Monday, October 15, 2012

Heimdalls Wacht - 'Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal' CD: Out November 01 2012; stream two tracks!

The highly anticipated fifth full length of nostalgic and authentic pagan black metal band Heimdalls Wacht will be released this fall.

The band writes: "From the very heart of old Westphalen - from the darkests forests, the most desolate tunnels and buried pits, the most remote holes and ruins arose a black manifest against the Zeitgeist... Hymns and sounds, that reveal what lurks beneath the seemingly orderly surface - harmonies of oblivion - voices of unreason - memories of long supressed feelings... A cry against the mechanisms of modernity! Diverse, pagan black metal with varied influences as an emotional farewell for that which once was - and never will be again..."

1. Seelenkrieg
2. Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal
3. Unsiälige Kiär
4. Ich bin der Widersacher
5. Geheimbund
6. Der verschüttete Grubenmann
7. Tiwaz - entflammt
8. Die Formulierung des Unformulierten
9. Das Martyrium
10. Ein Ächzen im verlassenen Stollen
11. Exil
12. Alles ist grau

Total playing time is over one hour. The album was recording and finished in both Ragers Elite Studio in Hamm, Germany and Tuianti Studio in The Netherlands.

Recording line-up: Narhemoth, Saruman, Feuerriese, Der Stein, A.P.

Two sample tracks are uploaded for the fans to listen.
Pre-orders are now taken at the labels website.

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