Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Inhale Exhale: New video released “Low”

Inhale Exhale has released a new video for “Low” yesterday through Metal Injection. The video clip can be seen in the player below. The track comes from the band’s fourth album, "Movement". released earlier this month on Red Cord Records.

MAELSTROM's It Was Predestined Out Now on Itchy Metal Entertainment

Originally released to the underground in 2009, MAELSTROM's It Was Predestined is now available in digital format via Los Angeles' Itchy Metal Entertainment (IME). 

Few self-released EPs have been met with the kind of critical acclaim and fan reception as It Was Predestined. Famed music journalist Martin Popoff called the release "A symphony of progressiveness the likes of which has pretty much never been articulated, invented, or heard, before now," and world renowned publications such as Terrorizer, Metal Hammer and all sang MAELSTROM's praises upon the EP's release. 

When MAELSTROM signed with IME earlier this year, it seemed only natural for the EP to be offered once again to metal fans around the world. Visit to order your copy today. 

Check out this video of MAELSTROM guitarist and Julliard guest lecturer Joey Lodes in the studio demoing solos for the EP.  

SKROG Unleashes The Global Elite Today

The Global Elite, the debut album from Minneapolis industrial metal war machine SKROG, is now available on CD format. The album can be purchased at and is also available as a digital download at

Check out this interview with SKROG mastermind Jay Reiter on Tragedy Axe

SKROG is the work of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/composer Jay Reiter and The Global Eliteis an explosive, damning account of the current state of American politics and policies. Sonically speaking, SKROG draws influence from bands spanning a wide musical spectrum of dark music - from the dance/techno styles of LORD OF ACID, SKINNY PUPPY, and FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY all the way to SLAYER, MINISTRY, CHIMAIRA, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, and CANNIBAL CORPSE. Indeed, elements of black metal, death metal, doom, and thrash can all be heard in one form or another on The Global Elite.  In SKROG Reiter has developed a means of pushing industrial metal into a more modern and aggressive form of music.

SKROG recently posted a video for "Dark Metamorphosis" which can be seen below.

Track Commentary on The Global Elite from Jay Reiter

"The album starts out with 'The Revelation', a song which draws parallels between the current global state of affairs and the last book of the Bible. The second track, 'MK-Ultra,' is a song about the declassified CIA operation that involved dosing unaware U.S. citizens with illegal mind altering drugs. Military Industrial Complex uses samples from Eisenhower's farewell address and JFK's 'Monolithic' speech to paint a grim picture of an unheeded warning against current military expansion. The fourth track, 'Submit,' is a fast paced declaration of resistance against the Global Elite.' End of the World (As You Know It),' the album's fifth track, is a prediction of the end of peace in America and the start of global nuclear war. The album takes a turn at the sixth track into political doom and gloom; 'Dark Metamorphosis' poses a more surreal apocalypse - the rise of the undead. 'The Hunter' and 'The Hunted' comprise a two-part concept; the former an instrumental that takes the listener through a soundscape of the synthetic and the acoustic, the latter being a fast paced thrash song about the lives of the elite through their own eyes." 

Shineski streams title-track "Leave you in the dark" out on November!

Two years after the release of its acclaimed second full-length album, "The wild lane", through Tentacled Records (Gamesdøglär, My Fancy Zoot), french alternative power-rock quartet Shineski is gonna to unleash a brand new CD/digital EP, "Leave you in the dark", on november 10th, still on Tentacled Recs.

"Leave you in the dark" will consist in five new songs for a powerful mix of stoner-rock, alternative grunge, power-pop and indie-rock. In a few words : something between Biffy Clyro and Kyuss.

From now, the title-track of the EP is available for streaming on SoundCloud and below.

Stay tuned...

EYE OF SOLITUDE Premiers Video for "Awoken by Crows"

EYE OF SOLITUDE releases "Awoken by Crows" music video. French label Kaotoxin records has teamed with UK's magazine Zero Tolerance to premiere the debut music video by London-based Orchestral Funeral Doom / Death band EYE OF SOLITUDE for Halloween!

The music video is for the song "Awoken by Crows", both the opening track of their second full-length, Sui Caedere (released June 25th), and title track of their latest (digital) EP, Awoken by Crows (released May 7th and featuring three exclusive bonus tracks) and features alternative model Ivy Tenebrae. The video has been directed by J. Saunders of Dead Parrot Productions (already responsible for fellow label recording artists Unsu's "The Filthy" music video).

Visit to check out the video. 

Sui Caedere is a 72+ minutes monolith of intense despair and darkness, mixing a Funeral Doom / Death basis with elements of Death Metal and Orchestral / Progressive Metal, all of this topped with inhuman and ultra low vocals by mastermind Daniel Neagoe (also in Unfathomable Ruination). Stream the album for free at

FR release date: Jun. 25th through Soundworks distribution 
UK release date: Dec. 3rd through Code7 distribution 
US release date: early 2013 through MVD distribution

01.Awoken By Crows
02.The Haunting
04.A Note To Say Farewell
05.Depths of A Sick Mind
06.Those Who Don't Return
07.Performed In Graphic Pain
08.Totem of A Pagan Thought
09.Yet I Breathe
Born in London, UK, in 2010, Eye Of Solitude is the creature of Daniel Neagoe, who's also the singer of the Brutal Death Metal band Unfathomable Ruination (Sevared records) and main character behind both the Depressive Black Metal band Colossus and the Dark Ambient project The Departure. After having left his job as a soundtrack composer for a Romanian movie company, he relocated to London and joined the local underground extreme Metal scene. Daniel still felt an urge for something radically different, more extreme in a way, more ambient at the same time, something mixing the beauty and the beast, something that wouldn't have been heard before. Eye Of Solitude was born, first as a solo-project, then a full-fledged band with permanent and session members, among which Unfathomable Ruination /Trifixion bassist Federico Benini. The debut album, The Ghost, was self-released by the band in 2010, soon followed by a three-track, untitled, promo in late 2011. This is where Kaotoxin stepped in and offered to release their next full-length, Sui Caedere. So impressed by the final result and the aforementioned promo, Kaotoxin also released the Awoken by Crows digital EP, which features three exclusive bonus tracks, along with the opening track from Sui Caedere, in May 2012.

Frostwork`s Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell as Album of the Month

DAGON by Regina Kozlik aka Dina DarkArt

The item "Album of the Month" starts today, this is a choice that is careful, aims to reward a work, above all, a dream of the soul, a dedication of the body that form a powerful combination that gives finality to an album.

Dagon through Frostwork gives us everything... and asks for nothing in return, only our attention, a little of our time to hear this magnificent work.

Frostwork appears as a solo project founded by Dagon (Heathen Deity, Hecate Enthroned) in 2007 as a way of personal expressionism, after released in 2008 the first demo "The Rites of Winter: The First Storm". Frostwork has now signed with Wodfreca Records to release its debut album 'Lore of Winter - Ealdspell' which will be released on 12th of November.

Summarizing, the item "Album of the Month", Isn`t for those who want it, but for those who deserve it.

After the “The Rites of Winter: The First StormFrostwork, the atmospheric black metal entity, throw us a second wintry tempest “Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell”, that will make us struggle for survival in a remote frozen hell. Dagon brilliance, modesty, passion and hard-work led him to the creation of a truly inspiring work that offers us a journey by his own eyes through icy woods moistened by the mystical, magical and beautiful winter where angry spirits wander deep within and where the skin is torn and hairs grow while howls are heard in a transformation of claws, sharp teeth and ravenous hunger. Frostwork new album is much more than brilliant music, much more than a journey, much more than just a history, “Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell” is a Dagon personal achievement of a higher state in which he communes with nature and his personal beliefs, a way to communicate his feelings, an invocation of images, emotions and the physical world in a complex musical painting that portrays the grace and dark essence of winter. 

The “Lore of Winter: Ealdspell” is nothing less than a book of poetry expelled through voice, divided in chapters. The first part begins with “The Winter Raven” and goes until “When Ravens Claws the Sky”, four songs concentrated in a folklore concept about evoking the winter. “Cast from his Wings” is an acoustic powerful song written by Dagon´s great friend Azrael that captured in a perfect way his friend´s vision. The second section contemplates two songs “Frozen Veins Shed No Blood” and “The Essence of Darkest Winter” and is an ode to the essence of winter and its mysticism, bleak anguish and magic. This second chapter is a stronger and darker composition, less folklore and more bonded to the black metal element; it´s about death, dying alone in the forest, and demonic apparitions roaming in the woods. The third and last section of the album is adapted from one of Dagon´s favorite movie “The Company of Wolves”; it contains the last two songs and it´s focused in Lycanthropy and on the she wolf. All the concepts are well written and disposed in the eight track release and form a story that gives life to Dagon´s imagination.

This artistic piece surpasses in all aspects the first EP; Frostwork had a natural growth and conquered the absences of the first release with the construction of soundscapes in an intense composition of strong ambient melodies, raw guitar phrases and complex vocal works filled with aggression, desperation and sorrow. The highlight in the album is undoubtedly the vocals; the whole work is immersed in an atmosphere of ravishing voices and echoes, beautiful clean chorus and demonic roars with different tones and techniques that give texture and depth to the music. Despite Frostwork being a solo project Dagon had the help of his good friend Damien, a talented engineer, in the recording of the vocals and he could concentrate more in the vocals part which was a gain and contributed to the excellent vocal work.

In a certain way “Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell” is a more matured and complex version of “The Rites of Winter: The First Storm”, the result of a diverse experimenting of sounds, instruments and voice. Frostwork grabbed me since the first day I heard it and suffered a positive evolution since then, now I am certain what Dagon is capable of and I know he can do much more. The inner demon has been calmed again with an epic and brain freeze journey through vast soundscapes. “Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell” has cast its spell on me with an energy I can´t describe, I was enchanted by its cold environment.

One melee with the words, ideas and its paradoxes... albuns that are news, the reviews at "", always with its watermark,  Pedro Ribeiro, with love for beer... sorry, music from an early age, he studied piano and singing from 7 to 14 years,  then, devoted himself to the study of the guitar for 5 years. "The wisdom is found in the extremes, all extreme Metal here!"

Frostwork - Lore Of Winter - Ealdspell- booklet cover
The Winter Raven
On White Carrion Wings
Cast From His Wings
When Raven Claws the Sky
Frozen Veins Shed No Blood
The Essence Of Darkest Winter
The She Wolf
This Woman Wolf Skin Clad

Frostwork's debut album 'Lore of Winter - Ealdspell' is now available for preorder at the official Wodfreca online shop! Due for release on 12th of November, the first 20 preorders shall receive a FREE Frostwork patch! Limited to 100 copies!

BIRTH A.D. Streaming Title Track From "I Blame You" is now streaming the title track from the yet-to-be-released debut full-length, entitled I Blame You, from Texas crossover titans Birth A.D.

The track, which is an incendiary display of crossover thrash in the vein of S.O.D. and D.R.I., is available for online consumption at this location.   

In early 2012, Birth A.D. entered Pyramid Sound with legendary producer Alex Perialas to lay down the tracks for I Blame You. The band is seeking label support for the release.  

Birth A.D.'s 2009 EP, Stillbirth of a Nation is available for at these on-line retailers:
Band lineup:
Jeff Tandy - Yelling, Bass  
Brian Morrison - Guitars
Mark Perry - Drums

Official Website:  
Jeff Tandy
PO Box 3500
Pflugerville, Tx 78691-3500 USA 

NOMINON's The Cleansing Out Now on Deathgasm Records

Deathgasm Records has officially released The Cleansing, the much-anticipated new album from old school Swedish Death Metallers NOMINON.

What better day than Halloween for the world to be handed such a hellish collection of pure and relentless death metal. Morbid obscurity awaits, as The Cleansing features NOMINON at their darkest and most malevolent. 

The CD digipak version of The Cleansing comes with a 12-page booklet. Deathgasm is also making available black and blue vinyl LP versions, as well as several CD/LP/T-shirt bundles, all of which are available for purchase HERE

Listen to "Obliteration" from The Cleansing at this location or below.

1. Satanical Incubation (Intro)
2. In The Name Of Gomorrah 
3. Mausoleum
4. Unholy Sacrifice
5. The Cleansing
6. Abhorrent Parasites
7. Hellwitch
8. Slaughter The Imposter (LP-bonus track)
9. Obliteration
10. Son Of Doom
11. Infernal Rites

Henke Skoog - Vokills
 Juha Sulasalmi - Bass
 AntiChristian - Guitar
Perra Karlsson - Drums Of Death
Alex Lyrbo - Lead Guitar


Sweden’s SHINING will head for Croatia and Slovenia next year to play two festivals in countries in which the band has rarely appeared before.  First up will be the Burning Sea Festival in Zadar, Croatia on the 8th June, followed by Metal Days, in Tolmin, Slovenia on the 25th July.  SHINING has so far also been confirmed to appear at the RAGNAROK festival in Lichtenfels, Germany, in April.
Founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth recently announced that he would be publishing a book containing all the lyrics he has ever written and which, rather than allowing them to be translated by a professional translator and thereby risk losing the emotions that went into them,  he himself has translated into English from the original Swedish.  The first edition paperback, When Prozac No Longer Helps”,  will be hand-numbered in the author’s own blood and will be published on the 7th December.  In order to ensure that genuine fans can get hold of the book, “When Prozac No Longer Helps will only be available through the SHINING web shop and can be pre-ordered here.
SHINING this week released their eighth full length album  ”Redefining Darkness” on Spinefarm Records.  In a departure from the band’s usual habit of including the album number in the title, ”Redefining Darkness” contains no number, but still maintains all the complexity and distinct character that sets SHINING apart from so many of the identikit bands that proliferate on the scene today. More information about SHINING can be found on the band’s website.

LADY BEAST Confirmed for the Pre-Fest Showcase of Ohio's Warriors of Metal Fest VI Open Air

Warriors of Metal, Inc. non-profit organization is very excited to confirm the Pittsburgh, PA female fronted Heavy Metal band, LADY BEAST (recently signed to Inferno Records in France) as the final addition to the Pre-Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Showcase to be held at The Shrunken Head Rock Club at 251 West 5th Avenue in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, June 27th, 2013!

Band vocalist Deborah "Debstar" Levine states: "Lady Beast says its time to kick ass at Warriors of Metal!!!  We are so stoked to be playing the pre-show and leave Ohio with a wicked bang-over.  Heavy Metal is the Law!!!!" 

The bands confirmed for the Pre-Fest Showcase include: VINDICATOR (OH, headliner), FIAKRA (NJ, direct support), MISTRESS (PA), NOBLE BEAST (MN), FLESH ENGINE (PA), SMASH POTATER (IL), VALHALLA (IN), and LADY BEAST (PA)

The bands confirmed for the Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air (2013) thus far include: FLOTSAM & JETSAM (Saturday Headliner), MELIAH RAGE (Friday Headliner), ATTACKER, TWISTED TOWER DIRE, OCTOBER 31, RAVAGE, SKULL HAMMER, AMADIS, BRAZEN ANGEL, DAWN OF VALOR, IRON WILL, SEAX, SONIC PULSE and WULFHOOK from USA, AXENSTAR from Sweden, ALAS NEGRAS, DANTESCO & SOLVO ANIMUS from Puerto Ricon and VOLTAX from Mexico.

Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air
Please stay up-to-date by continuing to check the festival's Facebook page.

Hoyland unleashes Halloween Theme "John Carpenter Cover"

Dark ethereal ambient project Hoyland withdrawn the mind of Marc Azrael Hoyland has released John Carpenter`s Halloween theme which can be heard below.

Marc Azrael Hoyland commented:
"The Halloween theme is a John Carpenter composition that appeared in his Halloween movies. The reason for recreating this great piece of music was not only to celebrate John Carpenter and his Halloween movies but also as a celebration of Halloween (October 31st) itself. This is a non-profit venture!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!"

Hoyland is an  ambient, experimental dark journey into the mind of Marc Azrael Hoyland and was formed in 2006. What with performing in Black Metal bands Ethereal Forest and Heathen Deity, and goth rock bands 13 Candles and The Realm, it was time to explore different and bleaker territory.

"Dance of the Twilight Stars" from 2010 and "Dreams Within a Dream" from 2011 can be streamed through Hoyland`s BandCamp page.

SCYTHIA Posts Music Video Teaser 'Video Game Medley'

Folk/prog metal warriors, Scythia have posted a teaser for their forthcoming music video for their track 'Video Game Medley'. The song is an adaptation of excerpts from video game theme songs Wizards and Warriors, Castlevania, Skyrim, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VI and Tetris and is off the band's new EP 'For The Bear' that also features two new originals 'Sailor's Accolade' and the title track 'For The Bear' along with three remixes of 'Fierce Riders of Scythia', 'Black Death' and 'Dies Irae Pt. 1' from the band's 2010 debut '...Of War' plus a Scythian adapted song of Quebecois folk song 'Mattawa Reel' by Robert Forest.

Filmed in Vancouver, BC by James Weekes and Rosie Anson of Hammer Records, the teaser can be viewed  below. 

In additional news, Scythia will be gathering in Vancouver since returning from their cross Canada tour for a headlining performance for Aesir Promotions second annual Nerdfest on November 23rd at The Biltmore Cabaret

For more info on Nerdfest please visit -
 Show Dates:
November 23, 2012 - Nerdfest @ The Biltmore Cabaret - Vancouver, BC - Show Details
For more info on the Scythia, music and tour dates, please visit their official website or follow the band on their Facebook fanpage and Twitter @scythiametal.

01. Sailor's Accolade
02. Fierce Riders of Scythia (remix)
03. For The Bear
04. Black Death (remix)
05. Dies Irae Pt 1 (remix)
06. Mattawa Reel
07. Video Game Medley

Beyond Threshold's Who We Are Out Now on Goomba Music / Turkey Vulture Records

Who We Are, the sophomore effort from Rockford, Illinois' Beyond Threshold is out now via the combined efforts of Goomba Music and Turkey Vulture Records.  

Expect nothing less than the finest in modern metal/hardcore. Who We Are can be found in stores and online retailers everywhere.  

Selections from the album have been posted at this location.  


11/17 - St. Louis, MO
11/23 - Urbana, IL w/ VENTANA
11/29 - Janesville, WI w/ DOPE  
11/30 - Battle Creek, MI w/ NONPOINT
12/16 - Rockford, IL w/ FLAW 

With the release of their 2010 debut, Revolution, Beyond Threshold established themselves as one of the fastest rising and most impressive new acts in the active rock/metal scene. Over the past two years, the band has shared stages with some of the biggest names in metal and gained a reputation as road-worthy workhorses. With Who We Are, Beyond Threshold takes their uncompromising blend of modern thrash, heavy rock and hardcore to the next level.

Heads will bang, faces will melt and Beyond Threshold will emerge as the future of heavy music.

Beyond Threshold is a heavy rock band that has dominated the greater Midwest. Coming from different influences and genres has allowed them to develop into a truly unique, professional, and powerful heavy rock act. Conceived in 2006, this talented young band comprises of former members of several Rockford metal outfits, and together are rapidly becoming one of the standouts of the Midwest music scene.

Veteran performers from many groups have come together to ignite an inferno constructed to consume. New school antics with old school roots give the band an unexampled edge in today's music market.

Since the release of their debut album "Revolution" in 2010, Beyond Threshold has been touring the Midwest supporting acts, such as; Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebreed, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Chevelle, All That Remains, Powerman 5000, Pop Evil, Filter, Nonpoint, Flava Flav, Hed P.E, Fear Factory, Godforbid, Mushroomhead, Sid Wilson of Slipknot, Skindred, Soil, Primer 55, Taproot, Smile Empty Soul, Flaw, Everclear, Art of Dying, Filter, Walls of Jericho, Fuel, Saliva, Adema, 36 Crazy Fists, Dope, Ankla, Kittie, It Dies Today, Burn Halo, Motograter, The Autumn Offering, Mephis May Fire, Bobaflex, Los Lonely Boys, The Last Vegas, Oblige, Anew Revolution, Tonic, and many more.

The band's hard work has come to fruition as they are currently in production for their sophomore release `Who We Are` with Goomba Music/Turkey Vulture Records set for October 30, 2012.