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BLOOD MORTIZED`s "The key to a Black Heart” Nasty, Dirty, Imposing!

Better late than never! That’s what I think when it comes to do something I already should have done…

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For an apprentice reviewer I can say I’m learning at the speed of light. Little by little I get to know more and more about countries and the genres they shape. Sweden for example is one of that places where life is almost incomplete without metal, many great bands born in the abrasive cold of its lands specially death, doom, black and power metal. Blood Mortized is one more of those bands and their death metal says it all… it´s notorious that they are from Stockholm, home for that old school non-worked and raw death metal that keeps me headbanging till my brain collapse, pretty nasty!
They aren´t that big old band but they are a big one for certain and that’s normal cause these guys are in the scene for about six years, not that much time but the enough to give their name good visibility and that´s exactly what they´ve been doing. Not only that but also Blood Mortized is formed by veterans of old rotten Swedish death metal scene. 

The band was founded by vocalist Mattias Parkkila (ex- stigmata; ex- E.G.Y.P.T; ex-Excretion) and by the guitarist Benny Moberg in late 2007. In April 2008 guitar player Anders Biazzi (formerly Hansson; ex- Patholog; ex- Scum; ex- Amon Amarth) joined the party followed by drummer Mattias Borgh in late August of the same year. Eight months later they release their self-titled debut album, we were in April 2009. Moberg one of the founders and guitarist left the band in early 2010 and as a trio the band recorded “BESTIAL” EP. In February 2011 Gustav Myrin (played with early death metal Patholog; released demos, three albums and toured with Apes IQ) joined Blood Mortized as second guitar and in June the bass player Mattias Soderlund was welcomed aboard. “The key to a Black Heart” was released in May 2012 via F.D.A Rekotz and was again produced by drummer Mattias Borgh at Underworld Recording.

So it must be easy to understand why they do it so well and dirty! For a band that is not around for that long its members are certainly around for that long and with a lot of experience in the dark art of creating old school Swedish death metal.

As I was saying- “better late than never”- it´s been awhile since the release of the band´s second album “The key to a Black Heart” but I felt like I wasted the change to review an enormous work of death metal that deserved to be heard and spoken. To be true day by day I’m becoming a more genuine Swedish metal appreciator and death metal lover so I had to sit in front of my little slow and shitty pc with my earphones listening to Blood Mortized´s “The Key to a Black Heart” and raping the play button. I was really enjoying myself in the process of absorbing the “shameless” monstrosity that this album offered me and still am while writing. With 11 tracks of pure death metal varying between 3 and 6 minutes and with no other shits to it, just that Swedish death influenced metal, this work makes justice to the ancients of the style and showed that Blood Mortized aren´t joking around. Powerful death thrashy riffs intercalated with few melodic but raw lines (you can even perceive that Biazzi played in Amon Amarth), pure destruction with lots of speed but also slower rhythms and different atmospheres too, violent vocals that keep you in the right mood to destroy everything on sight, non to produced music with an unprofessional touch to it that gives it the true felling of what old school must be. Final result: an outstanding album for a death lover, the perfect tribute to Swedish metal, Nasty and Dirty, Imposing! I just can´t wait for more.

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01. Unleashing the Hounds
02. The Heretic Possession
03. Only Blood Can Tell
04. Dead & Rotten
05. Doomsday Architect
06. Rekviem
07. To Murder a God
08. Shadow of the Quarter Sun
09. Bringer of Eternal Death
10. The Key to a Black Heart
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F.D.A.Rekotz | ChaosRecords

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