Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bagheera: "Drift" available for streaming!

After several months fully dedicated to create an original sound, Bagheera has released a few days ago its debut full-length album, "Drift", thanks to the great help of Hungry Ghosts Productions (Camion, Green Fairy, June Deville...) and Finisterian Dead End Records (Pictured).

Ten straightforward tunes for a fresh mix between metal to hardcore, thrash to grunge with some feelings from death metal by a band from Lausanne (Switzerland), formed at the beginning of 2009, with the aim to play honest, personal and effective music.

Four tracks extracted from "Drift" are available for streaming on Bandcamp page and below.

02.Ad Hoc
04. Rough
05. 80 Years To Learn Nothing
07.Catch Yourself
10.Eins Zwei Die

Get your copy right NOW !

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