Thursday, June 30, 2011

CATHEXIA "Thanks God for the Suffering"

      CATHEXIA is a Death Metal band with influences from bands like SUFFOCATION, ENTOMBED, BLOODBATH and other classic an modern Death Metal bands, which emerges at the end of 2007 in Navia (Asturias/ Spain). They started with three members and after a few changes, in the summer of 2008, the current 5 members are consolidated: Javi (guitar), Gudin (guitar), Noé (bass), Pablo (Drums) and Isaac (vocals). 

      The band starts performing concerts at the end of 2008 and it’s at the beginning of 2009 when they record a demo with three songs entitled "Eyes that Look Back", which shows the kind of music the intend to make. In the summer of 2009 they win the 1st NoiseSuena Demo contest and in the beginning of 2010 they record their first album "Thanks God for the Suffering", produced by Pub Noise and Jagermeister and distributed by KTC Domestic Productions and Threepoint Records. Nowadays, CATHEXIA goes on performing and looking for new dates to make themselves better known...

1. Prayers 
2. Sign of Memory
3. Will Make me Kill
4. Misery Reigns
5. Remembering Pain and Suffering
6. Don't Mind your Death 
7. Inhuman Suffocation
8. Burnt by Radiation 
9. An Infected

Kaaos Zine Streaming The Entire New Album From Denmark’s The Cleansing “Feeding the Inevitable”!

This week Finland’s Kaaos Zine is streaming the new album from Denmark’s The Cleansing in its entirety.

Issued last month by Deepsend Records, “Feeding the Inevitable” is a massive step forward in terms of songwriting and execution and looks to be one of the most outstanding releases in death metal this year.

To check out “Feeding the Inevitable” via Kaaos Zine, point your browser HERE.

"Feeding The Inevitable" can be ordered through Deepsend | CM Distro | Target (DK)

"Feeding The Inevitable" track listing:

01. The Promethean Promise
02. Third Eye Starring
03. Your Flesh, Your Curse
04. A Cheating Progression
05. Hour Of Decadence
06. Processed For Contamination
07. Law Of Reciprocity
08. Two Days
09. Crossroads
Toke Eld: Vocals
Jeppe Hasseriis: Guitar
Andreas Lynge: Guitar
Mads Haarløv: Bass
Morten Løwe Sørensen: Drums
Album Notes:

Recorded at CB StudiosEarplug Studios and The Crypt, 2010 | Mixed at CB Studios byChristian Bonde and The Cleansing

Mastered at Cutting Room Studios by Björn Engelmann | Guest vocals on "Crossroads" byMartin Leth Andersen
All music by Hasseriis / Lynge | Lyrics by Eld | Leads by LyngeLayout by Hasseriis | Illustrations by Remy C / Headsplit Design | Photos by Pia Ry /