led by attilas voice, as he observes he is mourning  the tragic reality

NR - Petrophila
NS - This is the first scene that the observer sees.  a mass of ppl worshipping a new god and indulging in petrophilia, this song kind of is the over all general statement of the theme of this record,  it goes over the topic that people ave abandoned all sense to worship  this rotten deity. intertwining themselves in an unredeemable situation.

NR - Of this Flesh (Novus God)
NS - Novus Deus , this song is about the new god , the deicifcation of the chemical, and how it stands to control the masses, and make them fight for its flesh and blood. This petroleum god proclaims its power and  domination upon the world.

NR - Exhaust Capacitor
NS - Following the two intense  scenes the observer,  is ofrced to turn away and digest  the chaos. Breathgn the exhaust of all fuel burned in the air.

NR - Soulless
NS - This song, is about what people are willing over theri beleif sin this context- its mainly about how war has arisen a,d how the mind is corrupted for an insatial lust for power. Kiloing other for gain of power.

NR - Rusted Skin
NS - Another track to relieve pressure,  the observer is sckened and poisoned , he is dying 

NR - Mechanic Idolatry
NS - This track revolves around the mass worship and dependecny that societies have on petroleum, but promarily on how we accept it so willingly and freely. Petroleum was discovered and used,  ad cultures have accepted it  without exploring what the consequence might be. But it also uggests anew way to  perpetuate  the chemical, and this is to turn the bodies of the dead into  fuel,by doign that its a short cut the result of  petroeluem use and conflict over it.

  NADER SADEK - Mechanic Idolatry by HeavyHardMetalmania

NR - Sulffer
NS - This song is about an element , which is often extracted out of petroleum, Sulphur - Sulphur is used in medication and also  to preserve  food .
I thoguth it was intresting that even preservation is sometign to be found in petrileum use, and that maybe the best way to preserve ourselves is by becoming  sulphur.

NR -  Nigredo in Necromance
NS - centered around this idea that a man lost his lover, he was unable to cope with the pain. And decided to bury himself with her, and engage in sexual conduct, to be able to reunite with her physically.. As her body decomposed, the contact between their skin,extended the bacteria that creates rotting on to his flesh, initiating his own living flesh to decompose as well. 
Resulting in them decomposing as one, and their rotting flesh, seeps into the earth, which eventually becomes petroleum.

NR There’s only one word to describe "Nigredo in Necromance" video presentation of "In The Flesh" to the world... "Masterpiece" this was written and directed by you and produced and lit by Bad Brilliance.
NS - Thank you.

NR- What were the challenges initially proposed for the completion of this video?Nigredo in Necromance" to designate the first state of alchemy: “the spiritual death” and / or first step for the Philosopher's Stone, in which all ingredients had to be prepared to create a black matter!?
NS - Well , i wrote the story for it, then i had to come up with all the sculptures such as the flesh guitar and the womans head. Butont he set, which was actually just a park near whore i live ,  becuase i have no budget, i had to figure out the cheapest way, it was very difficult to get lights working for along time if thers no electricity , we had to get batteries that only last one hour , we had three of them so the whole thing was shot in 3 hours. we had to set up everything so fast, adn find all the right shots so quickly. it was also mid summer in NYC which is pretty deadly so insects were flyin at us, becuz we were in a park with these strong was quite painful. But we also went back to my place and edited, and 20 hours later we were finished with it.

NR - I found a curious statement made ​​by you on the Facebook page “DEATH METAL EXHUMED FROM THE BLACKEST DEPTHS OF THE EARTH“ (like petroleum), can you comment on it?
NS - Absoloutly, well, i think this album is really quite unique in concept sound etc, and i didnt want to make the usual statement of " DEath Metal Reborn" or something that i dont used so much, or doesnt even make sense in any extent of the imagination,  i think it has several meaing that truly describe the sound and concept . It si is a form of death metal- wich has  a black metal feeling to it, so it is to say death metal playd by a black metal guitarist so to speak, but accentuate the petroleum angle , by bring it out of the depth of the earth, just like how petroleum is pulled ou to to provide us with energy resources..

NRTell us how you managed to join this hybrid of influences between this music creation and musicians, Rune Eriksen (Ava Inferi, AURA NOIR, former MAYHEM), Steve Tucker (ex-Morbid Angel), and Flo Mounier (CRYPTOPSY), which resulted in the construction of this monstrous machine “well oiled”!
NS - It was actually quite simple, so many reasons influenced this decision, when i made  first project with steve tucker back in 2006-7, he was a perfect fit for it, because the project was about the peripheral- sort of -in a way the "unaccepted" , i felt that steve had to struggle with this situation from Morbid ANgel fans, To me Steve is a much greater vocalist / frontman than his predecessor ever  could be.  But that did not change the fact that because he was not there first he was not  accepted. Since thers always some kind of connection between each work i d, i felt i shoud continue this idea, and have it blend a bit with what would become In the Flesh, Rune Erisken s situation is identical to  Steves, and thus made him another perfect fit. on the other hand Flo, was not in the same situation- but was also "relegated"  to not being accepted for the musical style Cryptospy had  explored on their last outing.  SO it put him in this same "peripheral" sphere so to speak. Simultaneously,  from the song Steve hald already written, i was able to sort fantasize about how Rune would  add layers of harmonies on top of Steves riffing,there would be a very intresting contrast, something melodic on top of something  very frenetic and vicious. The thign that unites those two musicians is that they have a very strong sense of "feel", it snot the actual playing per se thats important , its how the energy leaves the body  when its releasing the music. And i feel that their chemistry would lock. This of course goes on to flo as well, and to add to this, that all 3 of them are interested in reating something with hooks that make it very catchy. This allows FLo to go fullforce and he creates a very pummeling sound, wich raises the intensity of the songs. Flos attack really sounds alot like the clanking of car engines in a very organized and harnessed fashion, it is so fast, and so much happens in it that tryin to catch every hit is impossible. there is so much detail in his work, and i think it truly comes through on this record as well, but in general he is just so focused and has great attention to detail. The chemistry between the 3 is quite amazing. And i cant wait to share it on a live stage.

NRThank you for your time and continues to delight us with your "MASTERPIECES"!
NS - Thank you Nuno, for such a great , and well researched set of questions, I cant wait to play Portugal some day and meet you.

The Work In The Flesh
Dream Maker FB.NaderSadek

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