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From Kalmar, Sweden come to us Glitzy Glow a  Glam Metal band   with influences from both 70s and 80s Hard Rock scene.

HeavyHardMetalmania  sought to better understand the Band  and where it moves... here and now... not to be missed.

HHM- Hey gang!
It is an honor to have you here in HeavyHardMetalmania and i wanted to ask you to submit "Glitzy Glow" in a brief description.
Julia: We’re a glamorous hard rock band with a lot of dreams and hopes.

HHM- "Glitzy Glow" Makes this fall seven years that began, ups and downs like all the bands and some funny incidents like when Geoff Lawrence tried to climb a 3 floors building. Tell us this adventure!
Julia: We were out partying and were locked out from a building in the middle of winter and our crazy former guitarist started to climb up the wall to the third floor trying to reach the windows to the flat. We just stared and noone could make him stop. Unfortunately he fell down and hurt his foot real bad. A lot of screws and metallic things to rescue that foot. Crazy Australian!

HHM- At some point everything seemed on track but here comes another setback, Carl Thunberg and Geoff Lawrence leave the band due to musical discrepancies... of what kind?
Julia: Carl wanted to spend more time on other things in life but music and we all understood that. He stepped back to make room for someone who could give everything, because that is what is required.  Geoff, on the other hand, wanted something else from our music and we couldn’t agree as a band. It was the best decision for us to not continue working together.

HHM- From here the band is sufficiently stable and everything changes Wingz “the new guitar player” was the key figure?
Julia: Wingz is really a key figure and showed us from the start that he shared our views on rock and roll.
Jackzin: Wingz said to us two years before he joined the band when we talked backstage after one of Glitzy Glow’s gigs ‘if you ever need help in some way, I'll do it without any hesitations’ =) And we knew immediately that we, both in terms of style and music fitted well together. We share the same musical tastes as Wingz! and then his attitude! He rocks like hell!

HHM- What could he have added in terms of technical, musical and even professionally of which the band needed?
Julia: In sound, the rougher approach and also the playfulness in melodies that is so important in our music.  And we are all grateful for the great humor and warmth that he brings to the band.

HHM- Tell us all about the band members, who are, what they do in music and beyond, their strengths and their ... secrets!
Roxxy: First time I meet.. let me rephrase that.. first time I saw Julia I where mesmerized by her astonishing looks and warmth. Years later when we started writing songs together   it just clicked.. we understand each others way of writing music so we got many songs in us for many albums to come.
Roxxy: Jackzin The master of dreams and visions! The drum playing is his passion.  He can play any instrument you put in his hand. He’ll stand by you in any crisis in life.
Julia: Wingz  is a playful guitarist with a wonderful hair.  Life on stage is his real life, the rest of the time is just time waiting to get on stage. Makes everyone laugh.
Wingz: Johnny is the conductor and the glue in the band. He also keep the band look and sound good with he´s eye for details and together with Jackzin he keep the songs going like a freight train.
Julia is the beauty with the golden voice. She fronts Glitzy Glow with a great goddess like carisma. Her voice is not what you usually find in glam rock band so it gives the sound another cool dimension. Jackzin is the skin pounder and dose it with style. He is one of those drummers that´s actually fun to watch when he plays. You does not just hear him play you see that he plays to.

HHM- "Glitzy Glow" has the flavor of the new wave “the glamor and the sound" of the 80s, this choice (it was accidental or deliberate?) it was “fortunate” because we live in an era of revival of the 80s.
Julia: We never plan what our music should sound like, but I guess what have influenced yourself during the years must come out somehow and I guess that’s why we have many different influences in our music. When it comes to appearance we like to express glamour and something that contradicts everyday life. Both the eye and the ear should get some real treats, some glitzy glow.
Wingz: We all like the combination of great sound and, well played songs and cool looks and glam so it was naturally that all those elements became a part of Glitzy Glow. We are a mixture of many of the bands that made the rock and metal scene between the 70´s to the 90´s.

HHM- What bands do you identify with?
Roxxy: Julia gets much inspiration from Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Tori Amos.

HHM- We're not just in the fields of coincidences, listen to Julia sing made me remember of two female voices of great success in the late 70's and 80's, Chrissie Hynde "The Pretenders" and Deborah Harry "Blondie” where were you until now and what have you done professionally so far?
Roxxy: Julia has been working a lot in the theater and musical world which makes her look for that kind of expression also in the band. It contributes a lot when we want to create a visual show.

HHM- I can tell a certain know-how in your music career, what kind of musical training did you have??
Roxxy: Julia has been singing in choirs, taking singing lessons and has been working in show biz and that has been her training.

HHM- Glitzy Glow is sponsored by a drink "Good Night" is it a good deal? Or rather, with the terrible music sales market, this route is a good deal is it not?
Julia: Of course, the music sales market makes you look at many alternatives in order to make the band and its career develop. We haven’t regretted the sponsorship with Good Night.
Wingz: Good night sponsored us to to the version of Black and sunny day to RockBand on X-box. And like those guys and decided that we wanted to continue to work with them. I think that as you say with the bad music sales and a bad music industry it´s a great way to scratch each others backs. They are new in their business as we are so we can help each other.

HHM- The Alternatives to the market records sales are evident in the "Glow Glitz" the release of the glitzy GLOW song 'Black And Sunny Day' for the video game Rock Band is a reality.
Glitzy Glow are definitely in a new era... this is the correct path to the music business? Or is an illusion in the short term?
Julia: We want to try every aspect of marketing of the band. It’s important to see the possibilities in every suggestion given.
Wingz: Well, times are changing and RockBand is a cool and easy way to play rockstar with you favorite songs so that is definitely a great way to keep up with the modern time.

HHM- In June 2011 Glitzy Glow went in once again to the "Pama Studio" to record Their long awaited full-length album that will contain 12 songs. What is the expected date of release?
Julia: Our hopes is to release the album as soon possible. Hopefully in the second quarter of 2012.
Wingz: We don't know yet when the exact date of release will be but we hope it will be out in the summer 2012. We have recorded drums, bass and some of the guitars on the songs and they sound already now in this ruff state, really good like a kick in the teeth.

HHM- What can we expect from this new job? Something new or the same line?
Julia: We’re giving you the full length album in the same spirit as our EP (Welcome to this glow, Black and sunny day)
Wingz: We want this album to sound like it was recorded in the late 80´s/early 90´s with plenty of headroom and not overproduced like the most of the rock/metal records today.

HHM- Artwork and Set list already exist? Can it be announced?
Julia: Sorry, not yet. But you’ll know when we have it ready.
Wingz: We have no artwork yet but some of the songs are  Black and sunny day and Welcome to this glow with new recording. Some other titles are Misfits, Strike the right note and Leopards going wild.

Glitzy Glow are sponsored
by Good Night Drink
HHM- One last question, exceeded 50,000 fans "wooow" on Facebook, what is your next goal? I dare to say that the age group of the fans of your database points to adolescence, but you must have a lot of people in their 40s, is not it?
Julia: Everyone is welcome into our music. At our last concert on a festival we had an audience with young children up to more mature people and it feels so great to see a six-year-old standing next to a senior singing a long to Black and Sunny Day.
Wingz: We have fans in all ages thats whats makes it so cool. Our rock suites everyone!!

HHM- Thanks for the "Glitzy Glow" loaned to HeavyHardMetalmania usually immersed in the blackness of darkness! To me as a diehard fan of the music of the 80s was a great pleasure to have you here. Thank you, until to the next opportunity and keep in touch.
Julia: Thank you very muck for giving us your attention.

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