Monday, November 4, 2013

Blood Mortized`s “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease” as an Album Of The Month!

It´s been almost a year since the last time we reviewed the Swedish band Blood Mortized and now I´m very happy to say that they are back again and stronger than before. For those who still don´t know them can see our analysis of “The Key to a Black Heart” (here). In brief “The Key to a Black Heart” was well received and appointed as a necessary album for any death metal lover. After a good amount of grunting and instrumental bursts Blood Mortized present us a new album with a lot more momentum: “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease”.

So here we are again with the same old same old, time just can´t erase our roots and in this case I´m fucking glad it can´t ´cause when it comes to death metal the older, rawer, filthy the better and Blood Mortized do it like no one else. They remain faithful to their style and it’s very easy to understand and catch their sound and those Swedish death notes vibrating in your ears like destructive chainsaws but multiply those chainsaws by one hundred, and what you get is a much more savage and hungry beast ready to dismember you.

The first thing that caught my attention in this death metal opium was the production. In terms of sound the work is excellent, it has that homemade but professional touch and in my opinion this is what gives the album the brightness it transpires. You can hear everything loud and clear without mistakes and a linear continuity that drives you forward trough the songs. I need to give credits to Linus Nirbrant the important piece in the making of the album, the producer that kept the album absolutely crushing, real to itself and to all death metal lovers.

If the production immediately caught my attention, the performance of Mattias Parkkila, Anders Biazzi, Gustav Myrin and Brynjar Helgetum was calmly opening the way, song after song, inside my head and song after song the excitement in me grew like hell and when I took conscience of myself I was increasing the volume to the maximum and headbanging like I was in a fucking metal concert.

In fact this album is much more in-depth and embracing than the last one. This work shows that Blood Mortized is a consistent and powerful band, capable of changing and mature. Biazzi took his skills even further with the use of various techniques, the way he changes his style from pure death metal to a much more mechanical and melodic one is great, and the way he plays along with Myrin is very entertaining, together these guys create a haunting and heavy ambient with astonishing riffs, cool solos and much more. Mattias P. as always shows his vocal skills with low and deep grunts that fit in this death metal machine with splendor. Brynjar Helgetum drums also took Blood Mortized to a new level. His presence brought a coherent background to the music like a horde of marching soldiers in a middle of a thunderous storm.

Blood Mortizied really nailed it with “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease”, step by step they are growing and becoming more and more breathtaking. I can´t get tired of the old school and these metalers deliver it in perfection. If you already knew this band then I´m sure you won´t miss it but if you haven´t heard them yet make haste I promise you won´t regret it. Album of the month choice, period!

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Blood Mortized
The Demon, The Angel, The Disease Tracklist
2.In The Black Flames Of Desolation
3.My Soul, Your Flesh
4.I Am The Dead
5.Master Of Pain
6.Dysphoria Dystopia
7.Blessed Are The Dead
8.Blooddrenched Stones
9.Noiseterror 08
10.The Barbarian Lust
11.The Demon, The Angel, The Disease
12.I Leave With Hate

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