Saturday, October 6, 2012

Colombians Thrash Metallers SAGROS streams "Wrath Intense Pain" (Masacre cover)

Cali Valle, Colombia, Thrash Metal Band SAGROS has posted a new track for stream called "Wrath Intense Pain" (Masacre cover). The song appears at the band`s newest album "Anger Blinds the Mind" released January 2012 through Hateworks. Check out below.

01. Anger Blinds the Mind  
02. Inhumanity  
03 Quietud Mortal  
04. For Your Blood  
05. Falsa Victoria  
06. Once Before I Die  
07. The Agony Inside  instrumental
08. Asesinos  
09. Wrath Intense Pain (Masacre cover)

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