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AURORA BOREALIS - Pure Energy Into Matter!

Country of origin: United States
Location: Waldorf, Maryland
Status: Active
Year of creation: 1994
Genre: Black Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Space, Cosmos, Mythology, Ancient Culture, Time
Current label: Nightsky


Demo 94

Label: Self-released / independent
1. Sixteenth Chamber 03:46
2. Slave to the Grave 06:32

Mansions of Eternity
Type: EP
Release date: 1996
Label: Nightsky
1. Crowned with Embalmment 05:39 
2. Weighing of the Heart 05:40 
3. Valley of the Kings 05:52 
4. Slave to the Grave 05:57 
5. Sixteenth Chamber 03:40 

Praise the Archaic Lights Embrace
Type: Full-length
Release date: 1998
Label: Nightsky
1. Offerings of Jade and Blood 06:22 
2. A Gaze Into Everdark 04:43 
3. In the Depths of a Labyrinth 04:43 
4. Aggressive Dynasty 02:45 
5. War of the Rings 03:58 
6. For Your Comprehension 05:19 
7. Constellations Embellished with Chaos 04:49
8. Calm Before 01:18
9. The Storm 04:10 

Northern Lights
Type: Full-length
Release date: 2000
Label: Nightsky
1. Thrice Told 03:50 
2. Enter the Halls 04:55 
3. Images in the Nightsky 03:36 
4. Draco 04:26 
5. Sky Dweller 04:47 
6. Hydrah 03:55 
7. Dream God 04:25 
8. Distant 02:41

Checkpoint #3
Type: Split
Release date: 2001
Label: Diehard
1. Daemon - Gone Forever 02:52
2. Illdisposed - Richard Scarry 03:36
3. Necrosphere - Biomechanical Death Machine 03:39
4. 2 Ton Predator - Pumpjack Pleasures 03:43
5. Aurora Borealis - Enter the Halls 04:54

Time, Unveiled
Type: Full-length
Release date: 2002
Label: Nightsky
1. Triumph Again 04:23 
2. Sky Burial 05:15 
3. Searching 04:33 
4. Transversing the Tides 05:56 
5. Berserker 04:38 
6. The Last Day 04:52 
7. Reign 05:27 
8. Sixteenth Chamber (bonus track) 03:46 
9. Slave to the Grave (bonus track) 06:32 

Checkpoint #4
Type: Split
Release date: December 2003
Label: Diehard
1. Koldborn - Of Sins Sublime 03:41 Show lyrics
2. Gurd - Razorblade 04:19
3. 2 Ton Predator - Slowly Slaughtered 03:39 Show lyrics
4. Aurora Borealis - Sky Burial 05:17 Show lyrics
5. Thorium - Infestation of Salvation 02:17 Show lyrics

Promo 05
Type: EP
Release date: 2005
Label: Nightsky
1. God Wills It
2. Let the Games Begin
3. Ravaged by Fire

Type: Full-length
Release date: April 6th, 2006
Label: Nightsky
1. Myths of the Light 04:50 
2. Let the Games Begin 04:51 
3. Ravaged by Fire 04:47 
4. God Wills It 03:59 
5. The Red Flag 04:47 
6. River Through the Skies 04:02 
7. Tonight We Feast 04:43 
8. Black Snow 04:29 

Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything
Type: Full-length
Release date: February 2011
Label: Nightsky
1. Our Legacy 01:28
2. Crucible of Creation 04:31 
3. Formation 04:04 
4. Stygian Depths 04:25 
5. A Creature Called Human (Among Other Things) 05:06 
6. The Evolution After Evolution 04:31 
7. The Only Space Race That Matters 04:53 
8. Beyond the Oort Cloud 04:50 Show lyrics
9. Tearing Holes in the Fabric of Time 04:32 
10. Prelude to Cessation 01:11
11. The Rebirth 04:53 Show lyrics

See also: Todesbonden, ex - Rain Fell Within (live)
Ron Vento Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
See also: ex - Lestregus Nosferatus

Ron Vento - Main Engineer / Owner
Phone:301.910.6163 Cell
301.374.9450 Studio

AURORA BOREALIS c/o Ron Vento 3432 Rockefeller CT Waldorf MD 20602 

Project Pain... With Hatred

Amersfoort, NL   Thrash Metal 

Friends and former band members gathered together to form Project Pain...
Release ''Hatred'' EP 05-2011
Can you feel the Pain!!! Join the Pain!!!

Members: Vocals : Bauke Goudbeek
Guitar : Guido den Hoed ( & Bass on EP)
Guitar : Marco van der Velden
Drums : Erwin Zonderlandt ( hired gun for the Hatred EP )

Project Pain are searching for a new Drummer and a Bass player.
If you want to join the Pain mail them.

Label: F.A. Records / Indie

Mastodon's Brent Hinds Presents: WEST END MOTEL And FIEND WITHOUT A FACE

Full-Length Debuts To Be Released As A Two-CD Set Via Rocket Science June 7!

Mastodon mastermind/guitarist Brent Hinds is proud to unleash two very special projects this year: WEST END MOTEL and FIEND WITHOUT A FACE.

FIEND WITHOUT A FACE are a rockabilly/porno/metal concoction mixed with a bit of a country, surf guitar and applesauce on the side. They've been rockin' house parties for nearly two decades, but word on the street is that they're about to go legit thanks to Rocket Science! The self-titled debut features 13 tracks of singular awesomeness that needs to be experienced by anyone looking for a bit of adventure in their listening outings. Like a fat man sending back soup, these boys are on a mission for the world’s condition. FIEND WITHOUT A FACE are armed and dangerous, packing just pantyhose, a fez and a bit of Vyvanse. 

WEST END MOTEL are a conglomerate of losers, poets and hobo-sexuals. Tom Cheshire met Hinds in Atlanta on a corner under a bridge in 1993. They were panhandling and drinking cough syrup and before long, music began spewing from their pores. Songs were written on an acoustic guitar and a bucket with the occasional toy piano in the background. Late nights turned into early mornings and much booze was consumed. They write and sing for the underdog and give the listener a glimmer of hope. Originally, they aimed for a Simon And Garfunkel hanging out with Ethel Merman but the end product sounds more like Nick Cave fronting Gogol Bordello. The songs take on a life of their own and no two tracks sound alike.  Throw Mike Shina, Stiff Penalty and Ben Thrower into the mix and you got yourself one good time. WEST END MOTEL are now an official collective and are ready to get down to proverbial business with nine-track debut Don’t Shiver, You’re A Winner. 2011 is their year and they’re on a mission with no luggage. The band took over Brooklyn this past fall, where rich men, housewives, home bums and a garbageman danced in the streets. The West Coast is next, then the world. These men love music and write for people who love music. It's that simple. They write songs of loss and laughter and occasionally offer a new lease on life. They’re a gospel band, a soul band, a band of gypsies… Hear for yourself.

FIEND WITHOUT A FACE and WEST END MOTEL will be released as a two-CD set via Rocket Science Inc. on June 7, 2011. Said Hinds of the recordings: "I feel like a thousand umpa lumpas have been lifted from my back. I want to thank everyone that made this possible..  in the time it took to put these two albums out, I wrote five more, so whoever likes this kind of stuff, there's a lot more where this came from." You can pre-order the CD/bundles & received a free download from each band HERE.
Listen to a stream of FIEND WITHOUT A FACE’s “Tsunami” & WEST END MOTEL’s “I Like It A Lot” at the following locations:

Two - CD Set

View Cover Art HERE

DISC 1: 
01. Calypso
02. Black Grass
03. Green Slime
04. Cha-Cha
05. Bank Robbin Bandits
06. Tsunami
07. Hot Rod
08. New York
09. Don’t Like
10. Cosmonaut
11. Stupido
12. Get Straight
13. Volcano

DISC 2: 
Don’t Shiver, You’re A Winner
01. The Confident Wino/...And We Are Here To Entertain You
02. The Devil Called Me Tommy
03. I Like It A Lot
04. She's On Fire
05. Under My Skin
06. Silly Old Song
07. Highwaters

ABOUT ROCKET SCIENCE INC. - Rocket Science Inc. is a premier label services engine that provides comprehensive record label departmental needs under one roof. Rocket Science Ventures expands on this concept by adding a release funding and Sony/RED distribution option while still providing artists and management the ability maintain ownership rights and control. Coupled with the extensive and accountable in-house services, Rocket Science Ventures offers a turnkey solution with a focus on execution.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Norma Jean's video for "Bastardizer"

Check out the set of Norma Jean's video for "Bastardizer" - from their latest album, Meridional Cory shot this footage while filming the video at Norma Jean rehearsal space in Atlanta.. 

The official "Bastardizer" video was directed by Brooks Jones.

MERIDIONAL is in stores now! Buy it at iTunes:

Check out Norma Jean tour dates, news and more at:

ORIGIN "Expulsion of Fury" From The Album "Entity"

Nuclear Blast Records just uploaded a new public track called ORIGIN - Expulsion of Fury from the album, Entity (2011) check it out below! 

IMPIETY Signs With Pulverised Records!

Pulverised Records  announced the official signing with the infamous black death warmachine IMPIETY for their upcoming eighth full length album.

The band, which has had a history of 21 over years, stands a champion of the underworld having released crushing albums and triumphed great tours over years of its infernal dominion, pushing boundaries with every great release the band has put forward from inception till this day.

“The best of IMPIETY has yet to come…” says warlord Shyaithan, concerning the signing. "Writing the upcoming storm serves as a greater challenge to myself and all previous endeavors. One thing definitely to expect is that this new full-length album will hammer you 10 times harder than all previous revelations. Blood and Chaos shall dominate but Lightning Death it’s ultimate crowning glory…”.

Pulverised Records A&R Manager Calvin also commented: "IMPIETY, with their vibrant history and definitely the first pioneering band to put Singapore on the Extreme Metal map, has grown rapidly in the recent years and with a fearsome reputation of being a no-holds-barred ferocious live act. And now it has come full circle; this formidable co-operation for the upcoming new full-length opus will prove once again that IMPIETY is truly at the top of their game, sitting proud and high at the blackened elite throne of blasphemy. Asian & Arrogant!"


Shyaithan - Vocals & Bass
Guh Lu - Guitars
Eskathon - Guitars
Atum - Drums

Bookings / Tours / Official contact: [email protected]

THE BODY: May Tour Dates And 2xLP Repress Details Unveiled

The previously-announced repress of THE BODY's harrowing full-length All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood is approaching, is now available.

While the initial vinyl pressing of All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood was released via THE BODY's own Aum War Records, limited to only 500 copies, the new version will be handled by At A Loss Recordings, who released the CD version of the album worldwide in July 2010. The repress will be limited to 1100 copies, and will be pressed as a 3-sided 2xLP, available in both colored and standard black versions, and packaged in a deluxe gatefold with embossed heavy stock individual inner sleeves. The wax will also be accompanied by a digital download coupon with direct access to high-quality mp3s of the album.

While not a band who sits around for very long, THE BODY have also booked another tour for May, hitting sections of the Northeast US and into Canada for several dates, wrapping up with the band supporting Mission Of Burma in their home state!

THE BODY May 2011 Dates:

5/12/2011 Geno's - Portland, ME
5/13/2011 Casa Del Popolo - Montreal, QC @ Mountain Of Might Festival
5/14/2011 Artel - Kingston, ON
5/15/2011 Parts And Labour - Toronto, ON
5/16/2011 Magic Stick - Detroit, MI
5/17/2011 Now That's Class - Cleveland, OH
5/18/2011 The Union Bar And Grill - Athens, OH
5/19/2011 Bug Jar - Rochester, NY
5/20/2011 Embassy Vinyl - Scranton, PA
5/26/2011 The Met - Pawtucket, RI w/ Mission Of Burma

Stay tuned for more tour updates and even more big news on THE BODY and their ongoing campaign of world domination in the coming weeks.

Samael "Lux Mundi" New Public Set!

Nuclear Blast Records just uploaded a new public set Samael - Lux Mundi check it out below.

  Samael - Lux Mundi by NuclearBlastRecords