Thursday, October 11, 2012

VON streams "Litanies of Von" (Ritual of The Black Mass Online Exclusive)

Blasphemous Black Metal band VON has posted a online exclusive for the track "Litanies of Von" featuring the voices of VON with very special guests... Legions of Von fans! VON fans from around the world sent in the voices chanting the Litanies in various languages for this unique collaboration. LITANIES OF VON was written by Jason "Venien" Ventura and the lyrics by Jason "Venien" Ventura and Shawn "Goat" Calizo"Litanies of Von" is taken from the upcoming VON debut full length album "Satanic Blood". Check out below.

After more than 20 years, the long overdue official album from legendary cult black metal legion, VON, will make its proper debut on October 31 via Von Records. VON creator, Jason "Venien" Ventura, entered the Von Records studio -- "The Pit" – in Litchfield Park, Arizona to record 19 classic tunes from the band’s incubation period. The end product, Satanic Blood, was produced by Venien, mixed by  Andrew Ragin  at Wall To Wall Recording Studios in Chicago, Illinois and mastered by  John Gray at The Jungle Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona. Satanic Blood will be available in a 12" x 12" 20-page booklet with a mounted CD inside the back cover. The included booklet contains 17 stunningly grim illustrations by Venien as well as full lyric sheets and liner notes. Pre-order Satanic Blood HERE

Coinciding with the mammoth release, The Ritual Of The Black Mass shall commence with the manifestations of VON and the Black Coming of Venien in the flesh on November 9 in Los Angeles, California. Support will come from Sumeria, Icon Of Phobos, Harassor, Ghoulgotha and Maledict. Pre-sale tickets are available for $13.00 at THIS LOCATION. $16.66 day of show. This will sell out.

VON Live Rituals
11/9/2012 The Black Castle - Los Angeles, CA $13.00 pre-sale @

In the servitude mass 
Where the goat cloak runs long and black 
Behind the black eyes 
Let us ride the winds of blood 
For the blood will be spilt 
In ritual 
A feast among the dying 
For the darkness has come 
Lead me to the shining gates of Evisc 
Upon chapel cross 
Stab the lamb 
Slaughter the lamb 
It needs to be spilt 
Spinning in reverse 
Artistic blood 
and bless his soul 
To Satan

Satanic Blood Track Listing:
01. Jesus Stain
02. Devil Pig
03. Venien
04. Release
05. Veadtuck
06. Vennt
07. Evisc
08. Goat Christ
09. Dissection InHuman
10. Chalice of Blood
11. Blood Von
12. Christfire
13. Backskin
14. Watain
15. Blood Angel
16. Lamb
17. Satanic Blood
18. Satan (*Bonus CD Track)
19. Litanies of Von (*Bonus CD Track)
Jason "Venien" Ventura – Vocals/Bass
JGiblete "Lord Giblete" Cuervo – Guitars/Background Vocals
Charlie Fell – Drums

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