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"HOLY FUCKING ANTIChristmas 2011 compilation" scheduled for early December

Carrying on the tradition that it started in 2008, Norway’s  Misantrof ANTIRecords has for the consecutive fourth year, the release of the “antiChristmas compilation 2011.

The release more fun, devilish and anticipated of the year "HOLY FUCKING ANTIChristmas 2011 compilation" is scheduled for early December. Is expected  a  new work truly amazing, from a reliable source HeavyHardMetalmania knew that all the bands that will be part of this compilation are recording exclusive tracks for this purpose.

While you're waiting asks your passport to hell, take a look at the third edition with 15 bands and 55 minutes of free music.

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CARPATHIAN FOREST bassist Daniel Vrangsinn, who founded Misantrof in 2007, heads what he calls the “antilabel, which he set up as an alternative way for bands to release music.  By making Misantrof entirely non-profit and allowing the bands to keep all the rights to their music and control all decisions regarding their releases, he has offered bands a viable alternative to the established labels, especially at time when few, if any, are willing to take risks with new bands.  Regarding the ANTIChristmas albums,Vrangsinn explains, “Christmas has now lost whatever religious significance it had to all but a small handful of people, and it has become an orgy of exploitation where everyone is encouraged to spend money they probably don’t have.  We just want to give everyone something for free, and hopefully at the same time make people sit back and realise that there are ways to have fun that do not require vast sums of money.  All the bands featured have allowed us to use their music for free, even paying their own studio costs - it’s a 55 minutes reality check on Christmas, from 15 different artists, and made for pure enjoyment and cost-free self-indulgence”. 

Misantrof Website: 
Enquiries regarding Misantrof: [email protected]net

Forteresse To Unleash Crépuscule d'Octobre On November 22nd Via Sepulchral Productions

After exploring more atmospheric avenues, Forteresse returns to a more traditional and aggressive breed of Black Metal for its fourth album. Resounding as always with a firm "Québécois" identity and filled with the piercing leads and hypnotic riffs that have become the band's trademark, Crépuscule d'Octobre is a new epic chapter in Forteresse's history!

Crépuscule d'Octobre will be available on November 22nd through Sepulchral Productions.There will also be a "Die Hard" edition of the release available. Limited to 100 copies, this edition will come with an exclusive long-sleeved shirt designed by Tony Roberts (pictured below).

Silence d'octobre
Le triomphe des douze
La lame du passé
Mon esprit rôde toujours
Spectres du solstice
Enfants du Lys

Forteresse is :
Athros : Vocals
 Moribond : Guitars, bass
Fiel : Drums, keyboards

Forteresse was born on an irrelevant day of 2006 in the ruins of Montréal. In this age where few remember their ancestors and the honored traditions that have forged La Belle Province, Forteresse's music stand as an hommage to ancient traditions and to all those that long to see the banner of liberty rise at last. PATRIOTIC, EPIC BLACK METAL

BLODARV - Hugin publishes a retrospective of 2011 and an anticipation for 2012

Extreme manager Patricia Thomas has published a blog written by  Blodarv's  Hugin with the content of the year 2011 and looking forward to 2012 the same can be read here or below:

We’re coming to the end of yet another eventful year for BLODARV, and once again, in what we hope will become a tradition, I will take a look back at the achievements, and, it has to be said, mishaps that we went through, and a look forward to the year to come.

 January kicked off 2011 in what looked like a great way.   YNLEBORGAZ was fit and at full power after an enforced rest following knee surgery and once again BLODARV was ready to hit the stage.  Dedicated Booking had already booked us two shows, the first of which took place in Copenhagen at Beta and was a more than successful return to live performing for the band - (photo left by Ravna).

With our second show set to take place at PH-Cafeen in May, disaster unfortunately struck again, and the show had to be cancelled when my jaw, which was already recovering from earlier surgery, was badly broken following an accident.  With some bone needing to be removed from my jaw, recovery from this was obviously not going to happen overnight.  In fact, it took half a year, during which time not only was I unable to sing, but I was also not able to eat anything more exciting than soup.

The time was not entirely wasted however, and despite not being able to rehearse I was still able to start mixing the drum tracks for the next BLODARV full-length album.  I had actually already composed most of the album back in 2010, and all the drums tracks had already been recorded by YNLEBORGAZ in December of that year when he visited my home and studio (HammerArt & Studio’s) on the island of Bornholm.  A few months later we began recording the guitars, and the next step will be to record the bass, for which HUUL will come to the island over several weekends to lay down the bass lines.  And then, of course, it will be time to do the vocals.  All the lyrics have already been written, so an evil guess would be that the next full-length will probably be ready during the first half of 2012.

In between working on the new album, answering interviews, doing layouts for cover art, I was also working at getting my jaw healed again - rehearsing in small amounts alone in the studio, starting with one song in the first week, and gradually adding one extra song week by week, until I was once more fit to do a full live set-list without my jaw falling apart.  The preparation paid off, and at the end of Sept 2011 I was ready to hit the stage again.

We have also, for the last 3 months, been rehearsing with a substitute drummer by the name of FJORGYNN, who will play live session drums for us on those occasions when BLODARV’s live schedule clashes with that of YNLEBORGAZ’s other band ANGANTYR.  Fortunately for us FJORGYNN has turned out to be a superb live drummer for BLODARV, being able to sync with the band both in terms of his personality and his excellent drumming skills.  He will make his first appearance with the band at the Rock in Copenhagen on the 26th November when BLODARV will support ENDSTILLE, which will also be my first time on stage since my injury.

The 16th of September this year saw the release of the split CD “Shadows Of Tragedy” on Self Mutilation Services.  The Limited Edition CD (500 copies only) features BLODARV, GRIMLAIR, NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION, BLACK HATE & ACEDI. The two tracks contributed by BLODARV are both previously unreleased songs written at the same time as the band’s “Civitas Diaboli” album, which was itself released on Self Mutilation Services in 2009.  The first track, “Sharpstone Mountain”, is effectively a prelude to the tal e recounted in the “Blood Red Rocks” track from “Civitas Diaboli”, whilst the second track, “I Hulernes Rige” is a melancholy acoustic song, which gives our female vocalist SATINAE MA a chance to take the lead on vocals.

As if enough hadn’t happened in September, including the offer to release a retrospective compilation, which I will come back to later, I also started to collaborate on the upcoming NÅE Project.  This came about after years of sharing musical ideas and visions with ELENYX (COMBATH).  Actually it’s turned into  something of a Nordic alliance with Norway’s ELENYX, who founded NÅE, and myself being joined on the album by Sweden’s IT (ABRUPTUM, VONDUR, OPTHALAMIA).  The album will be called “Heksevind” and ELENYX herself will work on composition , lyrics, and vocals and play various instruments on the album, whilst I will provide vocals and additional lyrics and IT will participate both musically and with written material.   The exact details of the collaboration will be known as the work progresses.  “Heksevind” will be recorded both at my own HammerArt and Studios on the Danish island of Bornholm and at ELENYX’s own recording facilities in Oslo.

Aside from the positive, we also had some negatives in 2011.  One of them being the release of my side-project SANSÂGER, which should by now have been out as a 7” EP.  As is often the case with these things, there have been some problems in communication between the band and the label, and right now we don’t know exactly when it will be released, but I somehow doubt that will happen this year at this late stage, so you will probably only see this appear in 2012. When it is eventually released, it will be limited to 300 copies, and come with a limited edition shirt and patch.  The EP, to be titled “Laesaabobbainjnj”, explores the thousand year old culture of the Danish island of Bornholm which came to an end at the death of Earl Blod Egil, and was subsequently replaced by Christianity.  Artwork for the release and the vocal recordings were done at HammerArt & Studios.

That about wraps it up for 2011, so what lies ahead for BLODARV in 2012 aside from getting the SANSÂGER 7” EP out?

Well, first of all there is the retrospective compilation CD I touched on earlier.  Around September time, when everything seemed to be happening, I was contacted by a label who wanted to release a BLODARV compilation CD.   I gathered one hours worth of the best tracks from a ten-year period and made a complete cover layout with a 12 page booklet full of photos, drawings, and lyrics.  Unfortunately when it was all ready to be shipped for pressing the “label” admitted it was only interested in releasing it on CDr, and not as a pro CD, which of course was totally out of the question.  We have, since then, spoken to some of the labels we already knew, and knew we could trust, and right now we are working on the last details with a label for this release, and if everything goes to plan the compilation CD, which will carry the title ” A Demon’s Diary” will be released in the first half of 2012

2012 will also mean a lot of hard work for all of us rehearsing the new tracks and making sure they are 110 percent tight and ready to be added to the live setlist.  At the same time that “A Demon’s Diary” is released, we are planning a smaller tour in Denmark together with another band.  It’s all in the planning stage right now so I can’t say too much about it, but if all goes well we will be visiting various venues in Denmark in the spring.  We hope to get a lot of gigs now that we are finally fit enough to hit the road after all the shit both myself and YNLEBORGAZ  had to go through after our operations. We have some new stage-effect machines, and have been working hard to produce a more intense show.  Obviously we are all very eager to get out and reclaim the stages, but only the venues, the fans and the b ookers have a say in this matter.

Most important of course for 2012 is the next BLODARV album which will actually will be the first full-length since “Soulcollector…The thousand Years Tale” LP released by Northern Silence back in 2004.  Between then and now, we have only released the mini albums, “Linaria Amlech” and “Civitas Diaboli”, but now the time is right and we are ready for the next full-length, and I promise it will have been worth the wait! As I mentioned earlier, much of it is already finished, and the final touches will be made during 2012. When exactly  it will be released is harder to say, but I think I should be way off target if it wasn’t released at the end of 2012 on Self Mutilation Services.  During the first month of 2012 we will do the photo-shoots and I will work on the layout for the cover and all that kind of thing. There is always quite a process involved in making an album the way we do, not only because our members have to travel by ship to visit each other, but also due to the fact that we want to do everything ourselves - from recording each track, to mixing, to doing the artwork and the photo-sessions, absolutely everything - and as at least some of you know, such things take time, especially if you take pride in what you create.

Okay, I am sure there are things that I forgot to mention as it’s been a hectic year, but that pretty much sums it up I think, and I would just like to give the biggest of all hails to all our connections, friends, fans, and followers, or whatever it’s all called these days. We’ve got the best ones!

\m/ -Hugin 24 October 2011

Management: Patricia Thomas Band Management

Booking: [email protected]  (through the band) or[email protected] (through our manager)

Booking inside Denmark can also be done through Dedicated Booking.  [email protected]


Century Media just uploaded a new video called ICED EARTH - Dystopia (OFFICIAL VIDEO), taken from the album "Dystopia". Century Media 2011, and can be seen below.

"Dystopia" Tracklist:

 Days of Rage
 Soylent Green
 Boiling Point
 Anguish of Youth
 Iron Will
 Dark City
 End of Innocence
 Tragedy and Triumph

ABALAM Streaming "The River that Burns (In the Dead of Night)

This time U.K. based black metal band ABALAM has posted a song online from the "Digging a Grave for Mankind" release. You can hear the new song "The River that Burns (In the Dead of Night)" through the player below or via the Abalam Facebook page.
Any similarity to Joy Division .... is not pure coincidence! Enjoy...

Blackest Orchid" stream brand new track "Where do I go"

Check out "Blackest Orchid" brand new symphonic Gothic metal track "Where do I go".
All Music written by Blackest Orchid.

A singer/Songwriter, Blackest Orchid combines the sounds of Metal with Classical elements.I am highly influenced by Classical Music, all Metal, Old Vocal Jazz, Blues and Rock.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

ZWARTPLAAG 'Haatstorm'

A pure aggressive and hateful black metal offensive with their typical own style of riffs. After a couple of demos, this debut album confirms Zwartplaag has quickly become one of not many black metal hordes in the Dutch underground that matter.

1. Intro 01:43
2. Forgotten tower of moon 06:41
3. Countess of blood 06:55
4. Nachtkwaad 07:15
5. Last stronghold of eternal hate 07:30
6. Imperial death march 06:30
7. Winds of desecration and lust 06:01
8. Den plaag geleden 07:52
9. Haatstorm 06:31
10. Outro 02:36

Unleashed februari 2010 on cd and tape. "Haatstorm" album tshirt available now too in sizes S to XXL. Front: albumcover, logo, title; back: three photos + text. Click here for a photo.

100 / 100 metal-archives: "Haatstorm has a relentless, ancient, black metal feel that stands in a class of its own, as for example Taake, whereas Zwartplaag does not sound like the Taake horde. Haatstorm presents a new, unique brand of melodic, spine-tingling darkness using buzzing guitars. The epic-sounding lead guitars have not been heard like this since Sacramentum's "Far Away From the Sun," all the way back to 1996, yet Zwartplaag do not sound much like the Sacramentum horde. All the music on Haastorm makes you feel like you are experiencing a mass grave site, as one of the best tracks suggests "Imperial Death March". Every track (except the intro and outro) has memorable riffing and a new, unique, very dark, black metal feel that far surpass everything for the genre. The bass, drums, guitar and vocals perfectly fit together for each track, and create the tightest horde for a debut. Each musician is already one of the best in his class. Only label-mate Cultus, on "A Seat in Vahalla" has any of the special, unique sounds of Haatstorm, yet Zwartplaag do not sound like Cultus. The production is of the highest quality, yet dark black metal rawness strongly comes through the entire CD. A perfect hour long LP that you will not get tired of."

Septic Flesh Live @ Effenaar Eindhoven Full concert

Below can be seen the video Septic Flesh Live @ Effenaar Eindhoven Netherlands on october 26th 2011, supporting As I Lay Dying and Amon Amarth.

Full concert @ ovd806 channel as usual. Support the band! Don't (just) download: buy their CD's and merchandise. We did, so now it's your turn!

Murw “Kanker”

It has been said often about Murw that their songwriting and compositions were extraordinary; the potential was clearly there; it was just that not many people appreciated the unpolished and raw self-production of their previous material. Personally, a lo-fi production never bothers me.

However, the band decided to experiment and recorded this new album "Kanker" in a well known studio in Austria, and had it mastered in Slovenia. You can expect a heavy yet very clear sound. Production-wise, the album may appeal to a larger audience. However, do not fear their typical nonconformist songwriting and melodies have been replaced with artificiality, sing-a-long choruses and top 40 song structures. This is not an easy-listening pop metal album. The clear production reveals only little of the many layers of sick melodies, virtuoso playing and psychedelica. With this new level of production, combined with their ever genius songwriting and progressive and technical compositions, the future is theirs. Material here is very diverse, as we know Murw at their best. Expect to be sucked in four deranged songs that will wipe your happiness away like snow before the sun, and let their twists elevate you from total despair and disappointment, into delirium, and then transcend you into the laughing outsider. Because let's be honest, in this nowadays scene there are hardly any original and innovative bands left. Everyone wants to fit in some sub genre, its image and its scene. Not many bands write for the sake of themselves exclusively. If you are prepared to be amazed, add this album to your collection. You will not find any modern stoner or hippie influences on this album. A comparison to this album is impossible; just as all previous material from Murw, no two tracks are alike and all passages are highly unique and intelligent. However, to give you an idea, the material here matches with the best songs written by Esoteric, Mournful Congregation, Ved Buens Ende, old Paradise Lost, etc.

This time, all lyrics are included as well, giving a more than bleak insight to their hope-less and detached motivations, confronting you with personal mourning and disappointments.

Heidens Hart 2011
1. Kanker 7:38
2. Als sneeuw voor de zon 11:46
3. De buitenstaander 7:38
4. Artificiality 10:38

Recorded and mixed at Vato Loco by M. Schirenc, August 2010. All music, lyrics and drawings by F. Kerkhoff.
Line-up on this recording:
• F. Kerkhoff: guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards
• R. Duijndam: vocals, bass
• P. Civikov: drums
Additional vocals on 'Artificiality' by miss A. Lenders

Heidens Hart