Saturday, August 4, 2012

NOVA ART: "The 3rd Step" street date & stream for “Me Against The Music”

Nova Art is back after their past releases, “The Art Of Nova” (2005) and “Follow Yourself” (2009) now we finally are able to listen their new work “The 3rd Step”.

This progressive metal band formed by Andrey Nova in 2000 was born in Moscow, Russia and due to their excellence, hard-work, great performances and most of all their brilliance in the construction of well played metal, they saw their name getting bigger and now without a doubt their music remains in the altar of metal of Russia and they are yet to grow more in Europe.

To hear Nova Art is in the less a exciting experience, few are the bands that can keep us caught up in the all album, since the first track until the last, but Nova Art can, they are intellectually breathtaking, the progression of their work is unpredictable, all the instruments converge to a orgasmic story with different sounds synchronized perfectly, the keyboard passages throughout the music are stunning, vibrating and give texture and atmosphere to the music, the guitar heavy as hell but with a beautiful clean distortion very similar to John Petrucci´s guitar sound, the bass acts like the connecting link between all the work, with strong character and with imposing lines, and the drums are impressively worked out and fit in perfect harmony in this 5 man metal orchestra.

The 3rd Step” was self released in the web (31, July 2012), the street date of the release is 6th, August.

First of all I would like to make a comment about a specific track in this new album, track nº5 “Me Against The Music” (Britney Spears ft. Madonna cover), as you can see Nova Art risked to cover a song from a pop star hated and mocked by many in the metal society, surely there will be those who will not like the idea of hearing a modified pop song into a metal construction but this only shows that Nova Art are open minded and great musicians, the Britney music suffered a 180 degrees change and it worked very well, we must appreciate and acknowledge their greatness and their message, they are here to stay and to play and fuck the rest and those against them.

This new work is well balanced, strong and beautiful the music flows in a very natural way it contains 6 tracks (2 of them are covers), it starts with “Black Harmony” the beginning of the tale, with a heavy, powerful, blasting, mighty sound passing to “No More Pain”, first we are drawn to the calm but after the first minute the quietness is disturbed and we are back to the heavy sound and this process is repeated along the music with a complex taste, then it’s time for “You, The Only”, a very melodic song, very alternative, with the presence of hard rock, we can almost savor perfect circle in this song, the 4th track is “My Beloved Hate” and the passages of this song are extremely well constructed, the voice of Nova is dark, the guitar is complex almost as Dreamtheater, 5 minutes of pleasure. The track 6 is a cover, “Pacific” (by Zodiac) a very progressive jazzy instrumental cover with the predominance of the keyboard, of course never forgetting the heavy guitar metal phrases .

Reviewed by Pedro Ribeiro

 Black Harmony
No More Pain
You, The Only
My Beloved Hate
Me Against The Music - Britney Spears cover
Pacific - Zodiac cover

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