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Interview with Queen Dementia

Formed in late 2009, Queen Dementia has rocked audiences from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys participating in notable shows such as Kryptonite Metalfest, Xtreme Annual Music Festival, and Femme Fest. "Queen Dementia is getting rave reviews as a creative metal band"-Florida Rock Stars and successfully have made a name for themselves in the local South Florida scene. With the latest addition of Jav on drums, the band has positioned itself to establish a footprint beyond hometown boundaries. Queen Dementia is female fronted, melodic metal at its best.

Nuno Ribeiro - Hi Band, introduce yourself to the readers of HeavyHardMetalmania...
Alanna: I'm Queen Lana, Vocalist and bassist of Queen Dementia.
Joseph: Joseph Guitars, been playing for 20 years, really long hair.
Jav: I am Jav (Have) Queen Dementia adopted BamBam.  

NR…"Queen Dementia offers a sound that's aggressively passionate, soulful  and intelligent, yet beautiful. Best known for which creating a unique sound stems from a myriad of musical influence ..."
I read somewhere that Queen Dementia presents with a mixture of styles within the metal (Melodic | Nu | Stoner), as well as rock and alternative, what seems right to me, but what strikes me is that the background style that  immediately jumps to the first impression is the Gothic Metal, what do you think?  
Joseph: I don’t want to pigeonhole this band into just one category, I think that the music reflects various levels of emotions whereas the music can be interpreted in many different ways.  
Alanna: And just for the record, we are not "stoners". I think we synthesize several components of different style, which makes us unique.
Jav: It is a very interesting category to put us in. This is something that we discuss among us. I guess the fans will decide where we fit the best in their own taste of music. 

NR - What are the influences that you have suffered as individuals first and then as a band? Explain to us precisely these influences and in what ways they resonate more!
Joseph: There are many key elements that makes my sound unique, I’ve been influenced by Nirvana Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and I’m still influenced by more than just music, influence comes from people, conversations and attitude. Not much pain and suffering on my behalf. 
Alanna: Suffering is relative. As a lyricist and musician, I speak from my heart, yet often in an abstract fashion. I am inspired by life and human consciousness. My musical influences range from Maynard Keenan to PJ Harvey and Sarah McLaughlin.
Jav: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Metallica big influences in my life. Iron Maiden made me the drummer I am. But besides that, I try to speak through my drums with the help of Queen Lana's voice delivering a wave of rhythmic messages showing how the 3 of us connect into that unique sound that the fans are getting to recognize.

NR - Formed in 2009 Queen Dementia immediately shook the Florida metal scene, participating in major events like the Kryptonite Metalfest, Xtreme Annual Music Festival, Pedal to the Metal and Femme Fest ", etc.. However with the dissemination mechanisms at our disposal this seems to me manifestly "insignificant." The today´s world is our home ... Almost all the bands have fans in the "four corners" of the world. You "dream" for example with Europe? Or don´t you think so for high-flying for now? 
Joseph: The main goal is to bring the music to a larger audience, I’m proud of the many different opportunities that have come our way and the many different shows we have played. Its important to greet every opportunity of equal value, because no matter where you play you always want to be at your best!  
Alanna: This is clearly the tip of the iceberg. In America, rock culture has changed in recent years and female vocals coupled with metal styled music is wildly more popular in other parts of the globe, with few exceptions. It's all about exposure at this point; going global. 
Jav: I agree. Europe will be an amazing experience.

NR - The "suy generis" name Queen Dementia leads us immediately to the field of the individual who had the healthy intellectual development and that the loss or cognitive impairment in a partial or complete, permanent or temporary and sporadic.This name was chosen randomly or on some pretext?
Joseph: The name comes from a lyric in our song “Brainchild Amnesia,” I suggested it as a band name to Alanna and the more we said the words it was just perfect. The name encompasses the word Queen “a strong female presence” and the word Dementia can be used as a metaphor. 
Alanna: I wrote the lyric and Joe thought it sounded metal. It was directly meaningful in the song as a metaphor, but does not have the same meaning for band representation. It means: a person that loses their way and forgets their original purpose and becomes blinded by things such as power, materialism, or a self-serving end.
Jav: :)

NR - The lyrics of the demo presentation of the Queen Dementia, presents a somewhat abstract, or some ... "dementia”... Where to you find the inspiration for the lyrics? “An exorcism of the demons”? The lyrics are embedded in music or the music is embedded in the lyrics?
Alanna: My lyrics speak to the human condition,  human emotions, loss, politics, religion, cries of the soul, and the trials and tribulations of daily life and in an abstract fashion. Some of them are personal.

NR - Now explains to us the message of the themes present in the demo 
Brainchild Amnesia
Alanna: This song exemplifies a politician, specifically, that forgets their original purpose and becomes blinded by things such as power, materialism, or a self-serving end.


Domino Effect
Alanna: In a world where it often times seems we are "alone", humans often tend to take this to an extreme level where they will go to any lengths and plow through anyone or step on heads to get what they want or think they need. It is a human misconception. We are all one, from one source and cannot survive without one another.  


War of the Worlds
Alanna: This song is about the conflict of living dual lives, where youdo the things you must do to survive, but all the while you are longing to live the life that you know you were meant for; a life doing what you know you were meant to do. This can create a deep inner conflict, thus a war of the worlds. 


Alanna: I hope this helps make sense of the lyrics. 

NR - At this time you have a new song "Condemned" ....  2012 is the release year of the full length? 
Joseph: We are hoping to release a full lenth CD this year, “Condemned” is just the beginning of a long list our songs we have wrote. 
Alanna: 2012 is going to be a busy year! I would love it if we could get a full-length album out there. I think it's time. 
Jav: According to the Mayan Prophecies "Queen Dementia" is going to make a full-length album for the blessings of the "mighty judges" :p

NR - I can only thank you for your disponibility, wish you a lot of "dementia" in the future work and gigs. In HHM  "Queen Dementia" have the doors always open ... coming back!

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