Friday, October 12, 2012

Abyss Records Unleashes ERUPTED's In the Grip of Chaos Today

In the Grip of Chaos, the debut full-length from Swedeath upstarts ERUPTED is out now on Abyss Records.

The album was recorded at Kloster Productions by Robin ''Rojne'' Svensson, who worked with the band on their sold-out 2010 Faces of Death EP. To capture the true essence of the old-school Swedish death metal recordings that influenced their sound, ERUPTED recorded the bass and drum tracks live on analog tape.

Check out for yourself with the debut of the song "Salvation from Below" streaming now at this location

Salvation From Below 
In the Grip of Chaos 
Dark Mistress 
Path of Perdition  
Death of A Depraved Mind 
Blazing Fall of Heaven  
That Which Is Denied Gains Power 
Born of Hate 
Hell Recreated* 
Faces of Death* 
* - From the Faces of Death demo
In the Grip of Chaos is available at

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