Friday, February 8, 2013

Shape My Clarity`s Chameleon Mirror; Pre-listening title track

Since the day we humans are born an ongoing and endless process of individual and social learning enrolled in our genes is activated and we become a living sponge absorbing every single stimulus we face in order to adapt society, to adapt to a world of rules and laws. The problem is that society is supposed to be a relation between individuals sharing the same “interests” but the true is that it´s a hungry heartless beast devouring individuality, denigrating difference, always searching profit above necessity and imposing all human beings to the “best way to live” which is nothing less than an invisible stratified food chain that plagues mortals daily lives. Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw yourself in a body molded by others? Don´t you ask yourself why do you have to wear a suit to be accepted or to be heard or to be able to give your opinion? Don´t you ask yourself why do you have to use a tie to be seen as an example to follow? Tie… what a beautiful unnecessary accessory! The perfect example of adaptation, the perfect example of a caged man, imprisoned by years of tradition and rules, the perfect bond between man and society! I say fuck the suits and fuck the ties! You are a person and above that you are an individual in this false society and you must break your mirror! 

“What is wrong, what is right, do I adapt to or should I stay individual?”

This is the grand question that this great band called Shape My Clarity brings to the listener with their debut release “Chameleon Mirror”, a 14 track album that sees the light of day on 22nd February. Shape My Clarity are what can be named as Neon metal a combination of music and light that offers a different live performance with blacklight instead of pyrotechnic shows. With a strong blend of metalcore melodic metal, thrash metal and a futuristic sounding they attack with individuality and force in a genre that can´t easily be defined but brings a smile to my face. 

The title-track “Chameleon” reveals the story of a person that always stayed unique but with the progression of his life and due to f.e. social conventions she was forced to adapt (like a chameleon change color to adapt to the surrounding). She fights and tries to feel comfortable with those changes but in the end she falls to pieces. She sees himself in the mirror, wearing a suit, a collar and a tie. In his eyes she´s one more person totally conformed and shaped by society. She gets angry and desperate he breaks the mirror. This powerful track will also be in video, February 11th but you have to wait and until then you can hear it here for the first time.

It is ironic in a way that the adaption is so essential and at the same so destructive, it´s like a double edge sword, it´s impossible to escape. You simply have to live with just like the chameleon lives with its talent that makes it so special, so unique.

1 A New Decade
2 Chameleon
3 Shine
4 Asking Why
5 Degressive Emotion
6 Black Ink
7 Delusion Decays
8 Shimmer
9 Interlude
10 Ropes
11 Switch To Zero
12 Control
13 Army Of Zombies
14 Alone (Piano Version)

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