Album of the month

Hail Spirit Noir
December 2013 Hail Spirit Noir`s "Oi Magoi"

Blood Mortized
November 2013 Blood Mortized`s “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease

Death Toll Rising`s Infection Legacy
October 2013 Death Toll Rising`s Infection Legacy

September 2013 Master The Witchhunt

Church of Void
August 2013 Church Of Void Dead Rising

July 2103 ARCEYE´s At First Light

CADAVERIC FUMES` “Macabre Exaltation”BACKYARD MORTUARY`s Lure of the Occult
June 2013 CADAVERIC FUMES` Macabre Exaltation / BACKYARD MORTUARY`s Lure of the Occult

 Secret Of Darkness: (IN)HUMANITY
May 2013 Secret Of Darkness: (IN)HUMANITY

April 2013 Aosoth`s IV: Arrow In Heart

March 2013 Nader Sadek`s Living Flesh

Album Of The Month Frebuary
February 2013 The Prophecy`s Salvation

January 2013 Void of Sleep`s Tales Between Reality and Madness

December 2012 Xanthochroid´s Blessed He With Boils

Frostwork - Lore Of Winter - Ealdspell- booklet cover
November 2012 Frostwork`s Lore Of Winter: Ealdspell

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