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Død Beverte Uncensored Interview

HeavyHardMetalmania brings this time... Colorado Springs Extreme Metallers  Død Beverte, Dethcentrik and Stefan Klein in an interview without bias or censorship of social power groups who wish to control and prevent the freedom of expression.

Nuno Ribeiro - Explain to us who Død Beverte is, what he does, and how he thinks:
Død Beverte
Socially: Død Beverte -  Død Beverte is a very outgoing person, he tends to affiliate with anyone open-minded, and is friends with those outside the general scope of who society feels is acceptable.
Economically: Død Beverte -  Død was raised in a good neighborhood, he is currently a student and lives in an apartment, and has met many people who are not necessarily in the best of positions, and he himself has struggled gaining employment. A view he has on the economic structure of his country is that many times people are overlooked for jobs because they are judged based on looks and their ability to think freely, and that the mentally ill are disadvantaged. However, he feels that many who have jobs despite conforming enough to blend in with their looks do not have personalities that they should for working the jobs they do, and he does believe that there is a difference between advocating for the disadvantaged and pointing fingers and blaming the rich for those disadvantages as the occupy wall street movement is doing.
Culturally: Død Beverte -  Død Beverte is a celebration of death, in a social context he is someone who takes a look at the other side, sometimes referred to as a devil’s advocate.

NR - I know you define yourself as agnostic, but,
"In the strict sense, however, agnosticism is the view that human reason is incapable of providing sufficient rational grounds to justify knowledge whether God exists or does not. Within agnosticism there are agnostic atheists (who do not believe any deity exists, but do not deny it as a possibility) and agnostic theists (who believe a God exists but do not claim to know that)."
How do you define yourself?
DB - I consider myself to be an agonistic theist, I do believe in a God, but I don’t believe organized religion has sufficient explanation of he, she, or it. I feel God is a force that cannot be explained, and attempting explanation simply creates disagreement and conflict.

NR - Your first solo work entitled "Crucified Babies" have a "sui generis" art work, presented by one reviewer as:  "The artwork must be a thorn in the eye of every self-respecting (pro-life) Christian when taking a first look at Død Beverte's first full length release… "
What is the idea of the background when you thought about making / presenting this art work to the world?
DB - I wanted people to feel a sense of disgust, but to still be able to listen to the music. I feel that if something goes so far against what people believe is acceptable they oddly enough give it more attention, and I feel that people need to accept just how bad things can get rather than live in constant denial, if they acknowledge the bad in the world they have a chance to change it, and sometimes when something is so shocking that people have to notice it, it gets them to acknowledge it.

NR - What were the initial objectives in the preparation of "Crucified Babies"?
The feedback is being interesting? It's bigger / better in America or overseas?
DB - I wanted to create something unique, bizzare, and at the same time very absorbing and powerful. I wanted the listener to almost be pulled into the album. As for reception: I would say foreign reception has been better than reception here in the United States, and the feedback has certainly been interesting in that opinions on it are very extreme, people love it or hate it, it hasn’t seemed to really be noticed as average or even near average, it always stands out to people in one way or another.

NR - I suggest now an exercise very grateful to me, briefly or not explains the idea in each track of "Crucified Babies"
DB - Entering the Realm of Death: This track was meant to bring the listener into the world of the album they were about to hear, to bring them into its “realm” so to speak.
DB - Deathcamp of Justice: This song is actually almost a “preachy” expression of rising from repression, a way of empowering those that are always mistreated by telling them their oppressors are weak and assuring them that they, we, will rise from repression someday.
DB - Society's Whores: A call to question everything we are taught, to not simply believe what one is told.
DB - Violent Sex Change: Is about ironically murdering a pedophile through sexually violent murder, enforcing the golden rule through vengeance, doing unto someone as he did unto others. This was written after I heard about a pedophile on the news.
DB - Life Down the Toilet: Was written about a friend who’s life became too centered around drugs, I was comparing what he was doing with his life to what one does with waste, and ironically it happens to be how drugs are disposed of as well.
DB - Double Crosser: A song about someone who I had considered a friend, but found out about the morally reprehensible things he did and was doing, he was a double crosser because he stabbed me in the back, but spiritually, not verbally or physically.
DB - Morderisk Depresjon: A song about being in a state of depression that.
DB - Why Won’t You Die?: I was frustrated at someone who had done some bad things, and I just wanted to know why he wouldn’t die, the same concept as the album title Why the Innocent Die Young, just a frustration that bad people sometimes never seem to get what they deserve
DB - Bright Lights of Heaven: A song about exterminating racists. Racism has always bothered me, and I let out my feelings about it out in this song.
DB - Saw You Limbs, Kill Your Kids: Written about a classmate who had mistreated me, it was a venting song.
DB - Peeing on Dead High School Freshman: A song about the idiotic nature displayed in today’s youth, and how it affects how people view the modern generation.
DB - The Icy Grips of Death: Just a bizarre song about the cold and it’s dangers, I was sarcastically poking at power metal and black metal because I notice too many songs in black metal about song and cold, and the vocals in power metal, and even certain clean singing in black metal is too high pitched…
DB - Fuck…the…Human…Race: Expressed frustration with the human race, I had felt humanity was coming to a boiling point.
DB - Exiting the Realm of Life: Prepares the listener to enter reality once more, to exit the “realm” of the album.

NR - Where we can buy "Crucified Babies"?
DB - Currently it is on most major online MP3 stores including Amazon MP3, iTunes, and many others! A CD should be available in United States on Amazon soon, but it’s not available there at this moment.

NR - Let's talk about the "controversial" project "Dethcentrik", founded in 2009 and defined as Punk Metal / Extreme Horror / Industrial.
There is no good or bad publicity, just publicity: The great success of "Why the Innocent Die Young" can also be attributed to the placement on a list of threats to the places of worship?
DB - I think that certainly helped the album get noticed, controversy on the whole seems to have helped Dethcentrik grow in popularity as a band, and depsite quite a bit of bad press we have gained a fairly large underground following.

NR - This is the text of discord:
"We are a band That shares your town, and we want you to get us to the idea That we despise your brainwashing so called
"Christian" ideals. We fall for none of your lies, and accept none of your hatred.
  We are called Dethcentrik, and do not bother saying anything, we are Awaiting to Arise from our hate-based repression, When We deem Appropriate.
Continue to enjoy your lives of hate and false prophecy ...
Dethcentrik .. m /"
This type of extremist message can be read or heard different ways in thousands of channels for dissemination on the Internet (the receiver has to filter the content).
This demonization (exposure in the public square) of the "problem" had concrete effects on your way to be or same modified or changed contents?
DB - I actually felt that finding that threat list reinforced our views of those religious groups, that they create a large amount of corruption, and the reason “Christian” was placed in quotations in that phrase was because if you look at the actual principles of Christianity, the groups that this was directed towards never follow them, we were part of the reason this was exposed actually, we felt it was wrong they get away with treating people like this, and often times people don’t see the persecution these groups commit, and that’s why they have such large followings, they keep their followers in the dark to make them feel that others are evil, and I  believe plenty of people would be sickened to learn how much wrong they do without even the knowledge of their own followers.

NR - Seen from a distance that seems to me is that the trial is being done without a cause / effect!
A case like this is nothing but to fight with the same weapons ... with extremism, do not you think?
DB - I believe many of these groups function on extremism, and I believe you’re right, they have no real reason to be doing what they are, they’re simply having an extreme reaction to what we said.

NR - Where you intend to reach with "Columbine Justice Spree" taken from the album "Why the Innocent Die Young":
"Columbine Justice Spree
Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris
Two Men, Boys, Dedicated to Justice
Entered Columbine High School on April 20th of '1999
To exact justice, and cleanse their filthy school and town
Columbine Justice Spree!
Violent Revenge
Justice has been proclaimed
Columbine Justice Spree!"
DB - This song was meant to give the side of the Columbine shootings that the public never truly heard. It’s not to condone their actions, but to help people see why it occurred rather than simply demonizing the shooters as if they simply commit murder out of thin air. I believe that future tradgeties could be prevented if people would understand all the sides of past ones.

NR - The video for "Justice Spree Columbine" was banned from youtube and Deathcentrik was prohibited by a licensing agency of music.
What are the assumptions for censorship?

DB - I felt that possibly the video used material that people were too sensitive of, but I think people did not understand the meaning behind the song itself, let alone the purpose for the video. I feel that sensitive material also grabs more attention, and deeper thinking requires more attention, and of course then censoring material keeps it from requiring more people to think, and keeping people from thinking keeps them from questioning the world they live in. The video had to be censored to keep the herd in line.

NR - What is the weight that religion has in the "herd" American society and particularly in your region?
DB - It’s deeply embedded, and in our region we have certainly encountered more trouble from religious fanatics than anywhere else, such as getting in trouble at a school because of not having Christian views, and the fact that that threat list you mention says law enforcement is working with the religious groups. Americans are told they have a freedom of religion to keep them from questioning it in the first place. If you tell someone they are free to roam where they want, but tell them a violent creature lives past a certain point, they’ll believe they’re free to roam far, but they won’t roam far for fear of the creature they were told of.

NR - You also founded your own label Death Incarnate Records.
I've been taking a look at the site and feature some amazing t-shirts, and even here the controversy comes with some very curious names (take a look... by the way, low cost)-
This was created by the need to create your art without censorship?
DB - Yes actually, we were able to get the music out further under a label, and by running the label there are no limits to what we can do, because we’re willing to release our own music, as think anyone would be.

NR - More bands to use the label?
DB - I am willing to help any band really. So yes, but not every band needs the same amount of assistance, so not every band signs to us like they would a typical label.

NR - Live shows, what happened what will happen, something programmed?
DB - In the past we’ve had a full band lineup, it the future that may change because finding someone for one show can be quite stressful and time consuming at points.

NR - If you allow me the next question is for Stefan Klein "The devil himself!" For the purpose of the "flock" get to know you better:
Who is the misanthrope Stefan Klein?
Stefan Klein - Stefan is truly a normal person, if one can truly exist, he is 21 years of age, but unlike many other “normal” people Stefan has been misunderstood, and he himself will be the first to admit he’s made his fair share of mistakes. Stefan wasn’t always the kindest to the other children at school, or the most popular, or even the brightest, but while growing up Stefan was bullied and mistreated himself, and took his life and decided to stand up for not only himself, but for all the misunderstood, including those he himself had misunderstood, he wants people to be the best they can be and not simply point fingers or use a label they have to excuse their poor behavior, to own their actions, and make the world a better place.

NR - I can only thank you kindness and courtesy that is the hallmark of your conversations with me.  Thank you!
SK - Many thanks to you for taking the time for this interview. People like you deserve more recognition, they make bands and musicians, without you guys bands like us would be playing the basements and bars and never grow, so thank you very much for your support of music!

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