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Kennedy Center Honors 2012 Led Zeppelin

Below can be seen a video for "The 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors" tribute to Led Zeppelim which took place Dec. 2. Show televised on December 26, 2012 including: Introduction by Jack Black, Foo Fighters playing "Rock and Roll", Kid Rock playing "Ramble On", Lenny Kravitz playing "Whole Lotta Love" and Jason Bonham, Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart) and a full choir playing "Stairway To Heaven".

"These guys redefined the rock-and-roll lifestyle," Obama said in his appreciation of the iconic rockers, prompting laughter from the audience.

The video is courtesy of funnytripp

PRODUCT OF HATE issues year-end update, 2013 preview...

"Another day at the office." Photo by Katrina May
Product of Hate, August 2012. 
Left to Right: Adam Gilley, Mike McGuire, Geno Rathbone, Cody Rathbone, Mark Campbell.
PRODUCT OF HATE has issued an update about 2012...  and opens the door to 2013, check it out below.

2012 was a hell of a year. While we haven't yet embarked on a National Tour or partnered with a label just yet, 2012 presented Product of Hate with several opportunities to get in front of a larger audience, both here in the 'States and Globally. In 2012, we released two music videos... a pair of brand-new singles... entered the studio three different times... received major press from numerous different outlets... and witnessed our most ambitious video to-date premiere to a live audience at a historic theater in Chicago. Along the way, we played a lot of shows with some great bands, all while getting to meet our metal brothers and sisters face-to-face. We made a lot of new friends this year, and yes, a few new enemies as well. All in all, not a bad year for five guys from Southeastern Wisconsin, we think! Below you'll find a timeline with some of our favorite moments and accomplishments of 2012 as we prepare for a massive 2013.

-02/08/12: "Blood Coated Concrete" is released as our first-ever music video. Posted on YouTube, the clip quickly gains traction in launching Product of Hate to a National audience. The video release leads to the band being featured on several websites.

-03/05/12: Product of Hate returns to Belle City Sound in Racine, Wisconsin for the recording of a new single. Reuniting with producer Chris Wisco (who previously helmed our debut EP), plans are made for a pair of singles to be released in 2012.

-04/01/12: Product of Hate becomes one of SuperCuts' "Rock the Cut" artists. Our single, "Start the March" is made available as a free download on the Supercuts website, while the song hits rotation for in-store play at select Supercuts locations.

-05/22/12: "Revolution of Destruction" is released as a digital single. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and most other digital music retailers.

-08/23/12: AOL Noisecreep presents the exclusive premiere of "A Well Deserved Death". 

-08/28/12: "A Well Deserved Death" is released as a digital single. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and most other digital music retailers.

-09/14/12: "The Unholy Manipulator" short film has it's theatrical World Premiere at The Portage Theater in Chicago, Illinois. Presented as a part of the Terror in the Aisles 12 Film Festival, "The Unholy Manipulator" received the big-screen treatment for one-night only. Based on the title track to our 2010 EP, this longform music video stars Ashley Laurence (HELLRAISER, Slipknot's "Snuff") in the title role, along with Tim Lovelace (MOSQUITO, BUNYAN) as her victim, the film features special make-up and visual FX by Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps. Kurtzman (creator of FROM DUSK 'TILL DAWN, director of WISHMASTER) also served as a producer on the ambitious short film. The film is immortalized with it's own profile on the IMDb.

-10/29/12: Leading horror website Bloody-Disgusting hosts the exclusive online premiere for "The Unholy Manipulator" short film. 

-10/30/12: reviews "The Unholy Manipulator" short film, calling it "a new gory torturous entry into the horror stratosphere," adding that it's "A great marriage of hard rock and the horror genre served up just the way we like it…..cold and angry!"

-10/31/12: Just in time for Halloween, "The Unholy Manipulator" hits YouTube for a Global audience.

-December 2012: Product of Hate enters Mercenary Digital Studios in Zion, Illinois for the recording of three new songs for 2013. For the first time, the band is working with engineer Scott Creekmore, and working to craft new music that will refine and redefine the Product of Hate sound.

As we look ahead into 2013, Product of Hate would like to thank our friends and fans for their lasting support, along with issuing a hearty shout to all of the bands that we've played with over the past twelve months, the venues that have welcomed us, the press/media/websites that have helped spread the word, and to all who have supported Product of Hate in all of our endeavors! 

We'll see you next year!

Spread the Hate,
Adam, Mike, Geno, Cody, and Mark
December 30, 2012


FEAR INCORPORATED: Premiere Video “Fear Is A Man´s Best Friend”

Your best friend has arrived. The new video from FEAR INCORPORATED.

Fear Is A Man´s Best Friend” from the album “PHOBOS” is now available to awaken your deepest fears and phobias, to immerse your mind in darkness while the sweat runs down your face and you lose your voice and control of your body.

This is a really professional video with a dark magic ambiance that complements the music of FEAR INCORPORATED. What could be better than alive voodoo dolls fighting against their only fear, their “master”, to transpire the magnificent message of the song “Fear Is A Man´s Best Friend”? If this isn´t creativity and ingenuity then I just don´t know what it is!

01. Dying To Get Out
02. Submerged
03. Wrong Turn
04. Dead Of Night
05. Fear Is A Man Best Friend
06. Clown
07. Suffocation
08. Spooked
09. Solitary Confinement
10. Hocus Pocus
Fear Incorporated are:
William Westwater-Vocals-Synths-Sound engineering
Cam Campbell-Bass,Contrabass,Guitars
Matthew Saw-Guitars
Alan McCulloch-Drums And Percussion

You can read a review for "PHOBOShere, Suffocation” video can be seen here and a terrifying video clip for the track "Dead Of Night" here.

The band released Phobos the second Fear Incorporated album through Manic Depression Records a French alternative record label. 

By Pedro Ribeiro: With love for beer... sorry, music from an early age, he studied piano and singing from 7 to 14 years,  then, devoted himself to the study of the guitar for 5 years. visit our reviews page.

Another Destiny Project: "BABYLON" New Video Released

Electro Prog Ambient one man band created by producer, composer and musician Peter Paho "Another Destiny Project" released a new single  and videoclip for "BABYLON". The track recorded in New York in december 2012 is available for free download. Check it out below.

"Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the great. It has become a dwelling place of demons..."

Peter Paho commented:
"Dear listener. It's not easy create music in the modern times. Music industry is in crisis and for the artist is every day a battle to keep their passion and continue to create music. You can give me a big hand subscribing A.D.P. news letter, following A.D.P. on socials, streaming and sharing A.D.P. to your friends. In exchange of this I give all A.D.P. music for free. So please remember to support the A.D.P. just with few clicks you can do a big thing. Below you can find the links to do this and give me a big help to continue create music! 

Are you a musician, producer, singer, guitarist, drummer etc... and you want to collaborate with Another Destiny Project or create music together? Are you a photographer, a movie maker, a poet etc... And want to use Another Destiny Project music for your works? Well!! I'm always searching people to work together and create something new! Contact me HERE I'm sure will be a pleasure work together!"

“Without music, life would be a mistake”. 
Friedrich Nietzsche

Sunday, December 30, 2012

INFERIVM: “The End The Begin” will be released soon

Portuguese raw Black Metal act Inferivm started in 2002 when Blasphemy and Blackfuneral started playing metal just for fun, they beginning then a real band and begins the first trials, nothing too serious until one day, by casualty... in a conversation with Mortiferus, he joined the band and the true rehearsals begins. With the help of some friends they start  to rehearsal with INNER HELVETE, deciding then to play the first live gig together with INNER HELVETE and HELLBASTARDS, and Inferivm performed live a few times until 2008 while the first demo was released by Herege Warfare productions / Antihumanism records

Because an error in the layout only shows "Demo 2008", actually the real name is "Stormig Torment

Stormig Torment Track list
1. Intro
2. Storming the Heaven
3. Undying Evil
4. Burning the False Blood
5. Feeling the Torment
6. Cold’s Calling
7. Outro

Currently they are making the final preparation to the release of the new demo “The End The Begin” it will be released as soon as possible and more news are to come. More can be found here.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

NUCLEAR: "Breathing Despair" New Video Released

Chile`s NUCLEAR have released worldwide “Apatrida” via Digmetalworld Records in the U.S. and Sick Bangers Metal Label & Distro in Chile on July 25th.

The newest album  "Apatrida" was produced by Sebastian Puente and Francisco Haussmann at Audio Custom Studios in Santiago, Chile. The art work was done by Claudio Botarro, who was in charge to translate the band’s idea of a controversial and direct message about current Chilean political status.

Now, the band has posted a new video performing the track Breathing Despair  at Pulsar 2012, the song is taken off from "Apatrida" album 2012, enjoy.

Listen to the entire new album on the following location.

Nuclear is:
Sebastian Puente - Guitars
Francisco Haussmann - Guitars
Punto Sudy - Drums
Roberto Soto - Bass
Matías Leonicio - Vocals

For more information head over to:

Blutengel "In Eternity" Piano Version Released

Blutengel, as a Christmas present to fans, has released the video for "In Eternity" piano version. The song will be included on the CD with piano versions of several hits from Blutengel, will be a limited edition for fans, titled, "Monument", slated for release in February 2013.

Blutengel commented:
"Merry Blutengel Christmas!
Blutengel have prepared a very special Christmas gift for you! The beautiful and wintery-spirited video clip for the moving piano version of their hit song "No Eternity" will surely spice up your holidays. The track will be included on a CD with piano version of selected Blutengel hits that will be an exclusive component of the strictly limited fan box set of the upcoming album "Monument." Blutengel are wishing you all a happy and dark Christmas!"

This is the official video of the track “No Eternity (Piano Version)”, have fun!


Friday, December 28, 2012

SACRAMENTO releases new music video

Chilean metal band SACRAMENTO have released the music video for the track "Purple" that comes off their latest album "Weight of Sin" released in 2011 via Mechanix Records (Sweden) and distributed in the US by Digmetalworld Records.

The second official video was directed by Aukaché films, same company that had worked previously on its predecessor “Everything to waste”.

Watch the video of "Purple" below.

Alejandro Espinosa commented on the video:
"Despite the fact that we had chosen "Purple" as our first music video to introduce our full length album (before going on CD), we listened to all our fans overseas that told us that this song need it to have a video. Also, Fernando Orellana came to us with the storyboard and he had us convinced at that minute. After a little the of being premiered we have gotten a bunch of good reviews what supports our good judgment.

The track list of "Weight of sin" can be seeing below:

1. Left Hollow
2. Let The Death Embrace You
3. Forsaken
4. Purple
5. Everything To Waste
6. Falling Apart-Save Me My Son
7. Die Alone
8. All Betrayals
9. Forgotten In Time
10. Take Me Away

Online streaming of the entire album can be done on the following location (, for more information on the official Facebook page (

SPARROWS Planning WATAIN Tribute Album

Dallas-based Deathened Black Metal act SPARROWS are currently planning a covers album paying tribute to Swedish Black Metal legends WATAIN. The band has issued an open invitation for acts interested in taking part in the project. Details are lined out in the following statement from SPARROWS:

"We are starting the project of recording a WATAIN Tribute Album. If you are a band, and want to do a cover on the album, we will pay for the time for you to record it, AND give you a copy to use for yourselves. Please share this. Any band that can come to the Dallas, Texas area to record is welcome. If you are from out of state and you can afford a trip to Dallas to record, the same applies to you. The song SPARROWS are putting on the album is 'Reaping Death,' so have that in mind."

Interested parties should message the band at  

SPARROWS recently released Mark of the Beast: Indoctrination digitally through bandcamp where it may be streamed in full and/or purchased for the measly sum of $6.66 at  

The EP is the first of a three-part series; the connection between the series will be divulged after all three have been released. At a fundamental level, the sound of SPARROWS is rooted in its collective influences, including WATAIN, BEHEMOTH, ENSLAVED, DEICIDE, and GOATWHORE, yet the Dallas Destroyers bring to the table an identity all their own. Recorded in the Sparrows Lair in Dallas' Industrial District by drummer Bryan Nicholas (who also mixed and mastered it), Mark of the Beast: Indoctrination delivers the goods with unmitigated malevolence. The scary part is that it is only the first of three brazen black metal assaults.

A series of videos documenting the recording of the EP can be viewed at this location

Vocals: Jason 
Guitars: Ryan 
Drums: Bryan 
Bass: Michael

Void of Sleep`s “Tales Between Reality and Madness” as an album of the month! Exclusive Streaming of "Blood on my Hands"

Void of Sleep
Prepare yourself for the new year of 2013, wash your sins or not, open your mind or remain the same, make different choices or follow the same old path, pursue your goals or don´t look for something new… get up, drink your coffee, go to work, return home, listen to the same music again and again, go to bed and do it all over again or you can just even if only for a few minutes kick the routine in the ass with new Void of Sleep album “Tales Between Reality and Madness” a crazy and massive full-length in berserk mode!

Italians don´t cease to amaze me with their music legacy, that magnificent country shapes more and more sonic bursts to all tastes and ages. The quartet arose from the beautiful Ravenna in 2010 to the will of Gale (guitar/chorus) also the founder of the now-dead Conspiracy A.D., to complete the new band Gale recruited Allo (drums) already playing in Conspiracy A.D. and Paso (bass) guitar player for Buattitime and well-known producer and owner of the Studio73 and ex- Fear Studio. After some months of rehearsing without a singer Burdo (vocals and guitar) joins the band and so are born Void of Sleep. They began to attract attention with the release of a three-songs promo EP called “Giants & Killers EP” that gave them positive feedback and know they´ve returned with a giant work with 45 minutes of exploding metal.

When I saw the description of the band in facebook I couldn’t help a smile… it says: “Sounds like a shot of whiskey and LSD straight down your throat! …it´s like a deep abyss… where thoughts, sounds, dreams and will remains caged in a hollow corner of your brain, in a dark place… a sort of “coma” where there is no way out!”  Well… I don´t really know what is like to be under the influence of LSD, surely it´s a heavy and fucked up trip, a sort of psychedelic dream that abstracts you from reality but one thing I sure know is that Void of Sleep music is an intense drug inducing my brain on a good trip between reality and madness that keeps me alive and aware and yet in a deep sleep of lunacy.

There’s something very comfortable and rewarding growing inside of me when I’m listening to music that makes me take a leap in time, music influenced by the grand bands of the past who continue to inspire in our intimate our fears, strengths, craziness, happiness, infirmities, defiance, dislikes, all the feelings that make us beings passionate about the strong emotions that music makes us feel. Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Venom, Pantera, Motorhead, Tool, Mastodon, Neurosis are some of the bands that you can listen when you immerse your mind in Void of Sleep but don´t take my words as certain as the certainty of this band being so unique and powerfully refreshing. No… they stand apart from all that already has been heard and hit you like a hurricane with a mighty blend of styles (stoner, sludge, 70´s rock, progressive rock and psychedelic) that give a new flavor to be savored, a new experience to the metal adept.

What comes to mind when each note violently rape your ears is that underground and old school basement warmth that boosts your energy level to the maximum while you headbang in a crazy mosh to the sound of psychedelic hard riffs, loud vocals, fast drumming, hallucinating rhythms, doom slowdowns and exotic melodies. “Tales Between Reality and Madness” is an introspective journey inside the four musician´s brain, a real mix of emotions, physicality, personal challenges, influences and inspirations that exudes and explores the darkest corners of the human mind; anger, depression, madness and awareness of the truth, but also oneiric visions and lysergic nightmares.

You can forget Sabbath, you can forget Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, forget about everything you already now! Press the play button! Can you hear this sound? Open your mind! Absorb the imposing music! Consume it! This is Void of Sleep!

1. Blood on my Hands
2. Wisdom of Doom
3. The Great Escape of the Giant Stone Man
4. Lost in the Void
5. Ghost of me
6. Mirror Soul Sickness
7. Sons of Nothing
After a first Self-Produced EP in 2011, the four hit again the Studio73 during the summer of 2012 to record this masterpiece. The debut album "Tales between Reality and Madness" will be released 21st of January 2013 through Aural Music on cd digipack and digital download.

Facebook.VoidOfSleep | Pre order here

One melee with the words, ideas and its paradoxes... albuns that are news, the reviews at "", always with its watermark,  Pedro Ribeiro, with love for beer... sorry, music from an early age, he studied piano and singing from 7 to 14 years,  then, devoted himself to the study of the guitar for 5 years. "The wisdom is found in the extremes, all extreme Metal here!"