Friday, March 29, 2013

THORNGOTH: "Schwarz-Karg-Kalt" Revieved - Exclusive Stream Of "Leblos Totgestein"

“The horned foe” in J.R.R Tolkien´s Eldar language is the meaning of THORNGOTH, the black metal beast composed by Corpse (bass guitar), Akhorahil (vocals), Sorath (lead and rhythm guitar) and Grond (drums). These black headbangers founded the band in Germany, Bad Tolz in 2003 where the first notes of their own black metal were unleashed. Their style is different from the usual black metal and gathers other influences to take the listener into a new spectrum of musicality. THORNGOTH offers a travel between raw black metal and a new dimension inside the genre that keeps the old school flame alive yet gives it a new taste for those who seek innovation. If you like bands similar with Dark Funeral you are certainly going to enjoy this magnificent band.

THORNGOTH´s first demo “Sigillum” was released in 2005 and were the band´s first steps in the underground scene. “Sigillum” gave them the attention they needed and provided a background for their carer, the basis for the band´s future. “Thelema Of Destruction” was their full-length debut released via Northern Silence Productions and after that album the two following, “Rauchnacht” and “Leere” left marks in the German metal community. Both albums were released via Folter Records and demonstrated the huge quality of the quartet.

Now and brilliant as ever the black metal beast returns with a new opus “Schwarz-Karg-Kalt”, their fourth full-length and in my opinion their most innovative and strong album till the date. Unlike THORNGOTH´s first works the new one is in a whole new category with much more to give to the listener. While “Thelema of Destruction”, “Rauchnacht” and “Leere” were very old school and raw, “Schwarz-Karg-Kalt” is much more atmospheric with many more death and doom influences and new details in the sound which make the listening experience much deeper. This album is an absolute journey and i say again one hell of a journey! With an unique persistence in the ferocity of the music and a clever progression of the not too complex blend of styles the band showed a darker and more intelligent personality. You have so many strong points in this album that is almost a crime to talk about the negative stuff present. The compositions are truly inspiring, since the first song till the last one you are immersed in a black metal ambient that has fast tempos, slow rhythms, fast beats, clean lines, raw phrases, intense chorus, roaring vocals, death and doom influences in the guitar, bass, drums and vocals. This mixture works in perfection without letting the work fall in the mistake of being too produced, too filled or simply too flourished, instead it works in pure harmony and brings the best of the quartet. Like i said before every song are just killer but songs such as the title song “Schwarz-Karg-Kalt”, “Lavaplanet”, “Das Licht Stirbt” and “Alles Erstarrt” are my favourite with incredible details and awesome lines that raped my ears. I just need to say that THORNGOTH really nailed it with such a monstrosity and you should give your attention to this album. Intelligent, dark, varied, intense, crushing heavy... do I need to say more?!

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02. Im toten Feld der Wirklichkeit
03. Umkehr der Kräfte
04. Todesschrei der Materie
05. Leblos Totgestein
06. Aggressor
07. Lavaplanet
08. Das Licht stirbt
09. Alles ist erstarrt
"SCHWARZ-KARG-KALT" will be self-released on April, 12th.

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