Monday, October 8, 2012

KAMALA Unleashed New Video "Solar Plexus"

São Paulo, Brazil, Thrash Metal band KAMALA has posted a new video for the song "Solar Plexus". The track appears at newest full-length entitled "The Seven Deadly Chakras" which was self-released May 1st, 2012. The video clip can be seen below.

Raphael Olmos (Vocal & Guitar)
Andreas Dehn (Guitar)
Diego Valente (Bass) 
Nicolas Andrade (Drums)

01. Envy
02. Gluttony
03. Root
04. Heart
05. Solar Plexus 
06. Third Eye 
07. Greed 
08. Pride
09. Sloth
10. Sacral
11. Lust
12. Wrath
13. Throat
14. Crown

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