Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LVCIFYRE`s The Calling Depths

London chaos-horde LVCIFYRE unleashes the debut Death Metal beast entitled “The Calling Depths”, reigning supreme as possibly one of 2011's sickest album of the year. Featuring current and ex-members of Adorior, Corpus Christii and Necrosadist, LVCIFYRE is without doubt a manifestation of pure evil permeated with demonic, dissonant Death Metal sophistication at best!

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Poland's Factory Studio and with the album artwork and layout by fiendish art illustrator Alexander L. Brown (Mitochondrion, Corpsessed, Witchrist, Wodensthrone, etc), “The Calling Depths” displays a healthy slab of unfeeling riff-decimation and tastefully deformed the Death Metal genre into the most horrific and spine-tingling euphonic assault to the ears. The diabolical occult of the Ancient Ones is once again omnipotent!

Lvcifyre was invoked in late 2007 by T. Kaos (guitars/vocals) and T. Slutsodomizer (guitars), both involved in the death-breath erection of Adorior.
A few months into existence, Lvcifyre welcomes S.Bonewhipper (of Wichtmaster and Devilyn fame) on the drums. 2008 sees Alex (The One and Razor of Occam) join forces on bass.
Lvcifyre raise a black flag salute to the ancient powers of Chaos! Our creation is a scream heard in the deep abyss.
In October 2008, darkness is made flesh as Lvcifyre enter BST Studio in Paris to record two songs for the first EP titled "Dying Light ov God", released by Blood Harvest Records.
Shortly thereafter the band started experiencing line-up issues, and in 2009 Lvcifyre welcomed Menthor – of Corpus Christii fame, in his capacity as blastbeat conjuror. Cultus and his axe bass supported the Lvcifyre forces in 2010. In 2011, Lvcifyre welcomes A. Dictator on the second axe.
In July 2010, darkness was made flesh - Lvcifyre entered the Factory Studio (Poland) and together with Janusz Bryt (responsible for sound production), the band captured “The Calling Depths”. The band's first full-length will be released in June 2011 by Blood Harvest and Pulverised Records.
Lvcifyre is a flesh of Liberation in Honour of the Ancient...

LvcifyreThe Calling Depths
Pulverised RecordsRelease: 2 January

Mortal Sin - Blood Of My Enemies (New Video 2011)

The Australian thrashers Mortal Sin has released a new video to promote her latest work, Psychology of Death. The song chosen was Blood Of My Enemies and can be seen below.

See tracklist of Psychology of Death:

01. Psychology Of Death
02. Blood Of My Enemies
03. Paralysed
04. Burned Into Your Soul
05. Deny
06. Doomed To Annihilation
07. Kingdom Of Pain
08. Down In The Pit
09. Hatred

Bônus CD - Mayhemic Destruction:

01. The Curse
02. Woman In Leather
03. Lebanon
04. Liar
05. Blood, Death, Hatred
06. Mortal Slaughter
07. Into The Fire
08. Mayhemic Destruction

Echoes Of Eternity - Ten Of Swords (New Video 2011)

Ten Of Swords, the new video from Los Angeles female-fronted progressive metallers ECHOES OF ETERNITY, can be seen below.

As Shadows Burn track listing:

01. Ten Of Swords
02. A Veiled Horizon
03. Memories Of Blood And Gold
04. The Scarlet Embrace
05. Descent Of A Blackened Soul
06. Twilight Fires
07. Buried Beneath A Thousand Dreams
08. Letalis Deus
09. Funeral In The Sky

HEIRS: Somber Post-Doom Unit Releases New EP And Video

Melbourne, Australia's avant-garde post-doom quartet HEIRS will unleash their newest release stateside next week, in the form of the Hunter EP. Picking up where their 2010-released Fowl full-length left off, the new three-song mini-release takes it's time permeating your psyche with nearly 25 minutes of even more mellow and somber passages, leading off with two original tracks and closing out the release with an extensive Sisters of Mercy cover track.

Hunter will be officially released on CD, 10" wax and digital download in North America on Tuesday, December 6th via HEIRS' own Denovali Records, bearing new stateside distro via Nail Distribution.

This week the band have posted a brand new video for the title track to the EP. Check out "Hunter" and more on HEIRS and the new EP at this location.

Hunter EP Track Listing:
1. Hunter
2. Symptom
3. Never Land (originally recorded by Sisters of Mercy)

Stay tuned for more updates on the band as they plan more live actions and more throughout the new year.

THE DEVIL'S BLOOD To Unveil The Thousandfold Epicentre Video Teaser Series

Occult rock legion THE DEVIL'S BLOOD will be releasing a series of video teasers leading up to the release of their upcoming full-length, The Thousandfold Epicentre. Each week a new teaser will be viewable via the band's official Metal Blade landing page. To start, check out the art teaser clip for the title track at THIS LOCATION.

Metal Blade Records recently announced its union with the eclectic rock ensemble and will unleash The Thousandfold Epicentre in North America on January 17, 2012. The record offers up 11 tracks produced with the help of Pieter Kloos at Void Studios (Eindhoven, The Netherlands).

The myriad of influences, both artistically and spiritually, that creates the overall aesthetic of THE DEVIL'S BLOOD takes the listener into a labyrinth of wondrous amazement and dark realization, using the tradition of rock 'n' roll music as being a mouthpiece for the influence of The Devil to evoke a powerful, sensual and energetic mixture of Musical Theatre and Ritual Practice. Using the power of their written material, which traditionally holds common ground with, for example, '70s hard rock and 60s psychedelia, as a stepping stone, the band moves into complex improvisational drifts that drive, clash, shake and force their way into the subconscious of the listeners while at the same time opening up their senses with the use of fire, blood, incense and other ritualistic ingredients.

Further info on THE DEVIL'S BLOOD to come. Stay tuned....

KYLESA will start 2012 off with a massive European tour!

Still supporting the critically acclaimed "Spiral Shadow", American rockers KYLESA will start 2012 off with a massive European tour, travelling through 16 countries for 6 weeks! Here is the list of gigs:

13 Jan 12 Oberhausen (DE) Kraftwerk in der Turbinenhalle
14 Jan 12 Brussels (BE) Magasin 4
15 Jan 12 Paris (FR) Glazart
16 Jan 12 Montpellier (FR) Secret Place
17 Jan 12 Madrid (ES) Ritmo y Compás
18 Jan 12 Porto (PT) Hard Club
19 Jan 12 Lisboa (PT) Santiago Alquimista
20 Jan 12 Bilbao (ES) Sala Azkena
21 Jan 12 Barcelona (ES) Salamandra 1
22 Jan 12 La Rochelle (FR) La Sirene
24 Jan 12 Zürich (CH) Abart
25 Jan 12 München (DE) Feierwerk
26 Jan 12 Wien (AT) Arena
27 Jan 12 Milano (IT) Lo-Fi
28 Jan 12 Schweinfurt (DE) Alter Stattbahnhof
29 Jan 12 Poznan (PL) Blue Note
30 Jan 12 Berlin (DE) Magnet
31 Jan 12 Hamburg (DE) Logo
02 Feb 12 Tampere (FI) Klubi
03 Feb 12 Helsinki (FI) Nosturi
04 Feb 12 Jyväskylä (FI) Lutakko
06 Feb 12 Stockholm (SE) Lava
08 Feb 12 Trondheim (NO) Klubben
09 Feb 12 Oslo (NO) Blå
10 Feb 12 Bergen (NO) Garage
11 Feb 12 Stavanger (NO) Folken
13 Feb 12 Aarhus (DK) Train
14 Feb 12 Copenhagen (DK) Beta
15 Feb 12 Leipzig (DE) Conne Island
16 Feb 12 Karlsruhe (DE) Jubez
17 Feb 12 Reims (FR) La Cartonnerie
18 Feb 12 Nijmegen (NL) Doornroosje
19 Feb 12 Brighton (UK) The Haunt
20 Feb 12 Birmingham (UK) HMV Institute Temple
21 Feb 12 Leeds (UK) The Well
22 Feb 12 Dublin (IE) Button Factory
23 Feb 12 London (UK) O2 Academy Islington
24 Feb 12 Evreux (FR) L'Abordage
25 Feb 12 Quimper (FR) Les Hivernauts
26 Feb 12 Lille (FR) Aeronef

"Spiral Shadow" is available on Season of Mist's e-shop in various CD and vinyl LP editions.

CYNIC Headlining European Tour

Hot on the wheels of new EP "Carbon-Based Anatomy", Progressive legend CYNIC will embark on a headlining European tour for most of December with opening acts CHIMSPANNER and HYPNOSE.

03 Dec 11 Dublin (IE) The Village
04 Dec 11 Belfast (UK) Limelight
05 Dec 11 London (UK) Relentless Garage
06 Dec 11 Antwerp (BE) Trix
07 Dec 11 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg
08 Dec 11 Paris (FR) Divan du Monde
09 Dec 11 Aarau (CH) Kiff
10 Dec 11 Romagnano Sesia (Novara) (IT) Rock'n'Roll
11 Dec 11 Ljubljana (SI) Gala Hala
12 Dec 11 Wien (AT) Arena
13 Dec 11 Budapest (HU) Club 202
14 Dec 11 Bratislava (SK) Randall
15 Dec 11 Prague (CZ) KD Kyje
16 Dec 11 Berlin (DE) Cassiopeia
17 Dec 11 Osnabrück (DE) Kleine Freiheit
18 Dec 11 Lyngby (DK) Templet
19 Dec 11 Hamburg (DE) Hafenklang
20 Dec 11 Amstelveen (NL) P60
21 Dec 11 Aschaffenburg (DE) Colos Saal

"Carbon-Based Anatomy" is available as limited edition digipak, 10" LP and coloured 10" LP onSeason of Mist's e-shop.

UBUREN the Face of the North

Photographer: Ruben Berle Karlson
Defined as "Raw and Brutal Viking Black Metal" from the roots of the majestic mountains. Uburen was formed in the winter of 2006 and after a long struggle to find the right line-up and sound they ended up with a mutual ideology of resurfacing the Viking folklore. From there they then started to play their music with the mindsetting of Vikings in the midst of the battlefield.

Fast, hard and mercyless; working as a unit with 4 vocals, brutal guitars, Viking horns and all the elements to capture a true feel for the Norwegian scene.

Below can be seen UBUREN`s Visions of Valhall ,  Preview of upcoming EP

Rhythm Guitar: Ask Kjetilson
Bass Guitar: Bior Kjetilson
Lead Guitar: Ravn Sverreson
Drums: Thord Olavson


MOURNFUL CONGREGATION's First Ever American Tour Begins Today

Australian funeral doom deities MOURNFUL CONGREGATION will embark on their first American tour today in Seattle, with support from Aldebaran and Anhedonist on all dates! The tour will wind down the West Coast over the next two weeks, making stops in Oregon, California, Arizona and Texas, including a headlining performance at the upcoming Rites Of Darkness III festival alongside Zemial, Stargazer, Cruciamentum, Pallbearer, Pagan Altar, Weapon and many more. Check out a new feature in Seattle's weekly rag The Stranger to hear the band's thoughts on the tour at this location.

In addition to the major festival appearance for MOURNFUL CONGREGATION the band are also presently riding high on playlists from the incredible response from both fans and media worldwide on their recently released fourth full-length, The Book of Kings, which just claimed spots on year-end/best of 2011 lists for both Decibel Magazine and this week! Serving not only as a pinnacle release for MOURNFUL CONGREGATION dating back through their nearly 20 year history, the album can be considered a landmark release in the extreme doom subgenre as a whole. Consuming nearly 80 minutes of material, The Book of Kings takes the listener on a turbulent journey through both imperial nobility and crestfallen, tarnished hope. The entire opus is presently still streaming at 20 Buck Spin's website here.

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION West Coast U.S. Tour w/ Aldebaran, Anhedonist:
11/30/2011 Highline Bar - Seattle, WA w/ Samothrace
12/01/2011 Rotture - Portland, OR w/ Merkstave
12/02/2011 Alibi - Arcata, CA
12/03/2011 The Metro - Oakland, CA w/ Laudanum, Lycus
12/04/2011 Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco, CA w/ Vastum
12/05/2011 Five Star Bar - Los Angeles, CA w/ Destroy Judas, Harassor, Pendulous
12/06/2011 Yucca Taproom - Tempe, AZ w/ Rituals, Fanapth
12/07/2011 M's Lips Lounge - El Paso, TX w/ Impetuous Ritual, Grave Upheaval, Ritual Necromancy, Satanik Goat Ritual
12/08-11/2011 Rites of Darkness III Festival - San Antonio, TX [info]
12/12/2011 Mohawk - Austin, TX w/ Cruciamentum, Pallbearer, Ritual Necromancy [noAldebaran]

"In time for 2012, the soundtrack to the apocalypse has been released." - Decibel

"Funeral doom services are meant to provide comfort: a suitable ambiance for morose contemplation, a perfect cathedral in which to worship." - Chronicles Of Chaos

"Their Chopin-meets-Wagner sense of harmonic construction and melodrama sets them apart from the rest of the normally dull and uninspired genre of funeral doom metal." - The Inarguable

"...over 70 minutes of majestically depressive music that is perfectly composed to transmit depressive emotions into the listener." - Infernal Masquerade

"...the perfect soundtrack for the depressive autumn season this time of year; this is really music you can lose yourself in." - Sea Of Tranquility

OLD SILVER KEY Posted New Music Video "Burnt Letters"

OLD SILVER KEY, the new band consisting of four DRUDKH members plus French musician Neige (ALCEST, AMESOEURS) on vocals, released their debut album "Tales of Wanderings" this September.

To back up this ethereal collection of songs, the band entrusted another French artist to design a video clip for the song "Burnt Letters". This artist is none other than Fursy Teyssier (LES DISCRETS), who once again created a pure jewel of animation. Watch the video on Season of Mist's YouTube channel.

"Tales of Wanderings" is available on Season of Mist's e-shop in CD Digipak or LP + download card format.

Music Video - NOCTEM Uploaded "The Arrival Of The False Gods"

Spain's Noctem has uploaded a new  video online for the song "The Arrival of the False Gods," taken from the "Oblivion" album (Rising Records / Metalblade 2011). The clip was directed by Henry Menacho Sangama of Kronik Productions and can be seen below.

LIV KRISTINE a special concert: "One night with LIV KRISTINE"

LIV KRISTINE will play a special concert in december: "One night with LIV KRISTINE"!

LIV KRISTINE'S musical achievements are numerous, e.g. a Grammy nomination (2005), repetitive hits in the charts, moreover, singing the title tracks for the popular TV series Tatort and Schimanski. Her latest releases prove her great musical influence. Through highly intellectual song-writing she is able to evoke a special feeling in the listeners, like e.g. walking bare-feet on a path through the forest, let snow melt in your hands, or the feeling of luke-warm summer rain on your skin, just to live that very moment. The music will change you: It opens up your eyes and makes you want to live your life more intensively, whatever life may bring along.

At the event "One night with LIV KRISTINE" you will experience the Norwegian outstanding female singer presenting a row of her own songs and special cover songs from her own career (solo, Leaves' Eyes & Theatre of Tragedy) acoustically. Last but least you will get the chance to listen to new, unreleased material, which will be highly interesting for both fans and any curious music lover.

Zillo presents:

02.12.2011 NAGOLD / Alte Seminarturnhalle


Says Liv:

Autumn greetings from Mastersound Studio!
Dear Fans & Friends,

Autumn greetings from Mastersound Studio!

I am very happy to announce that we are in the middle of the production of my fourth solo album, working together with J.B., who is a great inspiration to me. The mood of this season with its amazing colours and warm light fits perfectly to my up-coming release. "Libertine" will be the title of one of the tracks, as well as one of the songs I will play live in Nagold, Germany, at my solo concert 02.12.2011.

Hope to see you there for a special concert and a nice chat!