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Frostwork`s Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell as Album of the Month

DAGON by Regina Kozlik aka Dina DarkArt

The item "Album of the Month" starts today, this is a choice that is careful, aims to reward a work, above all, a dream of the soul, a dedication of the body that form a powerful combination that gives finality to an album.

Dagon through Frostwork gives us everything... and asks for nothing in return, only our attention, a little of our time to hear this magnificent work.

Frostwork appears as a solo project founded by Dagon (Heathen Deity, Hecate Enthroned) in 2007 as a way of personal expressionism, after released in 2008 the first demo "The Rites of Winter: The First Storm". Frostwork has now signed with Wodfreca Records to release its debut album 'Lore of Winter - Ealdspell' which will be released on 12th of November.

Summarizing, the item "Album of the Month", Isn`t for those who want it, but for those who deserve it.

After the “The Rites of Winter: The First StormFrostwork, the atmospheric black metal entity, throw us a second wintry tempest “Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell”, that will make us struggle for survival in a remote frozen hell. Dagon brilliance, modesty, passion and hard-work led him to the creation of a truly inspiring work that offers us a journey by his own eyes through icy woods moistened by the mystical, magical and beautiful winter where angry spirits wander deep within and where the skin is torn and hairs grow while howls are heard in a transformation of claws, sharp teeth and ravenous hunger. Frostwork new album is much more than brilliant music, much more than a journey, much more than just a history, “Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell” is a Dagon personal achievement of a higher state in which he communes with nature and his personal beliefs, a way to communicate his feelings, an invocation of images, emotions and the physical world in a complex musical painting that portrays the grace and dark essence of winter. 

The “Lore of Winter: Ealdspell” is nothing less than a book of poetry expelled through voice, divided in chapters. The first part begins with “The Winter Raven” and goes until “When Ravens Claws the Sky”, four songs concentrated in a folklore concept about evoking the winter. “Cast from his Wings” is an acoustic powerful song written by Dagon´s great friend Azrael that captured in a perfect way his friend´s vision. The second section contemplates two songs “Frozen Veins Shed No Blood” and “The Essence of Darkest Winter” and is an ode to the essence of winter and its mysticism, bleak anguish and magic. This second chapter is a stronger and darker composition, less folklore and more bonded to the black metal element; it´s about death, dying alone in the forest, and demonic apparitions roaming in the woods. The third and last section of the album is adapted from one of Dagon´s favorite movie “The Company of Wolves”; it contains the last two songs and it´s focused in Lycanthropy and on the she wolf. All the concepts are well written and disposed in the eight track release and form a story that gives life to Dagon´s imagination.

This artistic piece surpasses in all aspects the first EP; Frostwork had a natural growth and conquered the absences of the first release with the construction of soundscapes in an intense composition of strong ambient melodies, raw guitar phrases and complex vocal works filled with aggression, desperation and sorrow. The highlight in the album is undoubtedly the vocals; the whole work is immersed in an atmosphere of ravishing voices and echoes, beautiful clean chorus and demonic roars with different tones and techniques that give texture and depth to the music. Despite Frostwork being a solo project Dagon had the help of his good friend Damien, a talented engineer, in the recording of the vocals and he could concentrate more in the vocals part which was a gain and contributed to the excellent vocal work.

In a certain way “Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell” is a more matured and complex version of “The Rites of Winter: The First Storm”, the result of a diverse experimenting of sounds, instruments and voice. Frostwork grabbed me since the first day I heard it and suffered a positive evolution since then, now I am certain what Dagon is capable of and I know he can do much more. The inner demon has been calmed again with an epic and brain freeze journey through vast soundscapes. “Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell” has cast its spell on me with an energy I can´t describe, I was enchanted by its cold environment.

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Frostwork - Lore Of Winter - Ealdspell- booklet cover
The Winter Raven
On White Carrion Wings
Cast From His Wings
When Raven Claws the Sky
Frozen Veins Shed No Blood
The Essence Of Darkest Winter
The She Wolf
This Woman Wolf Skin Clad

Frostwork's debut album 'Lore of Winter - Ealdspell' is now available for preorder at the official Wodfreca online shop! Due for release on 12th of November, the first 20 preorders shall receive a FREE Frostwork patch! Limited to 100 copies!

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