Saturday, December 1, 2012

Long live Xanthochroid, long live the king! “Blessed He With Boils” as an Album Of The Month

The selection of album of December was conducted essentially based taking into account factors such as: studio work, sound innovation, composition of each song, the structure of the album, the lyrical theme. In other words, all the hard work, ingenuity and brilliance both in the ability to play music well achieved but also in the capacity to engage the listener in an atmosphere created by a spectacular plot of an perfectly balanced and organized album. Without further delay…

The term “Cinematic Black Metal” has never been more suitable to a band´s work up until now.  “Blessed He With Boils” the newest Xanthochroid´s creation will give you an epic journey of sounds that you will never forget.

Sam Meador, lead vocalist and keyboardist is the mastermind behind this project and the mind that created a new world seen through Xanthochroid´s performance that made his vision a musical legacy that hardly will fall into obscurity. “Blessed He With Boils” tells the story of distant brothers Ereptor and Thanos of the world of Etymos (birthplace of Xanthos and the other Relics, and the home to the realms of Erthe, Axen, Septentria, Meridia, Incultus, and many more).They are heirs of a deceased king and Thanos struggles to expel Ereptor who treacherously ascended the throne. 

Xanthochroid is the true “Cinematic Black Metal” with every sense of the words and one of the rare musical groups that elevates their music to a higher level through a phenomenal and complex composition of black metal that progresses with various influences and gives life to a cinematic scenario almost like an opera with a combination of instruments, chants and an intense and mind-blowing plot. Their music is chilling and shivers your spine with grand and deep melodies delicately expelled by several instruments that are always beautiful and stunning, with intense choirs and chants creating the fantastic atmosphere of the history told, and other times their music is a powerful demon unleashing terror in the world of Etymos with compositions of frantic, fast and roaring pure metal. 

The songs are written from both characters` perspectives juxtaposed with narrative choral interjections throughout. The ideas of the story not always follow an expected course in the album natural development and sometimes flow back and forth between the songs, between the instruments and voices. It will be difficult to comprehend or assume the concept at first but after a few examinations you will be immersed in this magnificent album and you will find yourself replaying the same song more than ten times to be able to find new meanings and capture the musical scenario. 

Like I said before Xanthochroid´s metal has a vast range of influences despite always remaining focused on the real essence of black metal and assuming what one might call “Epic Black Metal” and “Cinematic Black Metal”. Epic and Cinematic metal are genres that remain united or at least collaborate in perfection together for sharing in common the impressiveness of well structured, organized and played soundscapes and for embracing several sub-genres of metal. 

Hereupon is easy to understand the epicness of Xanthochroid´s music. 
With music they conceived an experience that takes the listener through his own imagination and the imagination of the creator. “Blessed He With Boils” is beyond question my choice to the album of the month and deserves it undoubtedly for being so creative, for making a history that is almost like watching a movie through music and for being so epic. 
Long live Xanthochroid´s, long live the king!

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At last, I have arrived
My tired eyes survey this 
Cancerous growth

A festering pool of worms
Sickening to behold
Reminding me of what was,
And what becomes of buried dreams

Of reasons, I have but one
To rid myself of pain
Shrouded in black fog
I am beyond death
“For those who seek pleasure and power,
I'll make you beautiful
Beyond your wildest dreams

For I am he; 
The one said born of the gods

But I must ask no less a price
To dwell in you”

I, relinquish body, mind, and soul
My leprous skin and broken spirit

I, long to see myself through your eyes
Not with compassion but disgust

Welcome, Death.
I lay my mind to rest
My faults I do detest
At last, I fall

“For those who seek pleasure and power,
I'll make you beautiful
Beyond your wildest dreams

For I am he; 
The one said born of the gods,
Long live our king”

Here I'll stay
I shall remain
The air is warm,
The water sweet to drink

And here I'll stay
I shall remain
This wondrous Sound
Envelops me
1. Aquatic Deathgate Existence 03:00 
2. Blessed He with Boils 07:29 
3. Winter's End 05:01 
4. Long Live Our Lifeless King 08:57
5. Deus Absconditus: Part I 04:00
6. Deus Absconditus: Part II 05:36
7. The Leper's Prospect 05:51
8. In Putris Stagnum 06:27
9. Here I'll Stay 02:39
10. Rebirth of an Old Nation 09:00

Blessed He With Boils was recorded and mixed by Matthew Earl from the late months of 2011 to the end of 2012 at Erthe and Axen Studios in California. The album was mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Release date is set for December, 21 2012.

Recently the band released a new video teaser revealing clips of their upcoming release, "Blessed He With Boils". Check it out below.

FREE SHOW!!! Xanthochroid will play on Monday December 10th with Vengeance on the Condemned to Suffer Tour! Tickets are FREE, Xanthochroid is playing, new songs off of the album, Be There Or Be Square!

Xanthochroid are:
Sam Meador - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals 
Matthew Earl - Drums and Percussion, Flute 
Brent Vallefuoco - Guitars 
David Bodenhoefer - Guitars 
Bryan Huizenga -Bass


  1. Wonderful concepts, Amazing music, Kickass review

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