Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CAR BOMB: New Album Streaming In Its Entirety Band To Headline Pitchfork’s Show No Mercy Unofficial CMJ Event

w^w^^w^w, the recently issued work of sonic enormity from New York tech metal experimentalists, CAR BOMB, is currently streaming in its entirety at their official BandCamp page. Their first full-length output in five years,w^w^^w^w was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by the band at their own studios in Long Island and Brooklyn, produced by guitarist Greg Kubackiand features guest vocalist Joseph Duplantier of Gojira on “Third Revelation.”

Witness the infectious complexity of w^w^^w^w at THIS LOCATION.

w^w^^w^w Track Listing:
1. The Sentinel
2. Auto-Named
3. Finish It
4. Lower The Blade
5. Garrucha
6. Third Revelation
7. Recursive Patterns
8. Spirit of Poison
9. Magic Bullet
10. Crud
11. This Will Do the Job
12. The Seconds

Said American Aftermath in a 9/10 review of the record: “This self produced record is raw and visceral and will absolutely rip you apart limb from limb… Within the five year gap between Centralia and w^w^^w^wCAR BOMB have perfected their craft and song writing abilities to create an album that quite literally ‘kicks ass.’” Adds Sputnik Music in a 4/5 rating: “This album is supposed to confuse and irritate your senses, be both brutal and yet coherent enough to call it mathcore, all for you to listen to it. Naming this album w^w^^w^w is proof enough of the sensibilities of Car Bomb and the type or record you’ll be getting yourself into. The experience however, is an immensely enjoyable one. Mathcore soaked in sludge is a potent combination that may not be groundbreaking but when done right the way like Car Bomb has here, is highly addictive. Wicked Channel agrees: “This self-produced record is raw, full of hard hitting power chords and a rhythm section that can do that stop and start rhythms without warning. This is not your run of the mill progressive metal or thrash band, this is something truly unique that really has this power that will grab you within seconds, and not let you go till the record ends. This is a violent fuck you burst of middle finger that we desperately need in metal these days… If Refused claimed they were the shape of punk to come, this is the shape of hardcore to come.”

In conjunction with the album’s release, CAR BOMB will headline Pitchfork’s Show No Mercy unofficial CMJ showcase on October 20, 2012 at 285 Kent in Brooklyn. Support will be provided by BatillusPyrrhonPrimitive Weaponsand Theologian as well as some unannounced "special guests." Tickets are on sale NOW.

Often referred to as “double-u click double-u” for short, w^w^^w^w is clearly CAR BOMB’s most ambitious and diverse offering to date. Each track displays the typical chaotic timing that is signature CAR BOMB, yet expresses a clear thematic differentiation to make it its own. Comments guitarist Greg Kubacki, “most people will hear just random noise when listening to this record, but to us it’s all really simple ideas. We’re fascinated by the book Godel Escher Bachby Douglas Hofstadter and we try to make music that is recursive. We try to establish certain themes and then shape and reuse them in different ways to create songs that have common threads within them. Patterns repeat, but not in ways you’d expect. This process creates songs that fans can grasp in one way but maybe can’t grasp in another, and all the time they are swallowing you into a hypnotic and infinite vortex. The influence of M.C. Escher’s (the “Escher” in Godel, Escher, Bach) is also evident in the w^w^^w^w cover artwork which is simply a nauseating spiral of small repeated patterns."

10/20/2012 285 Kent – Brooklyn, NY w/ BatillusPyrrhonPrimitive Weapons, Theologian

CD and vinyl release dates to be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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