Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Godsmack: "Come Togethe" New Video Released

Boston-based hard rockers Godsmack have just posted the official music video for their cover of The Beatles "Come Together," and second single from the new live album Live & Inspired.

The track "Come Together," comes of the CD2, Live & Inspired, CD2 also features covers of Metallica "Nothing Else Matters,"Pink Floyd "Time" and more.

CD1 contains 13 songs recorded live at the Fox Theatre, Detroit Michigan in 2007.

PILGRIM Kick Off Tour With Mares Of Thrace And Primitive Weapons Tonight

Rhode Island’s doom-doers PILGRIM will kick off a short but punishing run of tour dates tonight with Calgary’s metallic sludgesters Mares Of Thrace and Brooklyn metallic hardcore outfit Primitive Weapons. The festivities will commence in Boston and plunder its way through the Northeastern and Midwest US.

Comments PILGRIM guitarist/vocalist The Wizard “Getting back out on the road excites us in ways no voluptuous wench or black grimoire of spells ever could. The time has come to quest the Eastern roads and spread our misery once again, to places familiar and new. Astaroth be praised.”

In addition, PILGRIM will be headlining this year’s edition of The Stoner Hands of Doom Fest, one of the premier annual gatherings for underground heavy/stoner/doom music in North America. Set to take place August 30 through September 2 at El n Gee Club in New London, Connecticut, PILGRIM will appear alongside the likes of Earthride, Revelation, When The Deadbolt Breaks and more.

PILGRIM Confirmed Tour Dates
w/ Mares Of Thrace, Primitive Weapons
7/31/2012 O’Briens – Boston, MA
8/01/2012 Columbus Club – North Providence, RI
8/02/2012 Cherry St. Station – Wallingford, CT
8/03/2012 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY
8/04/2012 Broadway Bar – Amityville, NY
8/05/2012 Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
8/06/2012 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
8/07/2012 The Depot – York, PA
8/08/2012 Pirates Cove – Cleveland, OH
8/09/2012 Ruby Tuesday – Columbus, OH
8/10/2012 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL
8/31/2012 SHoD @ El N Gee Club – New London, CT

PILGRIM come to the Metal Blade roster via Alan Nemtheanga’s imprint, Poison Tongue Records. The doom trio consists of: drummer Krolg Splinterfist, the Slayer of Man, bassist Count Elric the Soothsayer and The Wizard. With a mix of destruction, misery and beauty, these young disciples of doom blend a surprisingly original sword ‘n’ sorcery feel with the classic chest-caving heaviness of the masters, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Reverend Bizarre and Pentagram. Their thick walls of majestically darkened guitar, massive booming bass, and dangerously powerful yet calculated drumming lull listeners into an intense dream-like trance, abducting them to places they never knew were dwelling within their own minds. Commented Pitchfork: “…in a realm where the old-school and the experimental push against one another in an eternally dynamic non-equilibrium, it’s certainly not about who your influences are. It’s, of course, about how you use them. PILGRIM simply have fun with these predecessors, renewing old sounds with the zeal of teenage boys worshiping cheap Sabbath posters on their bedroom walls and the skills of players who’ve been at this for a while. PILGRIM sing about devils and tears, paying dues and surviving adventures, taking care to touch on most of the requisite tropes while not pushing any one too far... This is an excellent debut from a preternaturally developed upstart.”


SOLACE AND STABLE: The Systematic Erosion of Integrity Released on August 31st

Kansas City, MO progressive metalcore bruisers SOLACE AND STABLE will release their sophomore effort The Systematic Erosion of Integrity on August 31. The new album is a more aggressively focused and fast paced endeavor that teeters between chaos and melodic beauty with subtlety and attention to craft.  Mastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, Wretched), The Systematic Erosion Of Integrity is a more polished and aesthetically pleasing experience than their debut Adaptation and the Seclusive Remedy, and surely an evolution of the band's already complex synthesis of sounds. The album will be available on I-Tunes and Amazon. Physical copies will be available for purchase from SOLACE AND STABLE's Big Cartel store at www.solaceandstable.bigcartel.com.   Recommended for fans BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, AUGUST BURNS RED, and SPAWN OF POSSESION. The band is currently seeking a record label. Interested parties should contact [email protected].   

Stream SOLACE AND STABLE music at www.soundcloud.com/solace-and-stable 

The Systematic Erosion Of Integrity 
American Beauty
Alive In Brokenness
Transcending Obstructions
Culture Of Corruption
The Apparatus
The Hollow Present
Design and Deceit
Past Of Persistence
SOLACE AND STABLE is a progressive metal band out of Kansas City, MO, and was founded in 2008 by Gabe Fry (currently guitarist/producer), former member of From the Shallows (Tribunal Records). Originally conceived as a solo project, Gabe sought to craft an equally melodic and heavy sound that would offer a unique combination of such metallic subgenres as death metal and progressive metalcore.  The result was Adaptation and the Seclusive Remedy, SOLACEAND STABLE's debut full length, and it boasted "an unexpected edge of poetry and guitar work that sparked against dark musical undertones" (Zimms Music and Entertainment). Having shared the stage with such live acts as Living Sacrifice, Shai Hulud, War of Ages, Oceano, and Stick to Your Guns, SOLACE AND STABLE continues to increase their exposure within the metal scene. Sam Tennant (vocals), David Muolo (guitar), Bill Amsbaugh (drums), and Josiah Christian (bass) have joined to complete the lineup.

Rap Metallers Hacktivist releases new video "Unlike Us"

London crew, Rap Metallers Hacktivist, has unveiled their new video for the song Unlike Us. You can see it below.

The band says:
"To progress, risk comes before reward, and convention must give way to invention.
In a scene saturated by sound-alike bands, the time has come to evolve or be left behind.

Hardwiring huge, devastating grooves with intelligent and insightful rhyme, Hacktivist are not afraid to split opinion. 
This is a sound to unite - a new way for a new age.

There's safety in numbers, but Hacktivist are carving a path of their own."

Hacktivist are:
J Hurley - Vocals
Ben Marvin - Vocals
Timfy James - Guitar / Electronics / Vocals
Josh Gurner - Bass
Rich Hawking - Drums

General Manager: [email protected]

Khonsu releases new video "The Malady"

Norwegian progressive black metal outfit Khonsu has posted a new music video for the track "The Malady." The song comes off of the band`s debut album "Anomalia." The video was directed by Steffen Gronbech and Christian Falch, and produced by Gammaglimt Videoproduksjoner AS. Check out below.

TESTAMENT Unleashed New Video "Native Blood"

Thrash legends TESTAMENT have posted a new official video for the track "Native Blood" which was directed by Mike Sloat and Produced by Roaring Mouse Productions. The video clip can be seen below. The new album "DARK ROOTS OF EARTH" was released on July 27th (EU) and July 31, 2012 (NA) through Nuclear Blast Records.

Dark Roots of Earth“ Jewel Case CD Track Listing:
01. Rise Up
02. Native Blood
03. Dark Roots Of Earth
04. True American Hate
05. A Day In The Death
06. Cold Embrace
07. Man Kills Mankind
08. Throne Of Thorns
09. Last Stand For Independence

Dark Roots of Earth“ CD/DVD Track Listing:
01. Rise Up
02. Native Blood
03. Dark Roots Of Earth
04. True American Hate
05. A Day In The Death
06. Cold Embrace
07. Man Kills Mankind
08. Throne Of Thorns
09. Last Stand For Independence
10. Dragon Attack (QUEEN cover)
11. Animal Magnetism (SCORPIONS cover)
12. Powerslave (IRON MAIDEN cover)
13. Throne Of Thornes (extended version)
+ Bonus DVD

Dark Roots of Earth“ Vinyl Track Listing:
Side A:
01. Rise Up
02. Native Blood
03. Dark Roots Of Earth
Side B:
04. True American Hate
05. A Day In The Death
06. Cold Embrace
Side C:
07. Man Kills Mankind
08. Throne Of Thorns
09. Last Stand For Independence
Side D (Bonus):
10 Dragon Attack (QUEEN cover)
11 Animal Magnetism (SCORPIONS cover)
12 Powerslave (IRON MAIDEN cover)

SINISTER: "Transylvania (City Of The Damned)" New Song Posted

Dutch, Death Metallers SINISTER have released "Transylvania (City Of The Damned)," a track from the new album, "The Carnage Ending", due out on September 28th by Massacre Records.

The new album was recorded at Soundlodge Studios in Germany with producer Jörg Uken. "The Carnage Ending" follows "Legacy of Ashes", released in 2010.

The band also recorded five covers for a bonus CD included with "The Carnage Ending."

You can listen "Transylvania (City Of The Damned)" below.

The tracklist will be as follows:
01. Gates Of Bloodshed (Intro)
02. Unheavenly Domain
03. Transylvania (City Of The Damned)
04. My Casual Enemy
05. Crown Of Thorns
06. The Carnage Ending
07. Oath Of Rebirth
08. Regarding The Imagery
09. Blood Ecstacy
10. Defamatory Content
11. Final Destroyer

Digipack version with covers:
01. Spit On Your Grave (Whiplash)
02. Succubus (Massacre)
03. Swing Of The Axe (Possessed)
04. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost)
05. Face Fate (Bloodfeast) 

PRIMITIVE WEAPONS: Tour With Mares Of Thrace And Pilgrim Begins Today

Band Adds Midwestern Shows, Brooklyn Show With VOD

Brooklyn metallic hardcore outfit PRIMITIVE WEAPONS are prepared to embark on their next tour in support of their debut LP The Shadow Gallery. The tour kicks off tomorrow evening in Boston and will pillage its way through the Northeastern and Upper Midwest US states for eleven dates. PRIMITIVE WEAPONS will co-headline the trek with Calgary's metallic sludgesters Mares Of Thrace and Providence's doom troupe Pilgrim. Following this set of dates PWwill branch off for two newly booked shows in Minneapolis and Fargo alongside Gay Witch Abortion, Blackthorne. The band have also been  confirmed to support Long Island hardcore heroes Vision Of Disorder at a Brooklyn gig in November, and will continue to announce more live appearances in the coming weeks.

The seven churning, expansive tracks on PRIMITIVE WEAPONS' debut LP The Shadow Gallery cover an incredible amount of territory and engage the listener with crushing grooves and empowering swells, showing fans of forward-thinking metallic hardcore and free-form metal what the band is all about. The album was released in March via Prosthetic Records as the band stormed SXSW 2012. Since its release into the public The Shadow Gallery has amassed praise from fans and media outlets across the globe, the band touring regionally throughout the Northeastern states.

Stream The Shadow Gallery in its entirety VIA BROOKLYN VEGAN.

PRIMITIVE WEAPONS Confirmed Tour Dates:
7/31/2012 O'Briens - Boston, MA w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/01/2012 Columbus Club - North Providence, RI w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/02/2012 Cherry St. Station - Wallingford, CT w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/03/2012 Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/04/2012 Broadway Bar - Amityville, NY w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/05/2012 Ottobar - Baltimore, MD w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/06/2012 Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/07/2012 The Depot - York, PA w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/08/2012 Pirates Cove - Cleveland, OH w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/09/2012 Ruby Tuesday - Columbus, OH w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/10/2012 Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL w/ Mares Of Thrace, Pilgrim
8/12/2012 Hexagon Bar - Minneapolis, MN w/ Gay Witch Abortion, Blackthorne
8/13/2012 The Aquarium - Fargo, ND w/ Gay Witch Abortion, Blackthorne
11/24/2012 Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY w/ Vision Of Disorder [info]

WINTERFYLLETH’s The Threnody Of Triumph Set For September 25 Release

Candlelight Records today confirms September 25 as the North American release date for The Threnody of Triumph, the third full-length album from England ’s WINTERFYLLETH. Recorded in Wales with producer Chris Fielding (Primordial, Electric Wizard), the album delivers ten new conceptual compositions from the black metal quartet.

LurkersPath.com already notes, “The Threnody of Triumph takes the blueprint laid down by The Ghost of Heritage and The Mercian Sphere and builds a monument of utter brilliance upon an already superlative foundation. Riffs pummel from all angles. The majestic scale of the thing is so inspiring that a palpable feeling of grandeur becomes the dominant subtext, each section swelling into an impossibly emotive crescendo.”

Vocalist/guitarist C. Naughton says, “The Threnody Of Triumph is a virulent and passionate album that represents the WINTERFYLLETH of 2012. It represents a continual progression of the band and is a document to our determination to push ourselves further than we have before. On this album we celebrate the lives of those ones lost by contrasting the darkness of loss with the joy of celebrating their memories through the medium of a Threnody; a deathly ode to the memory of ones lost.”

The Threnody of Triumph follows the recent reissue of WINTERFYLLETH’s debut album, The Ghost of Heritage and well-received live appearances at Belgium’s Graspop and France’s Hellfest Festivals. With key performances still to come in the months ahead, the band is eager to bring a cross-section of their music to the masses leading up to and through album release. “We will be playing some new material at Wacken Open Air festival in Germany on August 4 and are excited to bring the music back home at Bloodstock Open Air on August 9,” says Naughton. “We hope to see some of you down the front this Summer.”

WINTERFYLLETH combine vicious yet moody, folk-inspired black metal that harkens back to the early days of Enslaved and old-school Ulver. The band’s lyrics delve into tales of England ’s archaic history, recounting major events, battles. They draw inspiration from sites and scenery gracing the countryside that has played an integral part in the country’s history. Formed in 2007, WINTERFYLLETH features Naughton with drummer S. Lucas, guitarist M. Wood, and bassist N. Wallwork .

The Threnody of Triumph Track Listing:
1. A Thousand Winters
2. The Swart Raven
3. Aefterield Freon
4. A Memorial
5. The Glorious Plain
6. A Soul Unbound
7. Void of Light
8. The Fate of Souls After Death
9. Home is Behind
10. The Threnody of Triumph

DOOMSDAY: New Song Posted "Moonspell: The Lycanthrope' Saga (Part II - The Shining)"

Chilean Death/Black Metallers DOOMSDAY, have posted a third advance track for "Moonspell: The Lycanthrope' Saga (Part II - The Shining)".

"Apocalyptic Requiem" was recorded in the Undertrack studio  (La Florida, Santiago) under the command of  Enrique Ferreira, the debut album will be released Saturday, August 4, 2012 here.  The second advance track for "Moonspell: The Lycanthrope' Saga (Part I - The Birth)" can be listen here and the first for "God’s Disease" here.

Apocalyptic Requiem” Tracklist:
    01 – This is Doomsday!!!
    02 – Twisted Minds
    03 – Moonspell (Part I)
    04 – Moonspell (Part II)
    05 – Soaked in my Pain
    06 – Silent Cry 
    07 – Disbelieve
    08 – Parasites
    09 – Slavecracy
    10 – God’s Disease

Doomsday are:
Shammael Kommando - Vociferations
Victor Saravia - Guitars
Oldscar Sobarzo - Bass Guitar
Danilo Pérez - Drums


Power Theory: Addition of Second Guitarist Announced

"Power Theory  would like to welcome  renowned metal guitarist Steve Stegg, into our family as our newest band member. Steve is a founding member and former guitarist for Blood Feast, Sleepy Hollow, and Tapping the Vein."

“Power Theory has been looking to add a second dual rhythm/lead guitarist since the end of the recording sessions for “An Axe to Grind”, but our commitments haven’t given us the time to do anything but start to compile a list of potential candidates” BB explained.

 “Steve is a great friend and supporter of the band, and has been a regular at our local shows; in fact he replaced me as the Colossus guitarist and played with Jay Pekala prior to his first Sleepy Hollow tenure. We would always jokingly added Steve as our top candidate when we discussed it, but knew he was very busy with Sleepy Hollow and there was no chance, so we moved on to other names” added BB. “Steve informed us he had become available  in mid July and was interested in jamming to see if there was chemistry and it was evident from the first few minutes it was a great fit for both Power Theory and Steve.”

Immediate plans for the band are 2 area shows in August:
August 11th
FalloutZine Presents: at O’Reilly’s Pub in Phila – October 31, Anvil Bitch, Sinister Realm, Power Theory, Hammer Fight, and Mistress
August 19th
Magnetar Media and Biz R Entertainment Present at Jimmy’s Place in Allentown, PA: North American Assault – White Wizzard, Icarus Witch, Widow, Power Theory, and Infernal Opera

"We will then take a short break from live shows to start demo tracking for a new full length CD we are planning to start recording in February 2013 and release in 2013 as well. We are currently negotiating with a legendary artist/producer for the project (more to come soon on that). Steve will be a very big part of the writing and recording process for the new album, and we will resume some live shows in October 2012. European dates are being planned for 2013 with Red Lion Music as well as Warriors of Metal Fest VI, and some US tour dates with Axxenstar and Taberah for summer 2013."


PANIKK Joins to Metal Tank Records!

The Slovenian Bay-area thrash metal maniacs hearing under the name of Panikk inked a deal with Metal Tank Records that will release their upcoming album entitled Unbearable Conditions. Panikk as the name suggests for something fast, mind-blowing and erratically blood-pumping metal put simply as THRASH! 

Influenced by Bay area metal bands they represent it with full-blown-in-your-face voyage to the world of face-melting riffs unwilling to slow down to the last beat and you will want to take that trip again and again and… AGAIN! For more information consult MetalTankRecords.

Band comment about the upcoming release: “We went into DYZ Sonic Temple Studio in March to record a debut album Unbearable Conditions under the surveillance of producer Dyz. We’re pumped with thrash that is energetic and tight sounding and so is our music which doesn’t give a fuck of todays trends. We wrote 6 songs anew and took 2 songs off of demo rearranged them and made them even better. We invited along two friends Domen Justin (Dyz) and Tim Draksler who contributed a few solos.”

Monday, July 30, 2012

ATHONITE will perform at WACKEN this Friday

Below can be seen a video by Athonite, that is an adaption of a piece by Mozart. David Bonk, piano player and mastermind of this project, has rewritten and expanded Wolfgang‘s aria, not too mention giving it a huge boost by adding two guitars, bass and drums. The way it‘s supposed to be, metalheads might say and sounds great.

Athonite transfer classical masterpieces into the world of Metal. You can witness it this Friday at the Wacken Open Air at 30 minutes past midnight on the Party Stage - including orchestra, choir, pyros and lasers. 

Check out: 

MONSTERWORKS: "Free Will" Video Released

London-based progressive thrashtasmic entity MONSTERWORKS have debuted the video for the song "Free Will" off the band's recently released three-track DR, Man :: InstinctsThe video, which was shot at Earth Terminal Studios in Hampshire, has been posted BELOW. 

Man :: Instincts is now available, for a limited time, as a free download via Mortal Music. Among the most inspired and adventurous material in MONSTERWORKS' critically acclaimed body of work, Man :: Instincts is up for grabs at MortalMusic.Bandcamp.com

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Issue Status Update Band Self-Reissues Lauded Two Hunters 2xLP

Following many months of touring throughout 2011 and into 2012 in support of their fourth full-length release, Celestial LineageWOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM this week issue an official statement on the current state of the band as well as some insight on what the future may hold for the brothers Weaver.

"After months of journeying we’re settled back into our life at home. Soft, warm breezes, the calls of Ravens and Eagles, the scent of Cedar and Salt Water. The Northwest Summer is a soothing balm to the stresses and strains of the road and the alchemic pressure-cooker of the recording studio. But it has been a great two years for us. We are so proud of Celestial Lineage, and our tours in the United States and Europe were inspiring and full of good experiences. Contrary to sensationalist rumor, we have no desire or intention to end Wolves In The Throne Room. It is very possible that future albums will be recorded. Live performances might transpire. But for now, we are reconnecting to hearth and home. We’d like to extend our heartfelt thank to everyone who has helped and supported us over the years. Playing this music has transformed us as people, and we are blessed to have shared this path with so many other travelers."

In other news, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM recently pressed a brand new vinyl pressing of their landmark 2008 full-length Two Hunters. The album likely considered the "fan favorite" from the band's catalog of releases, Two Hunters has undeniably helped elevate WITTR into the upper echelon of contemporary extreme metal as well as having a substantial impact on USBM in general. Having remained out-of-print on wax since its initial release, the band has taken it upon themselves to self-release the new pressing. The double 180-gram LP layout features a thick, full color Stoughton gatefold tip-on jacket, full color printed inner-sleeves for each LP, and an embossed gold foil stamped logo on front cover. Additionally this version includes an extended intro to the track "Cleansing," featuring vocals by Jessika Kenney, as well as the nearly seventeen-minute-long vinyl-only bonus track "To Reveal." The Two Hunters2xLP is available direct from the band now AT THIS LOCATION.

The Weaver brothers will issue more info on WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM's future in due time.

AZIZ ‘Lord of the Strings’ IBRAHIM hosts Fretboard Olympics as antidote to sporting madness

Aziz Ibrahim, virtuoso guitarist and songwriter (Weller, Brown) and his band ‘AZIZ’ are at Cargo in Shoreditch this Thursday 2nd August,  playing tracks from his highly acclaimed second album, Rusholme Rockand banishing East Londoners’ Olympics upheaval worries for an hour or two.

Aziz, the former Stone Roses guitarist whose incredible fretboard skills have earned him the moniker ‘Lord of the Strings’, plays Asian Blues: a glorious fusion of eastern and western techniques that acknowledges both his Pakistani heritage and his upbringing in urban Manchester.

Millions will recently have heard Aziz’s music without realising it: he contributed three tracks to Paul Weller’s recent number one album, ‘Sonik Kicks’, including ‘By The Waters’, cited as one of the most beautiful tracks on the album.

Aziz is accompanied by the punk rocker of tabla, Birmingham’s finest, Dalbir Singh Rattan, and supported  by Weird Naked Indian and Kamau Lyon. Tickets: £10 advance, available here from TicketWeb. Cargo is at 83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3AY, 020 7739 3440.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

HATE TYLER releases new video “Need To Hate"

Italian Groove/Core Metallers HATE TYLER have released a new video for the track “Need To Hate." The song appears on Hatetyler’s debut album “The Great Architect”, released June 11,2012, through This Is Core Records. The video clip can be viewed below.

HATE TYLER recently has announced the first European tour.

Confirmed dates, so far:

20.08. Latvia, Riga T.B.A.
21.08. Latvia, Riga, Nabaklab
22.08. Latvia, Valka, 309. kabinets
23.08. Latvia, Jelgava, MCB
24.08. Latvia, Liepaja, Fontaine palace
25.08. Lithuania, Sintautai, Sinta festival
25.08. Russia, Kaliningrad, KnRock12 festival
26.08. Lithuania, Alytus, Fenix

For more information, facebook.hatetyler