Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dimenzion: Psychosphere ‘Collapse’ Reviewed

Usually after the review comes the interview… this time is the other way around. After interviewing the psychotic beings of industrial metal ‘Dimenzion: Psychosphere’, the urge to review their awesome album ‘Collapse’ has proved to be of huge importance.

Hailing from the charming town of Mandal, Norway ‘Dimenzion Psychosphere’ delivers, for those who seek the “repetitive” sound of mechanical music, the hardcore “monotony” of industrial metal. With ‘The President’ on vocals, ‘The Architect’ on guitar and vocals, ‘The Scientist’ with the Synth, ‘The Enginner’ on drums and ‘The Trooper’ taking the bass, the stage is set for apocalyptic metal from the north.

With almost 15 years of existence this experienced band already self-released 4 Ep’s (‘Dimenzion:Psychosphere’ – 2000; ‘Trenches’ – 2003; ‘Trinity and Beyond’ – 2007; ‘Trilogy from Beyond’ – 2011) and one album (‘DNA Phantom Effect’ – 2012). Now they present us with ‘Collapse’ (released October 17th, 2014), their new album, released through Crime Records.

‘Collapse’ is a seven track album with a total of almost 36 minutes. This is one of those industrial metal albums that can be heard as many times as you want without getting repetitive. Yeah, I know it’s strange to say so since the industrial genre can be so wearifulat at some point. But the truth is that the simplicity and monotony of the songs are quite enjoyable. The automatic-like riffing and drumming, the monotonic but monstrous singing, the slow paced and mid paced rhythms and the small complexity of the synths all together bring an engaging environment, which is so often poorly accomplished by more complex bands playing the same style.

“The dark ponding monotony” of the quintet’s music is inseparable of the lyrical themes. In fact there’s nothing monotonous about the band, but there’s a certain darkness and lethargy all around the concept of their music. As ‘The Architect’ (guitars/vocals) says: “The music usually comes first” - then he hears or reads something that triggers his creativity in the writing process.

‘Collapse’ will pull the listener away from the chains of false freedom – these are the band’s words. It’s easy to understand the theme of the album and the main concern of ‘Dimenzion:Psychosphere’ when their music hit the listeners’ ears… deliver good music and show their point of view about “false democracy” and the “future of humanity”. What a better way to do so without industrial uprising, I ask…

‘Collapse’ is a should for those who hate the system and headbang to the industrial. If you like bands such as Fear Factory, Rammstein, Samael, Pain and Ministry I think you will like this great band.

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01 The Machine 05:02
02 Fury 04:15
03 Void 06:26
04 Epistemophobia 05:18
05 Slaves 04:29
06 Psychodorm 08:49
07 Collapse 07:19

Recordins & Production by Endre Kirkesola at dub studio 2014
Pictures by Jahn Raymond Tjelland
Artwork & Cover by TrippleOneVision

Line Up

Vocals: The President
Guitar/Vocals: The Architect
Synth: The Scientist
Drums: The Engineer
Bass: The Trooper


"Dimenzion:Psychosphere" - EP (2000) Self-released
"Trenches" - EP (2003) Self-released
"Trinity and Beyond" - EP (2007) Self-released
"Trilogy from Beyond" - EP (2011) Self-released
"DNA Phantom Effect" - CD (2012) Self-released
"Collapse" - CD (2014) Crime Records

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