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VERKRAG The Offender Of Bloemfontein Interview

This time HeavyHardMetalmania brings us "Verkrag" the offender of Bloefontein, deepen social , cultural and religious beliefs of the Anton Van Niekerk, not to be missed... below.

Nuno Ribeiro - Hi Anton!  For those with curiosity, presents us the pacific unknown citizen of Bloemfontein, South Africa "Anton Van Niekerk"...
Anton Van Niekerk - Bloemfontein is one of the smaller cities in South Africa and not much ever happens here. I work as a graphic designer and spend most of my time just doing art and music. To relax I go out every now and then only to regret it the next day...

NR – Who is the monster in you, the offender, rapist, kidnapper and the mad and insane VERKRAG?
AVN - When in crowds everyone feels a little uneasy. Like you are being watched and examined. You look around then and start judging others yourself. At bars and nightclubs you see the sluts flirting with men just to get a drink and boost their little ego’s, and the poor fools emptying their wallets hoping she’ll get drunk enough so he can have his way with her later. You stare at them while they are dancing and behaving like birds in breeding season trying so desperately to get the attention of the opposite sex while simplistic and idiotic beats are pounding through the sound system. Then you think to yourself that you do not fit in there at all... That is when the fantasies of just killing them all in the most brutal ways start to emerge.
That was just an example how I often feel when I go out  here in Bloemfontein, but many have felt this before in other situations and that is why people relate to my music. The escape into the darkest parts of your mind, where you can be as cruel and unmerciful as you wish! Better to escape reality this way than to snap and act on it. No one wants to go to jail because of an impulsive act. I say if you really want to kill then plan it very carefully…

NR - In many cases, the creator and character merge and it’s hard to distinguish who is who. Anton and Verkrag are distinguished perfectly, how can you make this distinction so clearly?
AVN - We all show different sides of ourselves at different times to different people. Everyone has their dark side. Most try to suppress it. I use it to create. That’s how through Verkrag, I get rid of my anger and rage. In the music you see Verkrag only. Those who speak to me online or in person speak to Anton. I am very calm and like to joke and have fun.

NR - "Called and hailed as "Psychotic Black Metal", besides the greatness of the art “13 Victims” do you have the notion that you can have created a new trend in metal. 
AVN - I just wanted to try something different from the norm. Still don’t see it as a new trend really… To me music is just different sounds used to create a certain feeling.  Black Metal was my preferred choice of musical genre because of the feeling of rage I could get out of it. I added lots of new almost horror film sound effect so that the music fits with the lyrical theme of the psychotically deranged.

NR - "The tale around "13 Victims" tells a story about a murderer who gets flashbacks of his childhood and his incestuous relationship with his sister. Later, he begins to save prostitutes from the streets, killing them. When he gets older he starts to love the purity of the girls, and begins to torture, rape, kill and eat them before they can become impure ... In the asylum; all the victims haunt him, not knowing if they are ghosts or just something in his mind, we see him sited in a dirty psychiatric hospital..."
Described as "loss of contact with reality" Psychosis can be portrayed as hallucinations or delusional beliefs, and may exhibit personality changes, thought disorder and bizarre behaviour. 
Where did you get inspiration for this work?
Is this psychotic killer real, in the head of "Anton" or manipulated by the head of Verkrag? Or is there here a little of both?
AVN - I never studied psychology but I’d say it is part of human nature. They call it “human” nature yet we are just animals after all. We fuck like animals. Most people lie and cheat to get fucked and to fuck. Why then is it a taboo topic to speak about murder and cannibalism so openly when killing is such a big part of nature? People should stop being such hypocrites and face the fact that the primal animalistic urges will always be there and by this I do not mean just the sexual urges. The beast lives in all of us… some just choose to go the extra mile and cross that line and to kill. Those individuals inspire me. They inspire me because they decided that they do not care about what standards humanity sets or even what the punishment for their actions will be. The serial killers who never got caught of course, bring me most inspiration.

NR – The victims 'models' were carefully chosen from dozens of proposals that you obtained around the world.
What was the criteria for the "the beautiful" choice?
AVN - I looked at the pictures and the mood they created and how I could use the pics in the album artwork. I wanted some variety. Some of the victim pics were more bloody and extreme while others focused more on emotion. Not all the pics were based on the theme of rape or ‘victim’ but also insanity, asylums and religious visions to fit the lyrical content of the alum.
To view the ’13 Victims’ photography, artwork and lyrics visit:
NR - Two of the Verkrag models, Elena (USA) and Vanessa (Germany), gained the possibility to work also with Dark Funeral!
What is your connection to Dark Funeral?
AVN - At the moment there is no connection. I resigned from the Dark Funeral team a while ago so I can focus on my own projects more. I used to be the co-ordinator of all the official Dark Funeral groups on facebook. I was also a back-up admin on their official facebook page. I did some flyer designs for them and also edited some of Elena’s pictures for Diaboliswear (their merchandise shop)

NR - “...I am actually quite satisfied with the way things are going now. Actually I don’t work well with others; I am extremely full of shit..."
These words were taken from an interview you gave to a site in September 2010 related to gigs. If I remember correctly I also have seen a comment on FB that you said that live gigs with Verkrag will never happen!

From what I know (and I follow your career closely and continuously), your sites are treated very carefully, with attractive design, excellent photos, the message to the receiver is well thought out, a musical work extremely rigorous.
Will it be perfectionism* as a belief that perfection can and should be achieved and that nothing less than perfect is unacceptable?
*In this way the relationship with others becomes more difficult, because one mistake, a step in another direction is enough to light the fuse within us!
Am I wrong in saying that there is also a bit of misanthropy?
AVN - Haha, you basically answered the question for me. You are correct yes.
To put up the kind of show I would like to do, would cost a hell of a lot of money. (Props, blood, actors, naked women, different backdrops, lighting etc etc... )
Right now I just feel that I do not need to go on stage to impress anyone. Either people understand the music and art or they don’t. VERKRAG’s stories are best envisioned in the mind’s eye...

NR – “Religion is a lie,
Look inside yourself for the god.”In: DOOMSDAY PROPHETSMusic by Anton van Niekerk.Lyrics by, Anton van Niekerk & A. H. Miller.Anton has been active and consistent in the criticism against religion ... "Prophets of Doom"The religious are also the main enemy that Verkrag has in South Africa?Is it not the religious people too, that commits crimes against humanity in South Africa, including racism and apartheid policy from 1948 to 1994? Are there not also large religious chunk sex offenders that under a cassock create hell over their victims or is this bullshit that Americans and Muslims often say "wars in the name of god"…!!?
AVN - I am against all religions – against all gods. Religion only separates people and enslaves them. It makes people feel like lesser beings. The religious follow blindly and use ”faith” as an excuse when none of their nonsense can be proven. These people believe “God” speaks to them... Now is that not a sign of mental illness? It’s a proven fact that most serial killers were raised in strict religious homes. Leaders responsible for millions of deaths (Hitler for example) were religious people and believed that they were fighting God’s war. Most of these wars were funded by the Roman Catholic Church btw...
NR - Were you / are you also committed to the Zeitgeist movement in South Africa.
The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement, nor recognize nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class. These distinctions are outdated and inconsistent and far from positive factors for true development and human potential. Its foundations are based on the division of power and stratification, not unity and equality, which are their goals.
What makes you move through this movement that is also mine?

AVN - Change. The world would be a better place without the monetary system and economic slavery. It only serves to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Not to mention the strain it puts on humans with day to day stress and unrealised potential. We all want things to be better. The Zeitgeist movement not only points out all the problems we have in the world today but offers realistic and obtainable solutions. 

NR - Tell us your connection to Daniel's Wrath Passion, the main reasons that led you to associate with them. To what extent are they important to the development of Verkrag?
AVN - I’ve been a WRATH PASSION fan since 2007 so it’s a great honour being a part of it now. Daniel and I have always supported each other so a musical collaboration is inevitable. In WRATH PASSION, the psychotic and deranged VERKRAG does not really show itself. My lyrical content in WRATH PASSION is more about Space, Science, History, Mythology, Conspiracies, Wars, and the final and total destruction of the human race…

NR - And also the connection to "Throne of Malediction," which presents itself as the first joint effort of American and South African Black Metal, these are also growing and very true to themselves!
AVN - I loved the original “Never Enough” version but felt the need to try do something different with it so I contacted Eric and he and Jessica agreed that it would be interesting if I added my own style to the song. He sent me the separate tracks and I played Dr Frankenstein with them resulting in the collaboration version and video. (
This is the 1st time ever South African and North American Black/Death Metal musicians have collaborated in creating a piece together.

The VERKRAG version of the track will appear on the new Throne of Malediction album entitled 'Ceremonial Blood' (out soon!) as well as the next VERKRAG album coming in late 2011 / early 2012.

NR – “13 victims” appears in 2009, you surely have new works in the pipeline, and beyond the misaligned of the system what do you expect to do in the future? What are your expectations?
AVN - The ’13 Victims’ album was made available as a Free Download from Friday 13th of May. Give VERKRAG a ‘Like’ on facebook ( then simply join the ReverbNation mailing list to download the album.
Work on the next VERKRAG album has already started and I hope to release it early next year. Some of the collaboration tracks I did will feature as bonus tracks.
The next WRATH PASSION album should be released in November this year, but Daniel is handling that.  I will be doing the album artwork and design as well.
Other than that, I plan on finally getting some VERKRAG t-shirts printed.

NR - "The luck is hard work." Is this your life philosophy?
AVN - Exactly. You have to take control and not just leave it to fate. You are your own god and should make your destiny a reality!

NR - Thanks Anton for having accepted this challenge and please continue the excellent work you have produced.
AVN - Thanks for the support and great questions, Enjoyed answering them.

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