Friday, December 12, 2014

Acid Age - The Knights of the Living Shred

Coming from Belfaaaaast, Noooooortheeeeeern IRELAAAND. With a total weight of 50,000 Pounds. I present you the Knights of the living Shred, the light speed thrashers, the hardcore cyborgs of metal – AAAACID AAAAGE!!!!

Hyper Thrash, Shreds, Kame-hame-ha, a brutal big long song with 18 seconds (maybe not that long), motherfucking Judas women, Flying assholes everywhere, serial killers, Elvis cover?!… And this is just the tip of the iceberg of Acid Age new amazing album entitled ‘Drone Shark Ethics’, released 14 November 2014 via Witches Brew. The band is one of the best things I’ve listened this year. To be precise this fantastic group is an amalgam of “in your face” hyper speed thrash, rebellion and a great deal of parody. Add all these componentes in a blender and you get a sound that fits in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, “Misfits-like” or “Municipal Waste-like” harcore punk with a touch of old shool Rock ‘n Roll spirit. Why do these guys label their style as “Hyper Thrash”? well that’s easy; it’s a reflection of their hyper-active stage antics and furiously fast “Extreme-like” musical style.

With Jude as the responsible for the mic, to be more precise, as poetic vocalist (in a very brute, urban and inappropriately way), also in charge of the hyper shreds, thunder-like fast solos and tasty riffs; with the talented Jake taking the bass and with vicious Luke as drummer; they Thrash like hell!

The production of the album is not the best but what would be expected from a tempestuous genre like this? The raw production makes it better at all levels. One does not simply Thrash cleanly but just like the skaters that do it agressively right? The song ‘No Place to Skate’ is the true essence of thrash metal and explains this agressive (in the best way possible) style.

Their influences, musicaly and generaly, dictate who they are. With interests and influences ranging from Motorhead, Toxic Holocaust, Venom, Suicidal Tendencies, Van Halen, the “HE-MAN”, movies like “Toxic Avenger”, Cult comic books, true crime history, “Bruce Lee”, “Robocop”, cold banana milkshake on a warm summer day and awful humor (not that awful), it’s easy to understand why their music sounds like a freaking alucinated blood thirsty shark.

‘Drone Shark Ethics’ is a 13 track piece that gives the listener cricks in the neck. Listening to this work takes me a few years back to the underground punk concerts where I used to mosh like crazy and headbang till getting a stiff neck. Thirteen fast and brutal songs with no more than 4 minutes each compose the album giving it an hardcore attitude. They also cover the Elvis song “Hound Dog” with their own flavour… sweet!

Overall – Fucking amazing!

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01. Knight of the Living Shred (01:13)
02. F.T.P.L. (Fuck the Poor Legislation) (01:38)
03. Hyper Thrash (02:47)
04. Fall on Your Sword (02:11)
05. Charles Gein (02:37)
06. Drone Shark Ethics (01:43)
07. 50,000 Robot Archers (02:50)
08. Big Long Song (00:18)
09. No Place to Skate (03:05)
10. Women with No W (03:48)
11. Septic Butcher (01:56)
12. U.F.A. Attack (02:35)
13. Hound Dog (01:36)

"Cyborg Thrashterpiece" - Demo (2013) Self-released
"Enter The Zomborg" - EP (2013) Punkerama Records
"The Troma-Tized" - EP (2014) Self-released
"Drone Shark Ethics" - CD (2014)Witches Brew

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