Friday, December 28, 2012

Void of Sleep`s “Tales Between Reality and Madness” as an album of the month! Exclusive Streaming of "Blood on my Hands"

Void of Sleep
Prepare yourself for the new year of 2013, wash your sins or not, open your mind or remain the same, make different choices or follow the same old path, pursue your goals or don´t look for something new… get up, drink your coffee, go to work, return home, listen to the same music again and again, go to bed and do it all over again or you can just even if only for a few minutes kick the routine in the ass with new Void of Sleep album “Tales Between Reality and Madness” a crazy and massive full-length in berserk mode!

Italians don´t cease to amaze me with their music legacy, that magnificent country shapes more and more sonic bursts to all tastes and ages. The quartet arose from the beautiful Ravenna in 2010 to the will of Gale (guitar/chorus) also the founder of the now-dead Conspiracy A.D., to complete the new band Gale recruited Allo (drums) already playing in Conspiracy A.D. and Paso (bass) guitar player for Buattitime and well-known producer and owner of the Studio73 and ex- Fear Studio. After some months of rehearsing without a singer Burdo (vocals and guitar) joins the band and so are born Void of Sleep. They began to attract attention with the release of a three-songs promo EP called “Giants & Killers EP” that gave them positive feedback and know they´ve returned with a giant work with 45 minutes of exploding metal.

When I saw the description of the band in facebook I couldn’t help a smile… it says: “Sounds like a shot of whiskey and LSD straight down your throat! …it´s like a deep abyss… where thoughts, sounds, dreams and will remains caged in a hollow corner of your brain, in a dark place… a sort of “coma” where there is no way out!”  Well… I don´t really know what is like to be under the influence of LSD, surely it´s a heavy and fucked up trip, a sort of psychedelic dream that abstracts you from reality but one thing I sure know is that Void of Sleep music is an intense drug inducing my brain on a good trip between reality and madness that keeps me alive and aware and yet in a deep sleep of lunacy.

There’s something very comfortable and rewarding growing inside of me when I’m listening to music that makes me take a leap in time, music influenced by the grand bands of the past who continue to inspire in our intimate our fears, strengths, craziness, happiness, infirmities, defiance, dislikes, all the feelings that make us beings passionate about the strong emotions that music makes us feel. Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Venom, Pantera, Motorhead, Tool, Mastodon, Neurosis are some of the bands that you can listen when you immerse your mind in Void of Sleep but don´t take my words as certain as the certainty of this band being so unique and powerfully refreshing. No… they stand apart from all that already has been heard and hit you like a hurricane with a mighty blend of styles (stoner, sludge, 70´s rock, progressive rock and psychedelic) that give a new flavor to be savored, a new experience to the metal adept.

What comes to mind when each note violently rape your ears is that underground and old school basement warmth that boosts your energy level to the maximum while you headbang in a crazy mosh to the sound of psychedelic hard riffs, loud vocals, fast drumming, hallucinating rhythms, doom slowdowns and exotic melodies. “Tales Between Reality and Madness” is an introspective journey inside the four musician´s brain, a real mix of emotions, physicality, personal challenges, influences and inspirations that exudes and explores the darkest corners of the human mind; anger, depression, madness and awareness of the truth, but also oneiric visions and lysergic nightmares.

You can forget Sabbath, you can forget Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, forget about everything you already now! Press the play button! Can you hear this sound? Open your mind! Absorb the imposing music! Consume it! This is Void of Sleep!

1. Blood on my Hands
2. Wisdom of Doom
3. The Great Escape of the Giant Stone Man
4. Lost in the Void
5. Ghost of me
6. Mirror Soul Sickness
7. Sons of Nothing
After a first Self-Produced EP in 2011, the four hit again the Studio73 during the summer of 2012 to record this masterpiece. The debut album "Tales between Reality and Madness" will be released 21st of January 2013 through Aural Music on cd digipack and digital download.

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